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Nanobots is an AGS adventure game made by Erin "The Ivy" Robinson in 2008.


Gregory "Groovy Greg" Mathewson is a hippie scientist in university. He develops small robots that are capable of showing love and other emotions; he called them "Nanobot".

However, Dr. Killfun his professor, isn’t happy about this discovery, and intends to destroy those bots, but interrupted by coffee break. The bots must work together to escape the clutches of Dr. Killfun.


The gameplay is based on switching characters, as each one of the nanobots has aa different ability and can only carry one item. There are six nanobots in total:

  1. HotBot: can heat thing up.
  2. Brainbot: can analyze things with his artificial intelligence.
  3. Tallbot: can stretch his legs to reach higher places.
  4. Audbot: two-headed bot who can listen and interpret massages
  5. Strongbot: capable of lifting heavy objects.
  6. Chembot: capable of mixing various chemicals.


  • It was reviewed by Marrak on Czech site and received 85% rating
  • It was reviewed on Czech site and received 4/5 rating.


The game was nominated for ten awards in AGS Awards 2008, winning only three:

  • Best Game – Nominated
  • Best Gameplay – Won
  • Best Original Story – Nominated
  • Best Dialogue writing – Nominated
  • Best Puzzles – Won
  • Best Player Character – Nominated
  • Best Character Art – Nominated
  • Best Animation – Nominated
  • Best Programming in an Adventure – Won
  • Best Tutorial or Documentation – Nominated
AGS Awards for Nanobots
Nelly Cootalot: Spoonbeaks Ahoy! Best Gameplay

in the year 2008

Succeeded by

Time Gentlemen, Please!

A Tale of Two Kingdoms Best Puzzles

in the year 2008

Succeeded by

Shifter's Box - Outside In

The Art of Theft Best Programming in an Adventure

in the year 2008

Succeeded by