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General Discussion / TMI Game Jam
« on: 13 Feb 2017, 20:41 »

Hey AGS people!

We (Dropped Monocle Games) are hosting a charity game jam! Exciting right?! As you may or may not know Autism Awareness Week is coming up on the 27th of March and we thought it would be great to release a charity bundle to raise money for the National Autistic Society.

There are no genre or theme restrictions, and your submission will be included in the bundle. 100% of the proceeds go to charity and we are excited to see what you come up with!

For more information visit www.droppedmonoclegames.com/tmi or email us at tmi@droppedmonoclegames.com

You can also follow and tweet us @tmi_jam or @droppedmonocle for the latest news and jam updates!


Winter - download
Be Warned!! all you can do is walk from side to side! XD

Thank you to everyone that voted for Mess Goblins :D
Sorry I missed the show Congrats to all the winners

AGS Games in Production / Re: Autoblight
« on: 21 Feb 2016, 18:03 »

We've been working on the final cutscene, polishing animations, adding more dialog and sorting out a bit of voice acting too!
here is a sneak peak at some more artwork an animations.

here is some of the background animation (dont want to show the whole background ;) )

AGS Games in Production / Re: Autoblight
« on: 15 Feb 2016, 19:36 »
Thank you for the kind words :D

So another background has been finished, some new GUIS, loads of new animations, dialogue and scripting!
Here are some screens of some of the new stuff.

For your messy consideration!!!

Have you ever wondered how your room got so messy? In the aftermath of a party have you ever questioned the level of destruction "Did we really trash the house? I don't remember throwing a pizza on the ceiling, and why are there cigarette burns on my couch when nobody I know smokes?" It's almost as if somehow, overnight, mess and disorder have multiplied without your consent.

What if we told you that you and your friends are not responsible for the profanities scrawled in lipstick on your bathroom mirror? What if we told you that, in the wee hours of the morning when you are passed out in a dreamless drunken stupor, little beings we like to call Mess Goblins come out and dirty your home.

That's right my friends, you have a Mess Goblin problem.

Join the Mess Goblins on their first adventure with Dropped Monocle Games. As plucky protagonist Pippup Binbasher, it's your job to mess with Harry Flemming, a teenager who thought he could get away with hosting a house party while his parents are out of town.

Cause chaos, confusion, and disarray in the aftermath of the festivities. Let your inner Mess Goblin out and give Harry a hangover he'll never forget!



Sox - Art & Coding
Myinah - Writing & Coding
Problem - Music

Mess Goblins runs at 1280x720 and may run slow on older computers

Possible Awards:
Best short game
Best freeware game
Best animation   ;)
Best art
Best music
Best character
Best Mess!

AGS Games in Production / Autoblight
« on: 01 Feb 2016, 21:57 »

“Success in creating AI would be the biggest event in human history, unfortunately it might also be the last..."
- Stephen Hawking

Since the industrial revolution, mankind has surged forward in developing astounding technology. We create ways to connect with the ones we love, repair those who are broken, and destroy those who would stand in our way...

Our world is plunged into chaos when a corrupt military AI decides that Earth is wasted on humanity. Using an experimental virus against them, the AI begins a bio-war that lays waste to millions of humans, powerless to fight the plague sweeping the globe.

Your journey begins as PDU 5660, otherwise known as Serket. A medical AI programmed to assist the humans afflicted with the plague, Serket may find themselves to be humanity's last hope.

Can you find a way to shine a light on our animatronic hero's hidden powers? Do you have what it takes to fight back against the rogue AI? Without you, what will become of a world shrouded in the black smog of the Autoblight?

Update: February
Update 2: February

thank you everyone, I'm going to take all this new feedback and work on improving it more, but it may take me some time, just got the new version of anime studio and I have to import her over a change a couple of things before I can carry on, i'll post here when I have done all this. she should look even better with the new anime studio to work with :D

General Discussion / Anime Studio 11 on sale
« on: 29 Nov 2015, 17:26 »
not sure if this is any use to anyone here, but this is the software I use to make animations, its takes some time to learn but its pretty good.
I have version 9 but I'm about to upgrade to 11 for this sale price :D

its on sale for cyber Monday from $299 down to $99, offer ending on the 1st dec

Anime Studio 11


the eyes and buttons are moving less, change the footing a bit and added a bit of hip movement


added some movement on the hair line, is that better?

updated animation (updated first post)

• Fixed left arm backswing
• Fixed the front leg twitching forward
• Added a bit more movement to both arms
• Made hair move with head a tiny bit
• Fix the left hand being backwards (still not happy with it tho)

hopefully this is starting to look better :)

thank you all for the feedback. I'm at work at the moment but will have a go at fixing everything that's been pointed out.. its really easy to overlook simple mistakes when you have been working on something for a long time.

apart from adding bouncy body parts.. she is a child! :P

as the title says, for our next game I'm tying to up my game on animations
so I'm looking for some feedback on this cycle, I want to make it the best I can :)

updated animation

• Fixed left arm backswing
• Fixed the front leg twitching forward
• Added a bit more movement to both arms
• Made hair move with head a tiny bit
• Fix the left hand being backwards (still not happy with it tho)
• Added Movement to hairline
• Added Hip movement
• Less movement on buttons and eyes
• better foot movement?

in 3rd place with 1 vote is Grok
2nd place with 2 votes goes to Mouth of War
Annnnnd the winner with 6 votes is... Drum roll please


1st Place - Selmiak
2nd Place - Mouth of War
3rd Place - Grok

Yeah well.... Ron is following me on Twitter. so :P

I am pretty sure that your humor and way of writing is what helped you get the job.

now stop showing off and get to work on the story for our next game :P

oh sorry, vote for the one you like best :)

Grok - The Giants Hut
Mouth for war - Monster Shark
selmiak - Big World Tree
Voting will end on the Sunday 11th

one day to go, if anyone needs an extension let me know!

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