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The man. The myth. The mystery.

"Terran" Richard Brum has been working hard on the By the Sword series of games since late 2008, only going public with it as of early 2009.

What's He Done?

TerranRich originally worked on By the Sword from 2003 to 2004, until a hard drive crash caused him to lose everything he had from the game, including original artwork and code. He did, however, manage to release a playable demo of Chapter 1 (the first section of the original game), now available for download HERE. He was once one of the moderators of the AGS Beginner's Forum as well, until his hiatus from the AGS community.

What's He Been Doin'?

What was he been doing before his grand return? He was working on getting his life back together after some shit went down, but that's neither here nor there. His current profession is that of web developer. TerranRich has been hard at work creating several web sites for friends, colleagues, and even perfect strangers. Sometimes for money, too!

What's He Doin' Now?

TerranRich is working diligently on the By the Sword series of games (as I said above)

As far as web design goes, he has created several sites both in his full-time job and for his on-the-side web design business, Xylot Design.