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I just watched Brett Hennig TEDx Talk about replacing democracy for a random selecting system and I had a random idea for an overtly complex (maybe) game.

Basically the idea is this, a city builder like Sim City 2000, with something like Entity Based Modeling for simulating, with a dummy IA building the city. The AI turn, it does it's random city building.

On the player turn, he gets a random citizen from the city assigned to him as his player character, and he has to create a policy (have no idea how exactly) that will influence how the city builder AI works, hopefully trying to maximize what's best to that citizen.

As the game progress, you are being matched with different citizens of the city, and they are all being behind the curtains being tracked. At the end of 15 turns, the final score for each assigned citizen is shown, and also the town score (population, produced money, debt,...).

This is just like the general idea, but I have no real idea if it could be fun or not, but the idea would be something that is visually interesting but still has lots of possibilities like Democracy.

Any thoughts?

GetPixel once isn't painfully slow. You can get away with a thousand per second with absolutely not noticing.

Is that editor source code available somewhere?

Also if someone is interested RPG Maker MV has some pieces open source, and has the js engine (not the editor) open source. You can even embed it in a blog post apparently.

General Discussion / Re: Winzip or 7Zip
« on: 29 Sep 2018, 03:13 »
I use 7zip for .zip files on windows but I use .tar.gz files for Linux because it's the zip like file format that I know preserves the executable bits and permissions. This is why most source code websites offer both in the download area.

Engine Development / Re: SaveScreenShot is just bmp?
« on: 25 Sep 2018, 02:50 »
ah ok! I am sorry, from the name I assumed bitmap only - as in .bmp only. 

was looking SaveScreenShot in the manual today... I noticed it says one can choose either .pcx or .bmp .
I think it's only .bmp, but I am not sure, since it appears it just saves the buffer directly to file. Just wanted to fix it, since I think .pcx only exists in the engine for preload.pcx image (but I can be wrong).

AGS Games in Production / Re: Future Flashback
« on: 17 Sep 2018, 00:23 »
Hey maybe you guys already read in the blog post...

but in case you didn't... Just passing to say we are going to AdventureX! I am both excited and terrified!

If you happen to be around please go to our table meet us and play our game. (nod)

Ags can be built with either static or shared libraries. The ags for Linux shipped with the Editor has shared libraries - and some plugins. The script for running a game just check if the computer os is 32 or 64 bit, and then runs the appropriate build of the engine with a variable pointing to the shared libraries.

This is a variable called ALLEGRO_MODULES to point where are the libraries. My experience is that variable doesn't work for me for some reason - I also don't use the ags for Linux shipped and instead use the AGS-SDL2 port on Linux because it runs faster in fullscreen. I also use a different script for switching between 32 and 64 bit builds that I posted recently.

I recommend testing before shipping.

selmiak, the problem is literally sphinx. We are using it. It has bugs. Gurok is right, the issue is bigger than I expected. I think maybe morganw can fix, so I will wait.

About offline pages, the html we build have search implemented through a very lean javascript code, and it works offline and it's reasonably fast - faster than chm on my machine.

Snarky, the suggestion being moving from .chm to a folder with .html files or hosting online? Would it be ok if it was a folder with html files on the ags install folder?


I would like to suggest moving the default ags manual to a online help, and f1 just running a search on this online help in the user own browser. Most softwares uses online manuals these days.

We are hitting some hard issues to support using the current .chm help with easier to edit and maintain help. The new help gives per topic markdown files that can be edited online instead of the old 22k lines of LaTeX text file and a ton of magic.

Here is how is the online manual now:

And here is the repository for it:

Editor Development / Re: Help file... here we go again.
« on: 30 Aug 2018, 00:41 »
yes! So... I've been thinking... The original idea of the wiki was to have more contributions, since we needed the manual entry for the Editor stuff (how to use the room editor, place an object, it's properties on the editor, edit a GUI, create inventory items, ...).

I think it's better if we use the wiki to generate the manual for AGS 3.5.0 an then on store the pages on the own repo and use the normal PR+issues for contributions on the manual pages. (since the wiki isn't exactly a king in popularity)

I like the idea of just using a branch per ags version and all.

