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General Discussion / Re: Embla, what's wrong?
« on: 19 Apr 2017, 16:56 »
So I have to wait till first sunrays of dawn, I guess.

* gets brought back into her cell

Just saying, the polite and quiet qptain_Nemo wrote years and years on a fantastic new game engine. This tiny demo he shows here is a world premier. A first glimpse with programming art of an actual much larger commercial game.

He alone deserves attention, and really should be everone's watchlist (Amy makes bookmark-placing sound). Since he will surprise us all with what his team is pulling of.

General Discussion / Re: Embla, what's wrong?
« on: 19 Apr 2017, 15:21 »
Hello abstauber,

sorry that this keeps annoying you, I apologize. Yes, I agree, it's pretty disrespectful. It's solely  a personal issue between me and Snarky from the past. The moderators though have the last word and decided to settle this in the background.

So, I'd like to use this PM before my account gets closed to thank you for your community efforts as well as making such lovely games in the past. I liked them, and play them by and then again.


General Discussion / Re: Embla, what's wrong?
« on: 19 Apr 2017, 12:17 »
abstauber, thank you for asking.
With a bit of luck, I can keep this "Embla, what's wrong?"- thread (after it has been moved to the Rumpus room), and post only here by re-editing. Just like IceyGames with all things Oceanspirit D.

General Discussion / Re: Embla, what's wrong?
« on: 19 Apr 2017, 11:31 »
Ahoy qptain_Nemo, great progress, I'm impressed!

Wonderful how the galleon navigates over the black sea, catching a light ocean breeze. I wonder what unknown lands and treasures lie before us.

A timeless and well-rounded interface should ship with AGS Classic. Pleasant UI design is not easy, so we should set the bar with an already good one.

Nice, Ogon. The enchanted sound of the Schwarzwald. I could almost see the fairies romantically waltzing with the bees on a forest meadow.
In German, there's even a saying: Im dichten Fichtendickicht tanzen die Feen tüchtig.

It has been a great time ever since. Thank you!

I should've sticked to these advice too. Like AGS as a whole, my team project has fallen into said state of depressing chaos.

Twinsen and Dinofly from Little Big Adventure (640x480):


Since this is my last edited post:

This is me, briefly before my final journey begins... I'm holding a wooden copy of the precious cross of Coronado, the one which Dr. Henry Jones finds in Indiana Jones and the Seven Cities of Gold.

Mark Ferrari gave a nice 8bit pixel speech. A nice guy.

Nice that the Music Competition is back – since it's so good!  :smiley:
Animation Jam though was also amazing.

Thanks so much for saving the AGS Awards ceremony, Gurok! This annual event is probably my favorite of all this community. Yay!

All things must pass.

Will 'Indiana Jones and the Seven Cities of Gold'-demo be fueled on a different engine?

The Rumpus Room / Re: What grinds my gears!
« on: 24 Mar 2017, 16:28 »
Nothing, everything is fine

Whohooo, bicilotti returned to the AGS forums, finally  :) That's a lovely little chamber melody! Eco would've listened to when the stars coming out, and truth and fiction becoming the same.

OMG! Thousands of hours of dev'work for Kate and Shelly! Man, Gurok, this little notebook needs to survive. I gonna light a candle, with a small golden flame...  :~(

I am very much interested in watching the recorded AGS Awards 2016 ceremony. Thanks in advance.

Also he's our team's musician!  ;-D  Just saying, since BSP now is getting famous. Well done, Bospi.

1. Jim Reed
2. Tabata CaptainD
3. Danvzare

EDIT: In such rare case of a rejected vote, the AGS jurisdiction prompts to vote for the secret favorite entry of everyone - that's CaptainD.

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