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Sentient Revolt is set to drop July 5 2049 - ft. Fully Automated Queer Transhuman Cyberpunk Communism. Proto-j Overwatch streaming wit discorporate cyber-Drake and transgen T'xelsee Lanning. Get ready, yo.


Neofeud 2 start menu :D Bringing back that early-noughties cyberpunk fashion sense.

@TheFrighter: It has elements of both I would suppose, although more post-apocalyptic and cyberpunk perhaps.

@Selmiak: Lol

@Blondbraid: Thanks! :D

Neofeud Devstream #4 - Global Malfunctions!

Thanks Cassie. :)  I can't really go into it now as it would definitely be spoilerific. Just use your imagination! :D

Here's the livestream where I go into more of some new developments regarding Dysmaton and Neofeud 2, including a major change! (Hidden by Cassie's request :3 )

Today's stream, in which I make some exciting announcements about Neofeud 2 / Dysmaton!

Hi, I recently had a player ask if there's a way to get their AGS game (Neofeud) to show up as what they're currently playing, in their Discord server. Does anyone know if this is possible and if so what would need to be done to make that work? I believe they are playing a stand-alone exe rather than the Steam version if that makes a difference. Thanks!

​"Please come back, valued customer."

Currently working on animating this particular scene from Dysmaton. :)

If you'd like to support this one-person dev in completing this game, please consider picking up my first cyberpunk adventure, Neofeud. :D

AGS Games in Production / Re: Strangeland
« on: 08 Apr 2018, 01:05 »
Day 1 purchaser! Full marks for art, concept, and trailer. Primordia converted me to AGS, and I think that Strangeland may keep me in AGS a bit longer!

Here's the hot new, "cop car" of Neofeud 2's 20xx future. :)   

And here's a closeup on that animation of the Neofeud 2 character.

I complete the entire walkcycle character animation for this character in this marathon 4-hour stream. (I know kids are running their mouths playing games for 12 hours straight nowadays, but 4 is a long for this ancient 14.4 modem-loving 80's baby!)

(Hidden per CassieBSG's request. :3 )

A few people have said they have cried (one almost threw up, and another had to stop playing for a while, then come back later) while playing Neofeud. This reviewer highlights some of quite serious themes that bring up these emotions.

This game is difficult to talk about because it is difficult to play. Not in the traditional sense; it’s a Sierra-esque point-and-click adventure with pretty solid controls and charming, hand-painted art. It’s difficult to play because it forces you to think about the economic and social impact that negative race relations in the United States have on people.

It doesn’t have anything to do with me, so why should I care? I do care, but Neofeud showed me that I should not only care, but act.

It gave me chills and made my stomach roll. This idea as robotics and cybernetic enhancements as metaphor for race is the bedrock of Neofeud’s story. It made me uncomfortable to listen to and watch…but that is the entire point. I can’t turn a blind eye in the game, and I certainly can’t turn a blind eye in real life.

James Spanos def said he cries every time in Primordia when a particular character dies. :) (I talk to him about that, as well as why that character dies the way that he does this podcast)

Thanks Haggis! And thanks for stopping in :)

The Neofeud soundtrack is now up on Spotify!

It's also up on iTunes and Google Play! More platforms coming soon. :)

If you have a moment, please let me know what platforms you listen to music on and/or buy music with. It would help me greatly, thanks!

Mandle: you can be forgiven for never getting the Proto-J pun for the female whale genitalia joke on the AGS Awards. XD

In other news, the Neofeud Soundtrack, winner of the "Best Music" award in the AGS Awards 2017, is now available on! Check it out and hear what all the cyber-fuss is about. :)

Neofeud takes home best music and sound from the AGS Awards 2017! :D Here's the Neofeud soundtrack that won:

If you wanted to have a look, here is my livestream of the Adventure Game Studio Awards ceremony 2017, featuring live commentary from myself, several other AGSers and the Neofeud team, as well as the Six Billion Dollar Baller character from Neofeud (as voiced by myself :) ) and my impression of the best Alan Rickman impression performed by the customs officer in Captain Disaster: DHAMSB. 

Nice one Gurok, and I should have remembered to thank you for being one of the early Neofeud Patreon patrons! :)  So thanks!

And also major congrats to Slasher on that Lifetime Achievement Award! Well deserved, sir!

I had a few folks asking if they can watch the livestream of the AGS Awards, which includes live commentary from myself, several other AGSers, and the Six Billion Dollar Baller from Neofeud (as voiced by yours truly :) ). So here it is!


General Discussion / Re: Silver Spook Podcast
« on: 25 Mar 2018, 02:35 »
No podcast this week, but instead, I streamed the AGS Awards 2017!

Thanks to everyone who put the ceremony together, great job! Congrats also to all the nominees and winners, and to everyone who tuned into my stream of the AGS Awards. :)

Hey there, let me know when it's ready to go! If you want to see my stream here is the link:

 I will be livestreaming from the AGS Awards this Saturday!

Neofeud has been nominated for seven awards including Game of The Year, Best Writing, Best Art, Best Characters in the Adventure Game Studio Awards. As such, I will be livestreaming the AGS awards this Saturday March 24th at 20:00 CET from my Youtube channel with live commentary. The ceremony itself, if I understand correctly, will have characters from Neofeud present in the virtual "audience" and will also feature music from the Neofeud soundtrack. I hear the voting was extremely close, so it's anybody's competition! :)

Yes, I will be livestreaming the AGS Awards from my Youtube channel, as I mentioned on the Neofeud Steam site and Itch devlog. :)

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