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Recruitment / [AGS HELP WANTED] Looking for testers for Metaphobia
« on: 06 Sep 2018, 08:30 »
(I'll keep it short)

Our game Metaphobia is currently fully playable and is in testing process.
We are looking for kind testers who could give us some quality feedback :)

Please, if you are interested contact me on email:

Please see more information about the game in this thread:

AGS Games in Production / Re: Metaphobia
« on: 24 Nov 2017, 13:13 »
Thank you all for your feedback we appreciate it very much:-)

I know what you mean. But... The thing is that we are not "afraid" of not being commercially successful, but we want our game to be free purposly. I know it's a good thing to make some money, but if we wanted to do that we would have thought about this in the very beginning. And since we have wanted it to be free game from the beginning, we stuck to that form.

About voices: we would love to implement this feature in the future, as a "Deluxe version" but this is whole another project.


I'm not sure if I understand your question correctly. But in general, if you want to add a code inside a dialog, you can just SPACE or TAB to a side and start writing.
When you tab or space in dialog section in AGS it will start writing a code.

Code: Adventure Game Studio
  2. @S
  3. Ego: Hello
  4. Guy: Hi
  6. 1@
  7. Ego: How are you?
  8. Guy: Im fine.
  10.     cYou.Walk(120, 35)
  11.     cYou.FaceDirection(eDirectionLeft)
  13. Ego: I like your picture on the wall.
  14. Guy: Yeah, I painted it.
  16. return

Dear Wyz,

Thank you thousand times!

You helped me a lot, it works perfectly :)


Im not sure where should I post this thread, since it related to AGS forum itself.

Long story short:
I need to add a video on my AGS forum thread, but not only the link but the video should be playable in the article itself.
I think I've seen it somewhere but cannot find the way to do it.

AGS Games in Production / Re: Metaphobia
« on: 07 Nov 2017, 11:47 »
Hello everyone!

Here is the video teaser for the game:

Let us know what you think :)

AGS Games in Production / Re: The Chrysalis
« on: 05 Nov 2017, 10:24 »
Looks amazing!

Dark and mysterious just as I like it. Looking forward to play it.

Good luck with finishing the project.

AGS Games in Production / Re: Metaphobia
« on: 31 Oct 2017, 18:16 »
NEWEST UPDATE: UPDATE: 1.0 - 31.10.2017

We are now team of 5 people (Artist, writer, composer, programmer and sound SFX creator).
New people on the team:
Dan Kobylarz (Koby), a talented guy who made music for Kathy Rain.
Vincent Cortese, a highly skilled programmer with years of AGS experience.

Video teaser will be released in few weeks.


AGS Games in Production / Re: Metaphobia
« on: 03 Oct 2017, 11:20 »
So we modified Richard's face, and I think, our artist made a huge difference now. What do you think? :)



AGS Games in Production / Metaphobia
« on: 29 Sep 2017, 20:12 »

A mysterious case of Richard Elmstat


A painter, Richard Elmstat, was born into a family which was known for many generations as one of the highest political families in the country. His father, Carl Elmstat, was recently elected as mayor of the city, when he fairly defeated his rival Edward Raban in the elections.

Even though Richard was raised to follow his father and have the highest political career, he had already chosen his dream job - painting. But Richard and his father never had a close relationship due to Richard’s bohemian lifestyle and lack of respect for political authority. Because of this, they lived separate lives without seeing or speaking to one another.

Carl always tried to uphold his political beliefs with for-people reforms and laws. People adored him and he became a hero of the city.

Three months after the elections, Carl Elmstat is killed by a thief who was later caught, convicted and sent to jail - case closed.

Though Richard didn’t have a good relationship with his father, he couldn’t bare the fact that he was murdered; let alone by an ordinary thief in the politician’s mansion . Worsened by guilt that he was a bad son, Richard decided to investigate the murder on his own. His prime suspect? Edward Raban - his father’s nemesis.

