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1st - arj0n - This was very close to my own idea, wish I had the time to do it.
2nd - Morganw - Playing with the theme, I love it.
3rd - Tabata - This is just so lovable.

I'm so happy to see an update on this game!  I was worried it may have been abandoned.  Thanks for sharing!

Congrats to thewinners, both very good pitches.  And thanks to everyone for participating.  It was a lot of fun to read all of them, they are all so different.

Whoever voted for my game, I appreciate it!

I voted for The Riverman.  It seemed like a darker and more mysterious story.  Who, or what, is the Riverman?  Good job Bulbapuck!

The Rumpus Room / Re: What grinds my gears!
« on: 03 Nov 2018, 09:58 »
True, the punchline was lost in translation.  That irks me as well.

The Rumpus Room / Re: What grinds my gears!
« on: 03 Nov 2018, 07:41 »
The thing that bugs me about it is how he has to spell out the subtext.  Subtext shouldn't need to be made a part of the telling of the story.

The short answer is no.

The truth is that I've been startled by games, and I've been made anxious by the mood or tone of games.  I've felt uneasy or slightly creeped out, but never actually scared.  Then again, I don't really get that scared of any media.  It's hard for me to suspend my disbelief in that way.  I always know it's a game or a movie or what have you, and can never truly give in to actual fear.  That's why I've never really been into horror as a genre.

Most recently, Black Mirror on Netflix has made me feel pretty close to scared, but it's the implications, not the media itself.

AGS Games in Production / Re: Tardigrades ©
« on: 03 Nov 2018, 07:25 »
Really nice animation.  I love the feel of this game.  Keep up the good work!

I voted.  It came down to 2 for me.  Really good entries this round!

The Rumpus Room / Re: Group hug!
« on: 26 Oct 2018, 08:50 »
It feels good to be part of something.

The Rumpus Room / Re: What grinds my gears!
« on: 24 Oct 2018, 11:15 »
I’m not entirely convinced. The people who spend that kind of money on sneakers, they generally want to be seen wearing them.
At a certain point, yes, you're right.  I have purchased $20 shoes, and they wore out quickly and needed to be replaced.  I have purchased $100 shoes and they have had a much better lifespan.  They lasted easily as long as 5 pairs of the other shoes.  But craftsmanship can only be so good, and materials will wear out and break down.  I'm not sure I believe $200 shoes would last as long as 2 pairs of $100 shoes, etc.

The Rumpus Room / Re: What grinds my gears!
« on: 23 Oct 2018, 09:01 »
It's always bothered me when people overuse acronyms while taking it for granted that everybody knows what they mean.
Oh my goodness, this is the worst!

The Rumpus Room / Re: Group hug!
« on: 19 Oct 2018, 08:57 »
Who doesn't love a good group hug?

    I think there were several reasons why interest was so low.
    • The game in question was not interesting at all.

    This was the reason for me.[/list]

    People look to AGS for all kinds of games.  The primary reason is that it is free.  It also has a great deal of accessible and easy to use functionality that would have to be built from scratch in other engines.

    It's not necessarily a great choice for RPGs, but it's not the worst either.

    I support the use of public domain assets of all kinds.
    Do you mean The AGS Trove?
    I just wanted to point that out, because it almost seems as though everyone forgot about it as soon as it started. And I still think it's a great idea.

    Yes, among other sources.

    I support the use of public domain assets of all kinds.

    I had an interesting thought about participation as it relates to teams.  There are many reasons someone might not want to initiate a team, so what about a draft?  What I mean is that people can sign up for MAGS as an artist, programmer, musician, writer, or whatever, and then teams can be assembled taking one from each category.  Of course some categories may not get participants, so there's that to consider, but I still think it's an idea that could work.  And the team assembly can be done before the start of the competition.

    So maybe this isn't for every MAGS, but maybe drafted teams could be an option for a MAGS rule in some future competition.


    I like the idea of the Box Art Competition...

    Ehm, actually i've already started, Dactylopus!


    I see, but I've gone on to suggest alternatives that I think will make the competition better (in my opinion).  Primarily, removing the game selection and allowing people to either choose for themselves or make up a game on their own.

    I really like this idea, maybe it can be done a little bit short, assign small random groups of the people that participate (2 or 3 people per group) and make some collaborative games like a mags

    That could be one way to accomplish it.  Teams could take on rooms or areas of the game together creating the characters, sprites, and backgrounds.

    I like some of the ideas here:

    Are we gonna have a new Background Blitz anytime soon?(nod)

    I do enjoy those, so I'd love to see it again.

    Lastly, I'd love to see OROW come back.  Maybe some time this summer would be good?

    I second that, July would be perfect for me :)

    Very late, but I really want the OROW competition to stay alive as well. I could host one next summer maybe? Or someone else if they feel inclined. I really enjoyed hosting OROW 9 and wouldn´t at all mind doing it again. I think it has to be summer though which makes my timing for coming back to these parts of the internet pretty bad. :=

    BTW: Is OROW 9 the latest one? That was 3 years ago now :shocked: Time flies.

    Yes, I believe OROW 9 was the most recent.  There always seems to be a sizable gap between these competitions.

    I'd love to see OROW again.  It's tough, because I have limited time and would only be able to give about 3 days to the project, but I've always enjoyed the competition either way.

    Summer seems far away, maybe having a competition in winter would be good?  And maybe we could have a TWOR (Two Weeks One Room) or something like that?  Just a suggestion for those lacking time.

    I'd like to start a competition for "box art cover"...

    I like the idea of the Box Art Competition...

    Maybe going with a theme like most of the other competitions would be better than a specific game. Or maybe something like the game pitches.

    This is a good suggestion.  I think that the competition will draw more participants this way, and people can be more free to create anything.  Like a Game Pitch Competition, but instead of using words to pitch the game, you simply use a single image of the front of the box.  No words aside from the title.  So, like a Box Pitch Competition.

    Or everyone should be free to choose any game from the archive that they did not create.  This makes it less redundant, adds freedom, and encourages people to go looking through the archive for the game they choose.

    Both ideas could work.  2 Box Art Contests...

    There has already been a box art illustration workshop: and

    Would be nice to have another one.

    Don't forget the Monster Workshop:

    I'd be open to more Workshops.  They are fun, and they motivate me to actually work.  I need all the motivation these days.


    And finally, here's another suggestion I'd like to throw out there.  I know it's a long shot, but it could be great:

    How about a collective project?  Like Draculator II: Byte of the Draculator...

    Of course, there would have to be a project lead, someone who has the time and patience to put all of the pieces together.  If I had the time, I'd volunteer, but I do not.  I'd gladly participate, though.  I think many would.

    So how about it?

    Critics' Lounge / Re: Little Sally
    « on: 25 Sep 2018, 19:09 »
    For assistance:

    I quite like the sprite.  The hair could use a bit more work though, as much is lost when scaled down.

    Congratulations to the winners!  There was a lot of competition this time, and it was difficult to vote.  Everyone did so well.

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