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For our Kickstarter Update #10: Mysteries and Science Fiction in A Near Dawn - well, like it says, I talk about some of the mysteries and science fiction in our story! I also mention another of my major influences (can you guess what it is?).  :)

The original Clock Tower for the SNES! It was so well done and SO creepy! Still gives me the chills thinking about it...

So many people are making psychological thriller adventures these days! :-D
This looks really great, Bastrick!

I just posted a new update on our Kickstarter Campaign:

Update #9: ANDROID For All!

The gist of it is that all our backers on Kickstarter at and above the Early Wakeup tier will receive a complimentary copy of the game on Android (for themselves or a friend) in addition to their other rewards!  :)

Delphine had the best art. :)
I didn't get too far in Cruise for a Corpse, because I think some things in the game were random - some doors open at different times. It was kind of annoying.

That is a pretty cool intro. The dude has some heavy duty calves, he must work out.  :P


Wow, we are up to 50% funded on our KickStarter!
We will definitely need more support to get to our goal, though. Please help share and support our campaign!  :)

Our KickStarter campaign has been teetering at the 40% mark for the past few days, but we've slowly had more attention given to the project, and Operation Rainfall wrote a really nice article about it.  :)

I'm sure you could do anything you like for your personal uses, especially if you're planning to use the sprites and script of the original game, I don't think anyone could accuse you of copyright infringement much more than kids tracing comic books to learn how to draw.  :)

P.S.... I thought Wally was a little kid who was really into maps when I first played Monkey Island 2 in DOS!
The Special Edition version really ruined that for me.  :P

And, A woodchuck would chuck no amount of wood since a woodchuck can't chuck wood.

I wrote about what it was like working with Voice Actors in my latest update on KickStarter. I never worked with voice actors before and it's been a very interesting experience working with them so closely, and really helping them along in realizing my vision, but at the same time picking up on their strengths and appreciating what they bring to the project.  :)

A Near Dawn - KickStarter Update #5

That was really good, I enjoyed it!  :grin:

I feel bad for poor Ally, the waitress.  :sad:

Thanks for sharing.  :cheesy:
Haha, thanks Frodo!  :)
I'm glad you liked it. But what about Harry? I feel bad for everyone... even though I did this to them.
No problem! I actually put it up then I realized it wasn't mobile-friendly and for like half an hour I was trying to fix it (adding support to my text-based prototype...), but my computer crashed part-way and corrupted some of the file I was working on. In the end I decided I spent enough time on this for now.  :)

One's own fantasy has the best graphics.
I sincerely hope that's true in this case.  :)

Yippee!  :grin:
Thankyou Leon :wink:

Alright guys... I have never been less excited to release a game.  :P
Since you asked for it, here is the original text-based prototype for Back To Reality A Near Dawn!

I actually developed a good half to two-thirds of the game in Twine before going graphical, but to avoid spoilers I ended this version at where the Prologue ends. And without voice or graphics... that's really like 2 minutes of gameplay.  :P  -  But you can see how things changed, and I never had the introduction where he is running in the woods in the original (I came up with that to spruce up the Graphical version). Also you will find that there is no mention of Richard Grave, because he came around later as the story developed more.

So, really, this is just a sad, lonely WIP from two years ago!  :)

You NEED to release the text version.  :cheesy:
Okay, I'll do it!  :)
But you may regret it... it doesn't have the visual kick of the graphical version.

Would really love to play the original text version, as well as the graphical version.  :cool:
I made it in Twine. Maybe I should release it some time?  :)
I went way past where the Prologue ends. I don't think I would share that far, to save the mystery for the actual graphic adventure. It's an interesting idea, though. I'll have to take a look if it's in decent enough shape to release a text-based version of the Prologue!

In my KickStarter Update #2, I talk about how A Near Dawn got started - from text-based adventure to fully graphical adventure game! :)

No, it's because if LeonDaydreamer gets sued, he'll be doomed. Even if he manages to find enough money to win the case, he'll probably still struggle to pay for the legal fees. But if a big corporation gets sued, they'll be able to easily pay off all of the legal fees, without a single bit of stress.

The court favours the rich.
No... I don't want to be doomed!  :)
I think that's a fair point, even if it is protected by law if Nintendo decided to move a case against someone, it would cost them a lot of money just to defend themselves. I think I heard that Hasbro (Transformers and My Little Pony) was very strict about these sorts of things. I guess a lot of smaller companies might end up filing for bankruptcy altogether just to avoid the legal troubles?  :/

This might be too close for comfort. Especially in a commercial game.
I was afraid you were going to say that.  :)

Well considering how Scary Movie and those other similar movies did their parodies. I'd say it would be fine. But then again, Nintendo can be quite protective. :-\
That's the thing, actually. How does that work? I mean Robot Chicken has even used Disney characters for some of the dirtiest parodies. I can't believe Disney is okay with that... And yet it exists. Maybe Nintendo will be merciful?  :)

Does anyone watch Pouchmon?  :)

We are up to 1/4 funded on our KickStarter Campaign  :)  Have a peek if you haven't already, we have some pretty snazzy rewards.

Hi guys, I wondered if you had some thoughts on this.
I made a tiny *Pouchmon parody (it's clearly not Pokemon) for my project A Near Dawn. I mostly put together this vid for fun, because I already had most of the art assets for it (and I kind of love it) :)

But that got me thinking... Would Nintendo object if I had this in the actual game? I mean is it too similar (what might I have to change)?


Hey guys, a little KickStarter Update - we received a lot of support in the first day and are up to 20% of our funding goal!
Also! Some one super enthusiastic about the project supported it on the highest tier!! One of the rewards for that one is adding a new character into the game based on their idea. So that should be interesting!  :)

[This is our KickStarter Campaign]

Wish us luck!

Congrats on your first Kickstarter  :grin:

Wishing you lots of luck.  Backed it, of course.  :cheesy:
Thanks so much Frodo!  :)

Yay. Go get'em! You're off to a great start. :-D
Thanks Mr Underhill!  :)

I hope this goes well....

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