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but I remember Snarkbusters being a particularly fun HOG.
They did it differently: Hiding parts of the things you had to find in front of similarly coloured scenery. That was indeed refreshing.

Some people turn their nose up at them for being too ‘casual’

Playing them does not mean that I have to turn a blind eye on the weirdness. Also, I forgot:
Hidden object scenes often feature objects that have no business being there, like anachronistic toys, or in one case, unspoiled food in a room that's supposed to be untouched for decades.

Of course we could just as well list the strange stuff making up adventure game conventions. Or any other genre, really.

The sign next to the giant cogwheel is a bit hard to read. Other than that, everything's looking good.

General Discussion / Ever played a hidden object game?
« on: 12 Mar 2018, 19:37 »
They are like adventures, but from Bizarro World.
  • You don't just have to steal pick up things you need, but tons of random stuff too, only there to clutter the screen. Additionally, you have to break a lot of things
  • There is almost nobody around, even in scenarios where there should be lots of people
  • Everyone is obsessed with locks, either openable with keys (of strange shapes) or random objects fitting into slots. Locked behind these are the most random of things (which you need to progress, but it makes no sense in a working world to stuff them there, like a ruler in an ornate box that needs three keys to unlock)
  • Puzzles everywhere, especially on the now-locked door the person you are pursuing just went through no problem
  • Everything is broken and you need to find the parts to repair. Even though machines and doors are supposed to be in daily use, you have to get their parts from places halfway across the game world
  • Due to how these games work, nothing feels like you are on an adventure, but more like a scavenger hunt, or participating in a game show

General Discussion / Re: Free Steam keys!
« on: 16 Feb 2018, 16:15 »

The Rumpus Room / Re: Name the Game
« on: 07 Feb 2018, 16:15 »
Yes. At that point I obviously failed to do so.

The Rumpus Room / Re: Name the Game
« on: 06 Feb 2018, 16:28 »

This has to be one of the best game over screens I've come across.

I wonder if someone will go for Sci-Fi, Historical. That would be truly mix and match.

The Rumpus Room / Re: Name the Game
« on: 25 Jan 2018, 09:48 »

The Rumpus Room / Re: Name the Game
« on: 24 Jan 2018, 19:54 »
Some version of Sokoban?

Not bad, even though the guy on the right looks a bit like a ventriloquist puppet. Might be the hat.

He means he is impatient and wants you to post more stuff.

AGS Games in Production / Re: Tardigrades
« on: 20 Jan 2018, 21:38 »
Spoilers for an old movie:
Add spoiler tag for Hidden:
In "World on a Wire" the highest level of simulation looks like a contemporary movie, the next one below is black and white.
Ways to do it in computer graphics are fewer polygons, lower res, (slightly) reduced colour palette, or,
 like you did, go monochrome.

AGS Games in Production / Re: Tardigrades
« on: 20 Jan 2018, 06:35 »
An interesting example how to do computer graphics inside computer graphics. For the viewer both are pixels on screen but for the characters one is their natural environment.

11 what? AM or PM?
Add spoiler tag for Hidden:
24 hour clocks ftw

I can't wait, Dave ;-D
That reminded me of 2001 A Space Odyssey.

Stu, I was wondering, what keeps someone from voting with some old barely used user name from this forum?

you will need to give your own AGS username and may be PM'd to confirm your votes.

Recruitment / Re: Penga & Obcster's Christmish Adventure
« on: 17 Jan 2018, 18:05 »
This was just a blank piece of paper until I wrote on it.

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