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Patchwork is a short AGS game made in 2012 by Russian artist Ivan “Ilych” Ulyanov.


Daniel is a scientist who is testing his teleporter for the first time after spending much time in building it. At the same time, an elf girl named Lin, who is learning magic, was trying to summon a demon as a prepare for her test.

The two cross path in their tests, and Daniel finds himself in Lin’s house, and it was divided between her room and his lab, with many items from his world scattered around this parallel world. He must wander through her strange world to find his way back home.

In the game, the player can switch between Daniel and Lin as a playing character.


  • – reviewed by Dominik Wetter and received 90% degree.
  • – received 56% degree.

Awards and nominations

The game was nominate for one category in 2012 AGS Awards, and was for best background art, but lost to Resonance.