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Even without any technical awareness, I enjoy reading about different engines. Even this place is about a certain one, a little talk should be allowed.

Particularly interesting for me was the fact that Ron Gilbert did not hesitate but created his own engine from scratch for Thimbleweed Park. He mentioned it briefly in his latest Google TechTalk.
Yet unfortunately Calin Leafshade is not working actively on his Love2D-based Adore engine right now, at least he told me that.

The Rumpus Room / Re: What grinds my gears!
« on: Yesterday at 16:28 »
Probably spelled Advətrs, not adverts.  :=

Whohooo, bicilotti returned to the AGS forums, finally  :)

P.S. That's a lovely little chamber melody! Consider getting into some horse-drawn carriage and travel Europe, to find work as a court chapel master. Mozart did the same, but no one liked him and his music. I like yours tho.

OMG! Thousands of hours of dev'work for Kate and Shelly! Man, Gurok, this little notebook needs to survive. I gonna light a candle, with a small golden flame...  :~(

I am very much interested in watching the recorded AGS Awards 2016 ceremony. Thanks in advance.

Also he's our team's musician!  ;-D  Just saying, since BSP now is getting famous. Well done, Bospi.

1. Jim Reed
2. Tabata CaptainD
3. Danvzare

EDIT: In such rare case of a rejected vote, the AGS jurisdiction prompts to vote for the secret favorite entry of everyone - that's CaptainD.

cat, that's truly wonderful news! Congratulations to both you and raeff. September is also a nice month for being born, with all these late-summer birthday parties (that you have to organize and moderate  ;-D ).

Whoohoo, Monsieur OUXX is getting married!  ;-D  It'll be not complicated – just simply great!

/starts drawing bridegroom-to-be over Indy sprite (53px)

EDIT: /cancels DJ and ice-statue.

Thanks for keeping the show going on, Snarky!

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Completed Game Announcements / Re: Tales
« on: 07 Feb 2017, 23:04 »
The friendly guys from German published a test of Tales recently. Overall, a well-written review with a quite good rating. Especially the emphasis on books, the amount of animations as well as nicely produced voices and music are positively mentioned.

Congratulations, Ape Marina and Screen 7!

Edit: Me stupid  :sad:  Of course Cat and Mandle already mentioned it. Sorry. Will post more carefully, and read the thread thoroughly first.

@DanVzare You mean Indy is out of breath from climbing up there?

@Monsieur OUXX: What kind of music do you want? Like the MIDI from the game of 1993, or actually more full-orchestral like the original cinematic score.

Critics' Lounge / Re: mountain scene
« on: 06 Feb 2017, 20:12 »
Chilly and spectacular as always - a real Monsieur_OUXX backdrop.  :smiley:

Will Indy have a fist fight with a Yeti here? Hopefully such wild mountain ape is drawing inspiration from my favorite BD Tintin in Tibet.

That was a wonderful live ceremony too, highly enjoyable! ;-D  #ags is just the place to be.
Congrats to all the nominees, who are now rivaling with each other. Of course all the other good adventures won't be forgotten (only the bad ones will  := )

Jk, I will play them too. Thanks for creating them.

2017 will be better.

Adventure Related Talk & Chat / Re: 10 YEARS OF AGS
« on: 02 Jan 2017, 23:15 »
After a decade of apprenticeship in adventure-making, you rank now as a master of this craft, Stupot-sensei :) Have you got yourself a befitting blue cup already?

I vote for Misj', wonderfully expressing how much unexplored territory there is still in 1px borders. Also I like the starfleet uniform colors, reminds me a lot of Tim Allen's Galaxy Quest.
If only Misj' would craft a playable adventure, with lovely animated characters and lavish backgrounds.. *sigh*

My second-favorite entry is the irascible Sinterklaas by Caesarcub. Me was always more scared and refused to recite my learned poem when such costumed actor in Santa costume visited my family... [/anecdote]

AGS Engine & Editor Releases / Re: AGS 3.4.0
« on: 02 Jan 2017, 18:09 »
Quote from: Crimson Wizard
It may work, or it may have various weird issues.

Quote from: Lore of the Vedurnan (Tales from Earthsea)
In ancient 1980's times, once dragons adventure games and humans Linux were one.
In our Earthsea time, dragons adventures move between the Windows realm and the timeless region west of west, known as the westernmost and most free isles.
and associated song

Critics' Lounge / Re: Indy sprite : rear view
« on: 14 Dec 2016, 13:37 »
With A, your team artists crafted one very nice rear view. Maybe if Indy travels to a colder region, it would work quite well as a more warm bomber jacket.

D it is because it has all bells and whistles (subtle higher shoulder and better arm lighting). Also it works well together with C, maybe for an idle animation etc.

Adventure Related Talk & Chat / Re: 10 YEARS OF AGS
« on: 13 Dec 2016, 09:31 »
Since a story for my team Adventure is about to be written, such a module would be certainly useful – if it's that what I believe it is.

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