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General Discussion / Re: Silver Spook Podcast
« on: Yesterday at 12:10 »
Hey, thanks for the chat Chris! Was fun rambling about cyberpunk and gamedev ;-D

Nice work Dave ;-D

  • We live in a society where attention spans are very low.
I hate it when people say this. Attention spans were much lower when I was a kid than they are now.

Back when I was a kid, you would play a game for about fifteen minutes, maybe an hour at most, then switch to another game. Usually going through about ten games in a day if not more, and eventually returning to those games the next day. Nowadays though, people play the same game (and no other) for months, even years. Plenty of people are still playing Breath of the Wild, and that game came out a year ago.
Games are now starting to be marketed more as services than products, with a constant stream of updates and DLC, to keep you invested and playing. If attention spans were lower than ever, then that business strategy wouldn't be working.
I mean, just look at Minecraft! That game came out years ago, and it's still very relevant with loads of people still playing it!

Attention spans are very VERY high nowadays. Much higher than they were when I was a kid. But all anyone ever does is talk like an old man saying things like "Back in my day kids used to talk to each other!" Not realizing that people probably do that much more now than they had ever done before (after all, what do you think they're doing on those phones of theirs).

An open world RPG with platforming elements is just about as far away as you can get from a point and click, my comments were in relation to the topic.

Sure people play BotW for a long time, any time the player is stuck (having trouble completing the shrine puzzles or mini-bosses) they can just walk away and do a plethora of other tasks. That's exactly the reason it's so popular, there are so many choices of where to go and what to do - hence the buzzword 'open world'.

Adventure games (in the traditional PnC sense) are very linear and have little opportunity for doing other things when the player is presented with a block in progression, they require persistence from the player that is often missing from modern titles.

Maybe we come from different backgrounds, when I was a kid we did not have 10 games available to us in one day!

Here's my thoughts on the matter.

Let's look at this objectively:

  • The gaming industry is 100x larger than it was in the 80s/90s. This is considering the industry as a whole, including those casual gamers playing titles on mobile devices.
  • A very small percentage of that number are those who 'grew up' with point and click adventures.
  • A larger industry means more potential for sales, also more potential to get lost in the crowd of new releases.
  • We live in a society where attention spans are very low.
  • The core gameplay (or player interaction) of a point and click is driven by puzzles, something that requires a lot of patience and commitment from the player.
  • The majority of popular mobile and AAA games require little to zero effort from the player in regards to understanding narrative, let alone puzzles.
  • Media has become increasingly gratifying with the introduction of affordable CGI and improved *dramatic* narratives in television, a large majority are not prepared to invest in slow burning narrative (see above)
  • As time passes, less people are logging onto a PC when they get home. Average families favour sitting back on the sofa and playing mobile/console games, often with television running in the background.
  • Due to the lack of responsive gameplay, most point and click titles can be equally enjoyed by watching Let's Play videos.
  • We are in an age where most people are now used to googling problems they encounter in life, why would this be any different for puzzles in a video game?
  • A great deal of Point and Click games released are 'low-res' and the work involved in creating a higher resolution game requires a large team of very talented artists.
  • Low-res games are often overlooked by the larger majority of gamers and higher resolution point and click games are generally not financially viable for indie developers.
  • Most popular low-res games will have a unique gameplay mechanic not seen in AAA titles, often skill-driven gameplay.
  • The indie game market is over saturated but very healthy (and a viable option) in comparison to 10 years ago.
  • There is still a very strong and dedicated community of fans of this genre, let us not forget that.
  • People buy adventure games for the story, first and foremost - something that is very hard to convey in marketing media.
  • Quality visuals can go a long way when promoting a game on social media, try to tie this into the story.
  • People still buy adventure games.

This is coming from someone who is making a 'classic' LucasArts style point and click whilst trying to be mindful of recent trends in both indie and AAA gaming. I think we should be respectful of the merits of the genre and try to adapt this to a modern market.

Maybe a more constructive discussion would be 'What is right with the adventure games genre?'

