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The Rumpus Room / Re: I'm back. What did I miss?
« on: Today at 03:03 »
How have you been, Ghost? Long time no talk.

Ghost revaporated around here just shortly before you moo-sied back in. Must be destinty!

Some sort of story unfolding during the course of a game keeps the player wanting to play. Otherwise, even if the puzzles were solvable then the player's only reward for solving a puzzle is another puzzle to solve.

I think the game is really aimed at players who love solving puzzles above all else. For this kind of player unlocking a new puzzle is a reward in and of itself.

Not saying that a bit more story progression during the game would go astray at all. But there are only so many hours in the day and this game already must have taken months or years to produce.

Oh and, perhaps the last few comments in this thread could be moved by a mod to the game release thread instead of here in Hints and Tips...

I guess I was starting to get tired.  (laugh)

Understandable during a MAGS. Very understandable!

The Rumpus Room / Re: *Guess the Movie Title*
« on: Today at 02:38 »
I don't know the movie but I want to write a caption:

"Yes, sir, that's right. We have searched the whole room for listening devices and it's clean!"

I just played and left a comment in the release thread. What a charming little game!!!

What a lovely little game!!!

I especially love the plucky walkcycle of the little guy, so purposeful in a kiddie way!

I did have a little trouble...
Add spoiler tag for Hidden:
...finding the hotspot to clean off the graffiti. Maybe you should just make it as big as the whole graffiti, or even the whole wall?

I'm not sure if the...
Add spoiler tag for Hidden: explanation of how the graffiti links to the theme of censorship in the MAGS contest is needed or not. This feels a bit clumsy and breaks immersion for me. The graffiti is written as censored swear words and also the cleaning off of the graffiti is a kind of censorship. I think you should just allow this subtext to work on both levels without pointing one or the other out. Most players will get it. If you want to point out the MAGS theme then probably do so on the title page with something like "Made for the August 2018 MAGS with the theme of Censorship" or somesuch.
Also it says "the players can understand what it says". I think this should be "the characters can understand what it says"

But awesome and very charming game! Well done to both of you!

Snarky probably said it best though that this could ruin the ending of certain movies.

When the game begins, you can ask "which movies have you already seen?" and let the player check all of the movies from a list, and then only put those in the game.

Oh, sorry, I didn't mean "ruin" as in "spoil the ending for the player". I meant it more like Snarky meant when he said that going beyond the ambiguous ending of the movie destroys the reason for that style of ending.

I can see this being true in many cases. Often a movie ends ambiguously to show that life goes on and the character(s) choices beyond that point don't matter as much as their own growth during the time of the story does. Castaway comes to mind as fitting into this category for me.

But sometimes movies seem to use this kind of ending as an excuse to be more mysterious than they really are and/or the writers didn't know how to end the story and/or they ran out of time/money.

These are the ones I would want to see in Movie Limbo.

Oh, and by the way, I voted for Mulled. The advent calendar idea just sounded like a ton of fun to me.

I am surprised I haven't run across Mandle before as I used to run sound, lights and stage direction on Broadway.

Oh, at several points in my career I was involved in less well known, but hugely more artistic, projects off-Broadway...

Sometimes way... waaay... off-Broadway...

Nevertheless these are some of the more proud moments of my caree...

Wait, did someone mention cocktails?!

@Mandle: Could you please hold back a bit with this tactic stuff? I think it ruins our role play experience right now :-\

Hmmmm... This kinda made me feel a bit bad about maybe having spoiled the mood in a casual game that people are having a lot of fun with...

But then I thought about what you might actually be doing. Maybe your plan was to shame me into shutting up for now, until maybe I'm killed in the first night phase?

So, switching my vote to Cat.

Waiting on the psychic to provide everything we need is a pretty sure chance of losing the game. Looking at voting patterns in WW/mafia games is as vital as looking at betting patterns in poker. Anyone who wants to suppress talk about tactics usually screams "scum player".

Not a lot of time left before night comes so let's see some votes!

The roleplaying aspect is a ton of fun but at some point we have to actually start playing the game as well.

The Rumpus Room / Re: What grinds my gears!
« on: Yesterday at 10:09 »
they get one for a elderly parent and then use it when the parent is not with them.

I know someone who still does that even though her father, who the handicapped plate was for, died like 7-8 years ago. And this person even brags about getting away with it.

I think Cliffhung might be Mandle

You are correct!

It was just an idea I was making up as I wrote it in the form so I'm quite pleased it got 3 votes.

