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Working on something! I hope it fits to theme. There is 3 character you can select and 1 NPC. The only difference is views and monologues actually.

It is very simple game without puzzles that inspired by saw series. You all are kidnapped and 1 of you has to decide who will die. You learn their relationships and thought on each other while progressing.

The problem is I don't have any PC to create the game, so I need someone who have one and want to be my teammate.

Also I work very slow on art, but since there are not much art to do, I can complete it before deadline. It is day 3 and this is what I have for now. Work in progress background and 1 of 4 character's portrait(which sucks):

Is it still on for voting? Hmm...

1st: Rocchinator
2nd: Creamy
3nd: Matti

Can you see mine? If so you seem to have a problem not with imgur, but with https imgur (just remove the s from the https):

Wow I can see it! Was it that easy to see them? Weird... Thanks a lot Cassiebsg.

Concept: morganw
Playability: Cassiebsg
Artistic Execution: Glenjamin(I even missed you had an entry, sorry)

May someone share non-imgur versions of Glenjamin's and Matti's works? I don't want to vote before seeing them :~(

Competitions & Activities / Re: BACKGROUND BLITZ: Eerie
« on: 06 Mar 2018, 00:41 »
That is wonderful concept and I checked forums in March 6th unfortunately!

DBoyWheeler that's lovely. Reminds me of Adventure Time, I can even bet that bridge is the Dog from the cartoon. Wait... Is that a dinosaur getting out of it's egg on the moon?
morganw that gave me the feel of Hostage movie, that one with Bruce Willis in it.
Mattie sorry I can't see imgur links... :~(
Cassiebsg hi... I said "wow, is the up a floor too!"(second language activated)

Recruitment / Re: Penga & Obcster's Christmish Adventure
« on: 17 Jan 2018, 04:12 »
Take your mines to pub day!
Participate in an award winning tradition!

Congrats on the release! And f the guy who didn't do the translation.

Congratz to beards!

Concept cassiebsg
Playability lorenzo
Art. Exe. Ubel

Wait, what is problem with my entry? :o

I hate your avatar
I will tell it to not wink you next time :P

Can we steal your font? My game use jack's 3 pixel height font and i hate it :o

Looks nice btw, will download it in the morning and try it when i have time

Why lorenzo why?! Are you happy with making us, entrants, eat our nails?
You always have great work and ofc always ─▒nhappy with it.
I hate joining a competition when you join too :D
But this time you will have hard time, because there is ubel and cassiebsg, and all entrants have different drawing style!

Wow everyone is going great!
Why did i loose my motivation? I couldnt get it in time for lowrezjam.
All rooms are done and almost all animations done but i just cant do coding the story part.

Anybody wanna help?

Congrats DBoy! I am still happy to be in top 3

The Rumpus Room / Re: *Guess the Movie Title*
« on: 14 Aug 2017, 13:29 »

1 Rocchinator
2 AnasAbdin

Selecting was hard... I changed my mind 3-4 times. I just started looking from top to bottom, and i was like 'this is good, this is cool, mmm tasty, ok good, will vote for this too, so we can vote for all right? Ok no cant vote all so lets look at them again. Ok i could pick six of them"

Too much. Great. Enrtries. How wil we vote :(

Congrats to all winners and some bad words to everyone who couldnt be in top 3! Losers :P

Thank you! Ok, here is my entry, which is also one of rooms in MAGS August project

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