Also, later, the html generated pages should have a downloadable .zip on the release page, and then we can create a task that unzips the releases on separate folders on gh-pages... This is for The Future ™ .??:

Edit: CW, do you know what is needed for f1 to work with the generated .chm inside AGS ?

Editor Development / Re: Help file... here we go again.
« on: 30 Aug 2018, 00:12 »
The wiki is just a repo, so it can have branches. Unfortunately the interface only supports editing the master branch. The branches have to be edited locally.

github wiki help on branches

But the sad part is using the wiki, looses the cool github repo interface.

What we can do is have the content in another repo, or the same repo, with branches.

The releases themselves have tags - currently they are a snapshot of the mds and a chm. The github pages only follow the latest master.

AGS Games in Production / Re: Future Flashback
« on: 21 Aug 2018, 21:41 »

Hey guys!

We went to an event here in Rio de Janeiro, called Geek & Game Rio Festival and we had a stand to present Future Flashback, where people were able to play it! It was a great - although exhausting - experience, and we wrote about it on our blog. For the game itself, it was like a marathon of playtesting where we could observe players interacting with the game, and listen to what they had to say. We saw many father-daughter, mother-son, couples, and other pair thoroughly excited by the game and it was really cool seeing they play, people lining up, asking things! Really rich experience!

You can read more on our blog... Share our post on Twitter or Facebook !

Hey CW, sorry, I really have no idea how to get more insightful logs from playonlinux and wine. I am sea visiting family this week, but once I get home I should probably also test on wine on Mac to see how it's working there too.

I don't know if it was clear, but on Linux the crash I got was after closing ags. Apparently nothing got corrupted, so things are fine, but if something changed on the closing of ags since previous version it would worth a look.

Also I am on 3.4.1 and will be for some time.

Hey, when I modify the project, build, and exit, and click yes to save, it crashes PlayOnLinux. Weird thing is doing the same running PlayOnLinux on Debug DOESN'T crash it.

playonlinux log output

Other than this I have no assets to test the limits of more than 2GB :-\ , so I only quickly tested for regressions...

Oh reading the log I get it why it doesn't work the Linux build, instead of just copying the files, AGS creates hardlinks - and fails. I would prefer it just copied the files over - or gave me an option somewhere to do this instead.

Hey Eric, I think the link on the first post needs to be updated , since it doesn't show all assets (reading on mobile!)

The Rumpus Room / Re: What's on TV?
« on: 19 Aug 2018, 14:51 »
The Good Wife, it's Tascione

Engine Development / Running an AGS game on Steam OS
« on: 19 Aug 2018, 03:26 »
So, I was trying to run my AGS game on Steam OS and for some reason it kept failing on missing . Now, for the 64-bit version, I use the sdl2 port and use the regular on 32-bit. No matter what I did, the ALLEGRO_MODULES variable wasn't recognised on SteamOS, for the , so I solved by passing the LD_LIBRARY_PATH - since lib32 / lib64 include the . I also place the ags binary inside the lib32 / lib64 directories.

Below is what I got that worked consistently across my Linux PCs, through Steam. I pass the full screen modifier because it's needed now in the sdl2 port for some reason.

Code: Adventure Game Studio
  1. #!/bin/sh
  2. SCRIPTPATH="$(dirname "$(readlink -f $0)")"
  4. if test "x$@" = "x-h" -o "x$@" = "x--help"
  5.   then
  6.     echo "Usage:" "$(basename "$(readlink -f $0)")" "[<ags options>]"
  7.     echo ""
  8. fi
  10. if test $(uname -m) = x86_64
  11.   then
  13.     ALLEGRO_MODULES="$SCRIPTPATH/lib64" "$SCRIPTPATH/lib64/ags_sdl2_64" --fullscreen "$@" "$SCRIPTPATH/"
  14.   else
  16.     ALLEGRO_MODULES="$SCRIPTPATH/lib32" "$SCRIPTPATH/lib64/ags32" "$@" "$SCRIPTPATH/"
  17. fi

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