Murder In a Wheel

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Murder In a Wheel is a detective mystery short AGS game and made in an Agatha Christie theme. The game is made in 2007 by Hulub


Mr. Blackwin invites two friends, Dr. Hadley the parapsychologist, and Lionel Ulmer,a pizza delivery man and an amateur investigator, to his mansion to help him on a manuscript in a novel he is writing. But suddenly, Mrs. Blackwin's favorite hamster, Roderick, is found outside of his cage and killed, and the prime suspect is the family cat, Mrs. Winterbottom, but Ulmer has his suspicions and tries to find out who did it since everybody in the mansion is a suspect.


Most of the reviews favored the game's story and puzzles, but there were negative views on the shortness of the game and the music being copied from other games.

  • It was reviewed by Frodo in Abandonia reloaded and received a rate of 3.5/5 stars.
  • It was reviewed by Jan Jacob Mekes in Hardy Developer's Journal and received a rate of 4/5 stars
  • It was reviewed in the Czech website by Eshaktaar and received a rating of 81/100.


  • Best Gameplay - Nominated
  • Best Dialogue Writing - Nominated
  • Best Puzzles - Nominated
  • Best Short Game - Won

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Knightsquire Best Short Game

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