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This page collects information on certain well-known community members or in-jokes about community members.

Andy Penis

Parody forum member mentioned in AGS Operas and some games, based somewhat on Andy Milonakis


Christopia is a fictional country firstly mentioned by Haddas on the AGS forum as a joke. As a result, Farlander(another AGS forum member) made a thread to discus about the country. The country started evolving rapidly and began with the election of the prime minister(SSH), flower minister(HillBilly) and a founder of GCARB(Game Categorizing And Rating Bureau)(Haddas).

Important personel

The current positions of minister and other important people in Christopia are(Adapted from Farlanders post):

King: Christopher ****** Jones

Prime Minister: SSH

Foreign affairs: Nikolas

Culture: Petter Ljunqvist

Minister of Defense: Farlander

Minister of Economy: DG MacPhee

Minister of something: Haddas

Minister of governation: Creed Malay

Minister of Beverages: Grundy

Minister of gardening and flower maintenance: HillBilly

Sheriff: Squinky

Minister of inner affaires: Mr. C.

Head of Court: Ishmael

CJ's personal guard: Domino

Minister in charge of diplomacy: Big Brother and Layabout

Chief of the rebel army: Edmundo

Minister of Funk: Disco

Local eccentric rich weirdo, who lives in some kind of freaky castle on the hill outside of town: Guybrush Peepwood

The Japanese Ambassador: Kinoko

The smuggler and keyring vendor: Krysis (Also rumored to be supplying the rebels.)

Manager of the Christopia Mint: Flukeblake

Christopia facts

  • Christopia's national currency is The Roger -- sum of a dollar and an euro, divided by two.
  • Many rebels don't approve of the goverment in Christopia and are hunted all over the country.
  • The Blue Cup Volcano is the biggest tourist attraction in Christopia.
  • As in every other civilised country, most citizens don't know the lyrics of the national anthem and just open their mouths instead - pretending they sing with it.
  • One of the most interesting customs in Christopia is the troll feeding.

The Christopia Constitution

1. Cristopia is a democracy with a king, and the king is CJ, and the king has no political power.

2. Any person may form a party and run for presidency. The term is two weeks, but the president may be re-elected any number of times.

3. Everybody has the right to vote, except for people mixing exclamation marks with 1s in an excessive manner.

4. Anybody may apply for land in Christopia, and for forming their own province. Those who cannot form a new province will populate existing ones. Every province is incorporated in the federal political system, but may form their own laws as well. A weekly contest will award the best new law.

5. There may be no death penalties, but any number of other interesting punishments are encouraged

6. Arms are allowed to a maximum of ten per adult and five per child, and three for ex-convicts, slaves and people mixing exclamation marks with 1s in an excessive manner. Only the federal police may use nuclear weapons for law enforcement.

7. Alcohol, drugs and beat poetry are restricted to the streets, and only during night-time.

8. All animals on the Island of Christopia must be respected and protected, except for those whose meat is tasty.

9. Every Friday night, all citizens must take part in the celebration of King CJ, and in the fact that he holds no political power. War must not be waged during these celebrations.

10. Every province is responsible for their own armies, and these may not attempt to overthrow the government unless they find it absolutely necessary.

External links

Christopia thread on the AGS forum

Old Man Macouzski

Old Man Macouzski is a fictional character that from time to time appears in AGS adventure games. So far, he, or references to him, can be found in Granny Zombie Killer, Indiana Jones and the Fountain of Youth and Santa Claus Down. He is based on the chap below who hosted a random new years party (un-related to AGS).

The name "Old Man Macouzski" actually originates from an episode of Dexter's Lab (Episode 38 - Average Joe) in which Dexter is considered average, and makes friends with "average" people who cherry-knock on someone's house. That someone is, of course, Old Man Macouszski!