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But one thing doesn’t make sense. Usually when you go to a party you know who the host is. If we know that the host is the main killer then there isn’t a game. Unless it’s one of these things where some wealthy secretive billionaire invites a group of random strangers to his big house to solve a bunch of puzzles.

Someone needs to brush up on their Agatha Christie knowledge, it seems. ;)

But don't worry, that's only relavant for my narrative not for your playing and there won't be too much similarities anyway and no spoilers for Christie's story (though there are in the link above, so be careful if you don't know the book.)

I'd love to join. I just hope to manage it time wise.

It's not as time-consuming as it might seem. (Unless you end up on the side of the bad guys, then it takes a bit more time.)

I count 6 players so far. That's not enough for a proper game. Where are our other players? Who wants to go to a fancy party with canapees, wine and champagne, music and a side dish of murder? (Really, the murder isn't so bad. It is included in the price after all (laugh).)

(If we really don't get more players, I'm inclinde to give the psychic a free scan, because I can't go below two players on the scum side. It wouldn't make sense gameplay-wise. And a 4 to 2 game could end after the first day, if the good side lynches the wrong person right away.)

Current Phase: Sign-up

I took two measure already to strengthen the good side (removed the fool and changed the guard to the nurse, who has a slightly stronger ability) and am a bit hesitant to use a third.

I put it to vote: Everyone who signs up might vote on the ability of the Psychic. Shall he/she recieve a free scan before the first Day Phase? (For obvious reasons, this vote is only open before roles are assigned.)

P.S. So, just to clarify, the nurse can't revive a previously killed player, they can only save whoever they choose to protect that particular night. So the role is the same as the bodyguard in that regard, except that the nurse doesn't die if the protected player is attacked. Is that right?

Correct. Maybe "revive" was a bit of a bad word choice there, sorry.

You are invited to a party. Unfortunately, it‘s a murder party.

Welcome to the next instance of the AGS Werewolf Game, this time set in a world inspired by Agatha Christie‘s „And then there were none“.

For that reason, some of the roles are renamed or slightly changed (It would sound a bit silly to talk about werewolves in this setting, but the gameplay stays the same):

Available Roles: (Randomly chosen once players have signed-up)

Party Roles: (formally known as Town)

The players who have party roles do not know the roles of any other players. They will only be informed by the game host via PM of their own specific randomly-determined party role.

Any player in the game is welcome to communicate with any other player via any form of outside communication (PM, group chat, IRC, facebook, telephone, facebook, etc.) but party players should probably think long and deeply before doing so... Your "trusted friend" could be a murderer!

Guest: (formally known as Villager)
Ability: None
Alignment: Good
Description: Just another Guest of the party. They have no special ability.

Goal: A guest's goal is to help eliminate all Evil alignment players from the party. A guest‘s only real tool to help do so is their daily vote for who to lynch. A guest wins the game even if killed before this goal is obtained and thus should be willing to sacrifice themself in the place of a more important Good role if such a situation arises.

The Psychic: (formally known as Seer
Ability: Scan another player's role once per night phase.
Alignment: Good
Description: Possessing special powers, the psychic may select another player to scan once per night phase. That player's role will become known to the psychic. Selection of player and scan result is done via PM with the game host.

Goal: The psychic‘s goal is to help eliminate all evil alignment players from the party. The psychic should also seek to keep their role secret from the Evil players for as long as possible as the Evil players will be searching for the psychic as their most valuable kill on their path to victory. The psychci should be very careful with whom they privately share the intel they have gathered on the Evil players and should probably only publicly reveal their role and this intel in a desperate situation or if the importance of the data outweighs the risk of their own death. The psychic wins along with the rest of the party if all Evil players are elimated from the party, even if the psychic is already dead by this point.

The Nurse: (formally known as Bodyguard, but with changes)
Ability: Protect one player per night phase.
Alignment: Good
Description: The nurse has the ability to revive a player that is attacked in a night phase Each night-phase the nurse may communicate to the game host via PM the name of the player they are protecting. If the protected player is selected to be killed that night-phase then the nurse will revive the protected player. The nurse cannot protect the same player two nights in a row but may protect him- or herself as well.

Goal: The nurse wins along with the rest of the party if all Evil players are eliminated. The bodyguard wins whether still alive at this point or not.

Scum Roles:

The players who have Scum roles all know the identity of all other scum players. This information will be given to them by the game host via PM at the start of the game.

The Scum players are strongly advised to get in touch with each other via any form of outside communication (PM, group chat, IRC, facebook, telephone, facebook, etc.) to organise their team strategy for defeating the Town...

Murderer: (formally known as Werewolf)
Ability: Participate in one nightly kill. Knows who all the other murderers and the party host are.
Alignment: Evil
Description: Every night the murderers decide together with the party host who to kill that night phase.

