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Phil Reed's ground-breaking series of early AGS games, complete with sideburns and the forum's only custom smilie!

The game tells the adventures of Larry Vales, a parking enforcer in the fictional town of Stagnant, Tennessee; he is known for his long sideburns.

The game series won 2001 AGS Award for Best Player Character for Larry.

Traffic Division

After a series of expirements in the traffic division, a traffic parking enforcement cyborg named lovely Rita 4200 was invented. But Lovely Rita was insane and began to sentence death on small violations. However, Commissioner Fishbian didn't move until Lovely Rita burned his house for a violation, so he sent Larry Vales and Charlie Striker to solve the issue, but Vales finds that the job's burden is laid only on him.


  • Best Dialogue Scripting - Nominated
  • Best Sound Effects - Nominated

Dead Girls Are Easy

In this sequel, Larry had the worst day in his life, his car being doodle by some rascally children, and the car breaks, and so he's about to lose his job, his girlfriend is about to jump from the window. But in the middle of this he finds that his girlfriend knows about a conspiracy that will effect Stagnant to the core.


  • Best Game Created - Nominated
  • Best Gameplay - Nominated
  • Best Story - Nominated
  • Best Dialogue Scripting - Nominated

Time Heals All 'Burns

It is the third game in the series and was issued as demo in 2007, but the complete game isn't released yet.

  • Best Demo - Won
AGS Awards for Larry Vales
Inaugural Best Player Character (Larry)

in the year 2001

Succeeded by

Satan Quest

Inaugural Best Demo

in the year 2001

Succeeded by