During the time of the investigation, Richard finds out that the truth behind the murder is hidden much deeper under the ground than he expected…



UPDATE: 1.0 - 31.10.2017

Release date:
The game is in the middle of the production and is planned to be released in the Q1/Q2 2018.
This game is going to be a FREEWARE

What to be excited for:
All animation sprites were recorded on a greenscreen.
Original music and SFX.
Classic old school “90’s-like” graphics.
Thrilling story with a mysterious plot and a dark mood.
Over 30 locations and 20 characters.
Interesting puzzles and dialogues.

Story: Tolga Öcek, David Broček
Dialogs: David Broček
Art and Animations: Tolga Öcek
Scripting: Vincent Cortese
Music: Daniel H. Kobylarz (Composer for Kathy Rain -

- Graphics 90%
- Story 100%
- Puzzles 100%
- Scripting 30%
- Music/sound 20%

Dear colleagues!

We are two men team, working on a game called METAPHOBIA. The game concept and art is finished and basically is just ready to be coded.

The game is a mystery/crimi/thriller. Mood and storytelling is inspired by Gabriel Knight 1. To avoid spoilers, we will give you more informations in PM. The game will be a freeware, so please count with that.

We are looking for a programmer to help us only with a few codes. Mostly puzzles and more complex animation scenes.

I am able to code almost everything: Items usage, dialogs, simple animations, etc. So we will not bother you with banalities like this, and you will basically just help us with those few complex scripts.

Here are a few pictures of our game.

Looking forward for your reply!

Contact me either via email or in PM on AGS forum.

UPDATE: 14/10/2017

We are also looking for a Soundeffect (SFX) artist to help us.

Contact me either via email or in PM on AGS forum.

Moderator note: Topics merged. Please try to keep updated recruitment details to a single thread to avoid confusion. Perhaps you could designate a single user to be responsible for recruitment postings, instead of multiple team members?

General Discussion / Copyright Pictures Rules
« on: 24 Sep 2017, 21:16 »
Dear all,

first of all, I hope I'm putting this in the right section. If not, I apologize in advance.

We are currently working on a game, that we plan to release commercially. What are the rules for used pictures from the internet (Google, Shutterstock)?
To be more specific, we used real pictures from Google, but basically changed the whole look (made it more pixely, different colours, added furniture, changed faces, etc).
Is it still illegal to use this edited material, or does it count as an original creation?

Here are two examples. These two are the most extreme examples of similarities between edited and original pictures in our project.





We are thankful for any answer :)

Thank You all for your replies. I thought that USB copy paste will do it, but I was afraid that it wont be enough. Appeeciate your help.

Thank you for your reply, Eri0o.

And how do you do it with sprites and stuff?

The problem is, I use different folder for pictures than AGS default folder for game itself.

Dear colleagues,

I'm currently working on my game on my main PC. I would like to work on it also on my laptop.

I wonder, how to share or merge my saves in both machines?

And what if I make, for instance, one room on PC and then other room on my laptop, will I be able to merge both saves together?

Thank you thousand times!

Im using the latest version, so it's ok.

Sorry for my poor explanations.

Long Story short:
My Ego has a phone. And he will need to call one character from all the rooms. Do I need to always set the character to change room or is there any global script that will trigger same dialog with same character but in five different rooms.


Room Kitchen:
Click on phone - dDialog1.Start()

Room Park:
Click on phone - dDialog1.Start()



How can I put Sierra style dialog conversation on the bottom of the screen?

It is on the top by default. Is there any way to just relocate it, or will I need to create a whole new GUI?

Beginners' Technical Questions / Phone calls - dialogs
« on: 16 Sep 2017, 12:26 »

I have this situation about dialogs during phone calls.
Im using Sierra style dialogs.

The problem is that if you want to have a dialog with a character, you need to put them in the room. Obviously, my question is, how to start the dialog without the character in the room?

I click on the phone in the inventory and it will start new dialog.
Ego: Hi.
Char: Why do you call me?
Ego: Im vegan.
I understand I dont need to use same character on the phone as I have in other room and basically create e.g. Character1  and Character_Phone. The question is, how to access this character_phone, basically from any room in the game?

Please let me know how you feel about the game. Every feedback is appreciated :)

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