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I personally liked the recent film, "Blackcoat's daughter". :)

I think that a main issue is the freelancer-based nature of indie creators. It is analogous to what i deal with as a freelance lit translator. You get a contract, get paid, then have to find a new contract and so on. But you have no secure job unless you end up as signed part of the team of a large publishing house.

The positive is also analogous: as a freelance translator, up to now i can just translate Kafka, Poe and other writers i like. But if i end up in a large house, i'd have to translate whatever they want.

^And a book/story is far less directly allowing for the player/reader to do anything. I had issues with adapting my own storywork as an adventure game. Eg the one i ended finishing (the Chrysalis) is quite different than my story it was adapted from, although the main story is the same.
The difference is due to needing to have something to 'play', which is actually a burden in the story, cause you don't want to have emptyness or allow for needless movement by the reader, while in the game you have to include the ability to just wander around while trying to figure what you can do.

I did try to not make my own first game be too much like a story set progression, although it is still a balance :)

AGS Games in Production / Re: The Witch House
« on: 11 Jan 2018, 15:38 »
Sorry it's been a while since the last update! Good news is that I've been busy working with the game and made some progress.

I wanted to show you something bit different this time. This background is still a bit work-in-progress, but I wanted to share it with you before the Christmas holidays. It's one of the dream scenes, a very alien place with a strange geometry and physics.

Actually it's a mini-game with several stages and parallax scrolling, and this is the first part of it. It's been a lot of work figuring this out, and because there is a lot of animation going on, it will probably be the most resource-heavy scene in the whole game (I hope that it runs smoothly with older computers...). Anyway, I hope you like it, and happy holidays!

This will certainly be a very stylish game. Looks awesome :)

Btw, Platonic solids=Cthulhu.

^Thanks :) I will have a look.

Thank you! ^^

the third chapter of Downfall isn't yet released, despite its success as well as the success of The Cat Lady

It's coming along very nicely! 70% complete!!! ;) (I realize it brings nothing to the discussion though ;) )

But to actually bring something to this discussion, I'd say that I think it's time to move on and explore mixing genres. Lorelai is probably the last "adventure game" that I make. Not for financial reasons, cos I seem to have found my fanbase that enjoy it, but... tastes change over time. Games these days should offer that THRILL that's often missing in real life. Where's the thrill in pointing and clicking? Well, I suppose you can find it, if you really engage yourself in a p&c game, but that takes a lot of time and effort. And certainly a lot of people will be lost before that happens...

Even Dave, the hardcore p&c veteran is moving towards shifting genres, adding RPG elements to his new game, which I think is a great move.

The thing is, we all came here out of love for our Monkey Islands and Space Quests and so on, and we've tried to recreate them the way they've remained in our memories. But what's the point, really? It's like trying to wear a medieval armour and pretending the trends in fashion have not changed. Sure, you will feel the sense of pride and achievement, but after a while you'll realize you're not very comfortable at all... and that people are sorta avoiding you ;)

At any rate, i am happy to meet you :)
Both Downfall and The cat lady were very cool games 8-)

Though i personally preferred the story in the original Downfall, to the remake :=

Anything with an actual plot, not just some gore film (gore is ok, but i'd rather also have a story :) ).

From recent ones, i liked the Babadook, and It Follows. Both had some weaknesses, but overall they were nice.
Lord of Tears was nice, despite being (very obviously) a cheap production. It did have an adventure game progression.

Marketing a game is tedious, and chaotic as well, by now. Not that i ever had to try (but i am not a team, nor that serious about game-making in the first place :) ). In the old days it was enough to have your game reported upon by the relatively few computer magazines out there. Now... those are dead, and replaced by various web-pages. And having a game reported by a web-page doesn't mean much, unless one is a hipster :=

It depends on what kind of adventure game we are talking about. If you mean something like the 90s stuff, yes, chances are it won't have mass appeal (but one has to keep in mind that adventure games didn't have mass appeal in the 90s either; moreover, it helped the genre that for a time those games were the only thing the PCs had going for them, while losing to Amiga in every other game genre).

