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The Stars of Maniac Mansion Mania

Maniac Mansion Mania is essentially what you get when you place the Reality-on-the-Norm concept in the Maniac Mansion universe.

This German fan-project was started by LucasFan from the forums (he also created Maniac Mansion Deluxe). Meanwhile, about 50 Episodes have been released and some them are of very good quality. Nearly all episodes take place in Ronville - the creators named the village in tribute to Ron Gilbert, a creator of the original Maniac Mansion. The main protagonist in the first episodes is Bernard, known from Maniac Mansion and Day of the Tentacle (DotT). An increasing number of have been introduced: bringing the current roll-call to around 30.

This project is a do-it-yourself project: just like Reality-on-the-Norm. There are starter packs which include graphics and readymade AGS scripts to help create episodes with less effort.

There are currently 4 episodes in English.

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