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NOTE: None of the questions below should ever be asked in any of the Technical forums, as they do not relate to AGS or creating a game in AGS.

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Adding little pictures (avatars) to your forum name

I want to have a neat little picture underneath my name in my posts on the AGS forums like everyone else! How do I do that?

Those are called avatars. First, you need to find yourself some web space. There are also some image upload places available for free: see here. You can find your own for free anywhere from Imageshack and Photobucket, to Web-1000 and Host.SK. Free web space service providers are everywhere! Make sure they allow linkiing of images from external sites: Geocities, Angelfire, etc. do not. Next, upload your desired image. Make sure it isn't too big. A size of 60x60 is reasonable enough, maybe even smaller, like 40x40. If it's bigger, the forums will automatically resize it to 60x60, and you might lose some image quality. Then, go to your profile (you must be registered!) and type in the URL (address) of your image on the web.

Finding space to upload your games/etc

I have a game, or I am going to finish one soon, and I want people to download it. Where should I upload my game for people to get it?

As was stated in the answer to this question, there are plenty of web service providers, most of them for free, that you can go to and upload your game. Most services have a file size limit. However, Web-100 (see the link above) does not and uses FTP (File Transfer Protocol) to upload files. I'd suggest their service for extremely large files (upwards of 5 or 10 megabytes, for instance).

See also Hosting services.

An AGS-related chat room: how to start one! (heh j/k)

There should be an AGS chat room. Why isn't there an AGS chat room! I'll volunteer to create an AGS chat room!

No, no, no, don't do that! There already is an AGS chat room! It's on IRC channel #AGS, on the irc.bigbluecup.com server. However, this is used only for chit-chat. If you ask a lot of technical questions, try #AGSTech on the same network. You can read this article for more information.

If you're new to IRC, try using mIRC (Windows only), probably the most popular IRC client there is. Most Linux distros come with XChat pre-installed. Ircle is a popular client for Macs.

Good paint programs to use

I want to know what paint programs people use for their characters and sprites! Where can I find them!?

There are many choices. Keep in mind that you should NEVER ask this in the Beginners' Forum. Instead, check out this Wiki article or The Big List of Paint Programs!. You'll be most pleased.

What the hell happened? Where am I? Who deleted my AGS forum account and WHY!?!?

What the hell happened? Where am I? Who deleted my AGS forum account and WHY!?!?

According to CJ (Pumaman on the forums):

"Yeah, if a member doesn't post for 10 months, and has made less than 20 posts overall, they get deleted."

So stop slacking off and post...but follow the posting rules and make sure they contribute something meaningful. I mean seriously...10 months? Post something intelligent every 9 months and you're golden. :)