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Jannar85 (Atle Jarnæs Lerøy), mostly called Jannar is an AGS veteran from the ezboard days. He released two short games; ASAP Adventure, Bluecup on the Run and the Lassi & Roger series (non-interactive games based on visy's dialogue script posted around 2001).

While attending high school late 2001, he met Egil Bogfjellmo and Jøran Steffenrem. They decided to turn Egil's earlier short stories about Roger Matvom into a game; Roger Foodbelly. Pessi and 2ma2 joined the team to work on the art. mods joined as the musician.

After the team lost interest, Jannar made the decision in 2005 to start from scratch. Instead of telling the story about the old Roger, he went on and made Roger Foodbelly's origin story. It would go from a full game to episodes. October 2006 Jan Jacob Mekes joined the team, and they spent the next months developing the script, dialogues, and got a whole new team. In 2009 they started building the alpha version for the first episode.

Much work was lost after Adventure Developer's fatal hard disk crash in 2011, so they ended up putting it on hold indefinitely. Jan Jacob Mekes pursued his writing career in 2012, and Jannar tried his best resurrecting the project between 2013-2014 without any luck. The plan to launch a Kickstarter campaign never saw the light.

In 2016 Jannar decided to become a writer. He is currently working on his first suspense novel. He haven't forgotten about Roger Foodbelly, and the next novel will be about him.

Even though Jannar didn't make any more games, he has a lot of unfinished projects on his hard disk, like a sequel for Bluecup titled Bluecup on the RON. In 2018 he posted the short story for Bluecup on the Run on the forums.

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