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AGS forums profile

Petteri Aaarrrrggholahti is a talented game developer and musician who has worked on:

  • Search for the christmas present
  • The Faketrix
  • Once upon a time in the 70s
  • The Hamlet
  • Piratess

And done music for:

  • Who wants to live forever's
  • The Hamlet
  • By the Sword: Conspiracy Demo
  • Recess 2
  • Deflus Technical Demo
  • Beyond Reality
  • Ben Jordan: Paranormal Investigator - Case 1 Deluxe

He has attended various AGS meets such as Lapaset, Brittens and Mittens

What other people think of Petteri

  • <SSH> heavy pettering
  • <Tier> A Day Without Petteri Is Like A Day Without Sunshine
  • <Becky> you girl!
  • <Helm> Petteri really rocks the long hair.
  • <Pablo> Petteri is the reason Christmas is celebrated.
  • <dasjoe> i'd totally do petteri
  • <Roger> Petteri plays recorder.