Snarky probably said it best though that this could ruin the ending of certain movies. Then again, some people hate movies that end without a clear resolution. I don't mind it now and then but I can kind of see these people's point sometimes: If I wanted to spend time getting invested in a story and the characters only to be left hanging with no real conclusion then I have real life to do that for me. (laugh)

ooc: To be honest, I see no reason to lynch tzachs. If I were to lynch anyone at this point, it would be Mandle. There's just something off about his character...


Then make it an actual vote and let's see how people react.

New players to the WW/Mafia game genre usually just sit out Day Phase #1 thinking that it is not important yet as nobody knows anything so what's the point, right?! The Seer will do their work, right?!

It's an important round to look back on later on and see how people reacted to various votes.

Even if nobody gets lynched it's an important round to at least make a stand and cast a vote in.

To be honest, I just didn't expect anyone getting lynched in the first day phase and after that a murder will have taken place, so lynching makes more sense then. Lynching or locking up, this really is just a word for what is from a game point-of-view the same thing. Simply put, "lynch" is just a game term. Call it whatever you want while playing, bolding a player's name is considered a lynch vote for me, even if you say you want to lock up NAME or arrest NAME or whatever else.

It does seem a bit weird having to lynch someone when our characters don’t even know that one of them is going to get murdered tonight.

This is a reminder that the players do not HAVE to lynch anybody.

Yeah, everything I suggested is just cosmetic. The actual gameplay doesn't change. Looking forward to what you do with your writing of each scene this time!

OOC: If we don't start playing OOC at some point then the game won't progress far... We can't pretend forever that we, as players, don't know the structure of how the game runs...

I have just put my vote out there and asking what people think of it...

It depends on the overall structure of the work, though :) I mean, in some works (based on jump-scares or survival-related sequences) you would need to reset first, as you said. But that isn't so for works which are based on a substrata of causing a sense that something uncanny is going on. There the sense must be at work throughout, and typically it will gain as the story reaches an end (although it may never be actually validated fully, or resolved in any way).

Interesting. I think one of the most "dreadful" books spiralling down into an ending completely devoid of any hope for any characters was Pet Semetary by Stephen King...

There are not a lot of laughs in this book that I recall...

However, there is a moment where the wife is driving back home because her little daughter had had some dreams about "Paxcow", the ghost of one of her husband's brief patients...

Anyway, she passes by a signpost, while getting a bit sleepy, that shows the turnoff to "Salem's Lot" and thinks that she doesn't like the name and even considers "Come and spend the night in Salem's Lot" as an option but this snaps her out of her sleepiness as a really bad idea. I guess she also has a bit of her daughter's intuition going on.

This could be considered a comedic moment for King fan readers but doesn't rob from the tension of the moment and actually provides a real reason for her to snap out of her drowsiness and continue on driving through the night.

(This now makes me want to make a game where she did turn off to stay overnight in Salem's Lot...damnit!!)

Maybe in this case we don't actually "lynch" people as it seems a bit out of character for the situation...

Perhaps the game host might agree but I suggest that "lynch" votes could become "lock up" votes where players are locked up in the wine cellar or whatever instead of killed...

Of course the game mechanic is exactly the same, but it just makes the town players seem less bloodthirsty. The "locked up" player is still knocked out of the game as usual and their role is revealed.

Just cosmetic stuff...

So, yeah, I think tzachs might be deserving of being "locked up"...

What do you all think about me saying this?!

Good news everyone!!!

I found a leftover dagger at the bottom of my luggage from when I was performing that Scottish play...

I have managed to pry a few corks out of some bottles of wine!!!

Everyone is welcome to some except for tzachs... I don't want to put his other foot into the grave just yet.

Oh, and (breaking the 4th wall)...

tzachs for my lynch vote!!!

Posing as the obvious "the butler always did it" role seems just a bit too clever to me...

Completed Game Announcements / Re: Unavowed
« on: 20 Aug 2018, 15:15 »
Looks more to me like they are gritting their teeth than smiling. I can see why Mandala might be seen as smiling though, but maybe she is, considering having just tracked down a demon?

Guys, I don't think we are supposed to be saying yet which was whose... Or are we not doing the guessing round this time?

The Rumpus Room / Re: I'm back. What did I miss?
« on: 20 Aug 2018, 10:01 »
So much has happened Ponch, SOOOOO much.  You just wouldn't believe it.

Unfortunately we all had to swear an oath not to tell anyone who wasn't here at the time.  You know how it is.  Just use your imagination. ;)

(It involved silly-string...)

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