Engine Development / Re: Let's build for Android!
« on: 09 Jan 2018, 17:03 »
Ah, drat. Can't win 'em all. Looking forward to that CW, your efforts with the OpenGL side of things have been very much appreciated.

Engine Development / Re: Let's build for Android!
« on: 09 Jan 2018, 16:24 »
Awesome! I've been looking for a little more hand-holding on this process after having some trouble running through Monkey's guide. Before I get stuck in, can you confirm if this works with games that were built with the latest editor build (3.4.1 December)?

Exciting stuff!

Most excellent, thank you for all your continued efforts team! This release is great.

Thanks for the speedy reply! I already had anti-virus exceptions for the game project folder in place from using previous versions of AGS, so I don't think that's the cause.

In AGS 'enable Game Explorer integration' is set to false.

*edit: Okay, I have no idea how but restarting my PC fixed the issue. Maybe the anti-virus exception didn't kick in until reboot. Sorry to waste your time and thanks again for these amazing updates!

Hey fantastic work Crimson! I've been trying out the RC2 (and now RC3) release after using 3.2 for for the past 3 years and the improvements are so good! I love how smooth alt-tab and alt-enter is now and the updated winsetup is perfect.

Today I've upgraded from the original RC2 release to this new RC3 release and I'm getting the follow errors when trying to build the game:

Note: Ignore the GUI related one, that's just AGS being silly (and has been there forever).

Am I doing something wrong? I deleted the compiled folder and tried rebuilding all files just to make sure, but alas, same output. Seems the game compiles successfully and I'm able to run it.

Could this be an anti-virus issue? I've added exceptions for the folder in which RC3 resides.

This is really fun :) Well done to both of you, I'm amazed you've managed to put this together in a month. I must say, the name really is something special :)

AGS Games in Production / Re: Metaphobia
« on: 07 Nov 2017, 12:38 »
I love those backgrounds! The animation is also some of the best pixel rotoscoping I've seen, looking reeeally nice. That music too!

Best of luck with the project :)

I'm just going to start calling you the locksmith because you have all the keys!

If it's not gone already, I'd love to give the remaster of Resident Evil Zero a go. Hopefully that will run on my laptop :)

Really happy for you Theo! I can't think of another modern adventures that remind me so much of Grim Fandango, it's been amazing seeing your scene breakdowns and art workflow along the way. Super inspiring stuff, wishing you all the best with the launch!

AGS Games in Production / Re: Unavowed
« on: 20 Sep 2017, 12:47 »
I can't help but think of the Rihanna song 'Work' when I see the name of that video :-D Except it's Dave singing doors doors doors doors doors.

Anyway, these streams are great, looking forward to the next one!

Anyone else getting a malware notification on this thread? I believe it's to do with the hosting Mehrdad uses,

Also thanks for the reminder to watch The Red Turtle :)

Neat :) Tondbert wears Long Johns because it can get mighty cold in the Castle spire. I think it's about time I added some sort of keyboard debug menu for variables and views and such, would definitely help with screenshots and general testing.

Thanks Dave, yeah he does! Because he starts shirtless I end up looking at that outfit when testing the later parts of the game (having not been through the trigger to change the views). I think in my last video he was walking around in the rain shirtless, which may have confused some viewers :)

I was actually planning on having the end of the sword glow, but forgot to add it!

Thanks Hobo, I will definitely be adding some smoke, a couple whisps of flame and some sparks when the Blacksmith hits the blade. Happy to hear you're looking forward to release, here's hoping we don't disappoint :)

Thanks Selmiak, It would be pretty neat if he was ;-D

Here's one of the new locations I've recently added (was also featured at the end of that video), the Wrinklewood Forge:

Hey guys!

Progress on the game is moving along nicely, I've been churning out backgrounds, adding new animations and generally working at 110% :-D

I have another episode of our 'Behind the Gates' series for you. I decided to keep this episode a little shorter and with a faster pace. Less waffle more content! In this episode we run through the process of revamping Tondbert's animation set, adding fake AI to chickens and take a look at a newly added location.

You can watch Episode Two at the link below:

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