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The Cat Lady, I guess. Haven't played much that could be labeled horror.

Do you mean things like "what's her favourite dessert"?

The Rumpus Room / Re: Name the Game
« on: 16 Nov 2017, 22:14 »
Is this the newest meme?

General Discussion / Re: Free Steam keys!
« on: 16 Nov 2017, 22:14 »

Visionaire Studio has this really annoying "feature" where you get heavy controller rumble (if one is connected to your PC) when the screen shakes. Scared the crap out of me in Four Last Things. /off-topic

AGS Games in Production / Re: Tardigrades
« on: 14 Nov 2017, 09:01 »
I bet the logo top left is hiding some kind of liquid soap dispenser  (laugh)

Judging by how they handled the previous years, yes.
Might take a while for them to upload.

Or go here:
No idea how long twitch keeps recordings.

General Discussion / Re: Free Steam keys!
« on: 11 Nov 2017, 01:59 »
Ch33rs, is what that Ben X guy would say, I believe.  8-)

Sounds very Austrian.

Completed Game Announcements / Re: AGS Cycles
« on: 10 Nov 2017, 19:08 »
An AGS multiplayer game? What a novel idea. Too bad I'm alone right now.

General Discussion / Re: Free Steam keys!
« on: 10 Nov 2017, 18:35 »
Again, I didn't want thanks, just feedback if anyone is reading this. Which I got now.

AGS Games in Production / Re: Commissar's Contrapasso
« on: 10 Nov 2017, 16:58 »
Don't do it.That one has been done to death. Oh, and I'm not a fan of "references" in general. A lot of people seem to be mistaking them for humour.

General Discussion / Re: Free Steam keys!
« on: 10 Nov 2017, 16:55 »
I just don't say thanks every time, because I don't want to end up cluttering up this thread.
I didn't want thanks, I just asked because I seemed to be the only one perusing this thread. Now I know.

If anyone reads this after the Syberia thing is over, I have a spare GOG key because I got it through GOG Connect.

General Discussion / Re: Free Steam keys!
« on: 10 Nov 2017, 05:03 »

Syberia free on Gog right now.

Does anyone even care? Should I stop?

General Discussion / Re: Ask something - We can help.
« on: 09 Nov 2017, 20:11 »
The built-in thing in Windows that keeps changing names. At the point of writing it's called Windows Defender, apparently.

General Discussion / Re: Free Steam keys!
« on: 06 Nov 2017, 23:26 »
Not a Steam key, but Watch_Dogs is free on Uplay. From the NEWS section in the client.

Critics' Lounge / Re: New backgrounds (opinions please)
« on: 06 Nov 2017, 16:54 »
Well, there's the clash between the styles of the photos and the things you DID draw (lantern in the night scene, the character in the church).

You could have uploaded them at 1:1 and used the "insert zoomable picture" icon (with the red arrows), that way we can blow it up to 4x.

Great looking game, but there is one thing in screenshot 2 that seems odd. How come the flame was so strong that it did burn the ceiling, but not bed, wall and the painting?
Now that you mention it, the black spot shoul at least go down the wall a bit. For some reason I think the victim was levitating.

AGS Games in Production / Re: Future Flashback
« on: 04 Nov 2017, 21:13 »
Behold a future where a drug is capable of recreating vivid memories.
"I can think of a couple of works with that premise" was my first thought here. Sorry for the negativity.

Untangle the obsessive mind of an ex-surgeon, that after an accident, starts reliving the memories of a girl he never met.
I'd cut the ", that after an accident, starts" part.

Did I read this thread wrong? I thought your game was about "real" time travel.

Annoying? No way. I want to play this right now.

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