Intrigue At Oakhaven Plantation

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Note: GhostLady, the author of Mystery Manor and Intrigue, did not post about this game here in the completed games board. The link takes you to the GiP thread, and the website can be reached here:

"The tall Oaks surround the stately white pillared mansion which sits placidly on the banks of Bayou Lafourche not too far from Barataria Bay. It is a place which has been in the Allain family for over two hundred years. It has survived the desolation of war and seen its share of human sorrow. The massive Oak trees provide shelter from the ravages of the elements; whether it be the fierce Louisiana storms or the long sultry southern summer. They stand straight and true as timeless sentries before the house, on either side of the old dirt road... in direct contrast to those that they guard... And in their silence they bear witness to history and so far have kept close the dark secrets of Oakhaven Plantation... and those who live within its walls..."

Just when you thought things were going along nicely, you receive a letter from your Grand-mère asking you to please come to Oakhaven to discuss some important issues. Oakhaven, that lovely southern plantation that still looks like it belongs in the 19th century. Well how can you resist? When you arrive you discover your cousin has also been invited and Grand-mère has more than just discussions on her mind. Tests and conundrums are scattered throughout the plantation and you need to solve them before your cousin does. Along the way, you begin to learn the dark secrets of the past.


  • Two swappable playable characters
  • 20 Interactive Puzzles
  • 1st Person Perspective
  • Full Screen Graphics
  • Graphic Artists:
    • Inside of House & Puzzles By Rebecca Cox
    • Outside of House by Bill Munns
  • Hauntingly Beautiful Music
  • Speech is in text format but the game has lots of sound effects and beautiful music
  • Average Play Time: 5 Hours

Price: $14.95

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