Another thing is that indie games tend to be a success when they are brief, and more lively. Eg that 5 nights at Freddie's. While some adventure indie games did eventually achieve some degree of fame, they are still not really viable as franchises, as proven by the huge amount of time it takes for their next chapter to be out (afaik the third chapter of Downfall isn't yet released, despite its success as well as the success of The Cat Lady).

Story looks interesting... :)

Congratulations on getting it to Steam as well!

General Discussion / Re: What are your goals for 2018?
« on: 06 Jan 2018, 17:52 »
-1 new book of my own work published
-at least 2, or 3 new translations (i work as classical lit translator) contracted + paid for
-other, gloomier stuff :)

This game has the best name ever, and was a very nice project all-around (nod)


The siren call of spending time in a beautiful apartment may be dangerous...

I'd like to nominate mine and Krys' game, only for music and writing (in the rest of the categories I don't think it can compete with the many other amazing titles here already!)

The Chrysalis

Your character was invited by a person he knows since they
were in school - they now are in their thirties. He falls in love with
this person's apartment, due to the elegant rooms, but also the antique
furniture and - last but not least - the paintings his host has created
(they are macabre).
While your character would like to just stick
around and move from room to room, he is also a bit alarmed, because...
his host has left him, without saying why; he just noted that he has
something to do, and will return soon.
You wonder if the other person
has gotten involved into some bizarre story, or strange interests.
Nevertheless... you are happy to be given the opportunity to explore the
apartment on your own.


Created with AGS, gfx modelled with Blender.
Adapted from one of my printed short stories.
The Chrysalis is a free horror adventure game, and is my first creation.
Special thanks to Krzysztof Gorzkowski for the music!


AGS Database

Possible Awards

Best Writing
Best Music and Sound

More screenshots

Adventure Related Talk & Chat / Re: Anahita the good girl
« on: 28 Dec 2017, 16:22 »

Finally I can finish this game for three port ( Android / iOS / PC) . It's NON AGS game . All of artworks and programming is by me .
The game is in  cinematic adventure platformer genre.
I'm searching for publisher this days.
trailer :
<a href="" target="_blank" class="new_win"></a>

Two things:

1) This looks absolutely awesome.

2) You obviously like Delphine's "Another World" (which my all-time favourite game) (nod)

Finally! The time of recognition has arrived!
Well, not really :D But I was very happy to finally have a game as well.

Can you provide a walkthrough? I am stuck:

Add spoiler tag for Hidden:
I placed the heart under the tree. I can't light the stove. What to do now? I could be a doctor :=
Maybe i should go back to the corpse of the brother, to try to cut one hand, cause 'i wanted to help him' (laugh)

Read first:

Add spoiler tag for Hidden:
You must give a present to you and your brother too, heart is just for your mummy :) Open the other spoiler if you want a complete walkthrough.

Ultimate WT:

Add spoiler tag for Hidden:
Place the charcoal and the pot under the christmas tree to start your sad christmas celebration.

Nice game :)
As you see, i even expected it to be darker :D

Can you provide a walkthrough? I am stuck:

Add spoiler tag for Hidden:
I placed the heart under the tree. I can't light the stove. What to do now? I could be a doctor :=
Maybe i should go back to the corpse of the brother, to try to cut one hand, cause 'i wanted to help him' (laugh)

Looks very stylish :)

I will try it sometime.

Adventure or similar (eg action-adventure, puzzle etc) :)

I think that 8-bit gfx may help in that respect. There was a recent (afaik; don't recall the title now but saw a youtube video of it) action-adventure with gfx that seemed to allude to the Amstrad/Commodore 64 "Jet set Willy" game, and even used the Moonlight Sonata (as a bootleg -possibly- version of JSW on Amstrad did) :)

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