Goal: The murderer‘s goal is to kill all party guests. In reality this usually means reducing the party population to the point where the good players can no longer maintain a majority or tied vote against them for lynching. All murdere players win the game at this point whether alive or dead. The murderers should try their best to appear to be a non-murdery role by whatever means possible.

Party Host: (formally known as Alpha Werewolf)
Ability: Decide on and participate in one nightly kill. Knows who all the other murderers are.
Alignment: Evil
Description: Every night the murderes and the party host decide the target that they will attack and kill. This decision is communicated to the game host via PM. If the party host is ever killed (or goes inactive) a new party host is chosen from amongst the remaining murderes randomly by the game host.

Goal: The murdere‘s goal is to kill all party players. In reality this usually means reducing the town population to the point where the good players can no longer maintain a majority or tied vote against them for lynching. All werewolf players win the game at this point whether alive or dead. The werewolves should try their best to appear to be a non-werewolf role by whatever means possible.

The Role Setup will be determined once I know the number of players.

Gameplay Structure And Rules

Werewolf games have two phases: Day Phase and Night Phase.

Day Phase

During the Day Phase every guest of the party is awake and able to post discussion and votes for lynching in the thread.

People not participating in the game or players who have died are not welcome to post in the thread at all, but are encouraged to watch on as passive viewers.

Official votes for a lynch candidate should be bolded. Non-bolded 'votes' are not counted as such and ignored.

Votes are never final until the Day Phase has officially ended and may be changed at any time until then.

Changed votes must be reposted and the original post never is to be edited! Which brings us to:




Add spoiler tag for Hidden:
For example: Telling another player via outside communication or posting in the thread that you have important Psychic information about roles is fine, but directly quoting the PM sent from the game host from which this infromation was obtained, showing a screenshot of it, etc. is forbidden!)

Add spoiler tag for Hidden:
This rule exists to avoid resentment from growing within the ranks of the players in this game. It may become advantageous or even necessary at some point for the Evil players to sacrifice one or more of their own on purpose as part of their win strategy. This is known as "Throwing under the bus" in WW game terminology and is a perfectly legal move in the game. But please ask the member to be sacrificed beforehand if you plan to do this and make sure they are okay with it. The only exception would be when the player in question has gone inactive from the game and is unreachable by all other lines of communication. In this case they only have themself to blame.

Casual speculation about same-team members as being the guilty party is perfectly fine in most cases as long as the motive was for the good of the team and not intended to harm the team's or that particular player's chances in the game. This is, in fact, usually a vital strategy in winning for the Evil team players so they do not appear solidated in the eyes of the Good players. Planning such strategies out with your team members via outside communication is strongly advised, of course. Use common sense here and all should be fine.

Jumping on a bandwagon vote already established by another non-team player against a same-team member is legal without prior consultation as there may not be time to do so, but please try to consult beforehand if at all possible, or at least apologize afterwards.

Add spoiler tag for Hidden:
In fact, outside communication is vital to the players whether they be Town or Scum, Evil or Good. Just be careful about who you talk with on the side. Trickery is allowed of course but rule-breaking shenanigans are not! Use common sense here please and, if in doubt, ask the game host first if the move you are planning is legal or not.

Add spoiler tag for Hidden:
Werewolf games are all about playing your cards close to your chest and/or lying your ass off depending on what your role is. I hope the game can be played at a mature and pure level here in AGS without people bringing their RL friendships into the game or taking anything back out from the game to damage such friendships. Nobody should assume a RL friend is their friend in the game, nor should anyone feel that a RL friend has hurt their feelings by tricking them in the game. Common sense advice, I know, but I have seen such things happen in this game. As long as everyone has a laugh and remains friends at the end of the day no matter what happens then the game is a success.


Day Phase

The Day Phase will be about 48 hours and end in a time frame of three hours.

During these three hours, the host may close the phase at any point but if the host runs late for any reason, players are not allowed to post after the end of the three hour time frame. (Basically, the night phase begins at the end of this time frame (even if the host is running late) or earlier.)

Day Phases may end suddenly at any point during the provided three hour time frame so get those votes in while you can. Remember that they can always be changed later if you are in time!

Once the Day Phase has ended the Lynching takes place if a majority vote on a single player has been reached.

If a majority vote has not been reached then no player is lynched and the Day Phase ends.

Tied votes for the player to be lynched result in a stalemate and no player is lynched and the Day Phase ends.

It is not a requirement that the village lynch a player every Day Phase.

A lynched player's role is revealed after their death.

A lynched player may no longer post in this thread but is welcome to continue outside communication and passively follow the game progress in the thread.

For example: If the Psychic is lynched by mistake it is legal for them to PM all other players and provide their list of scanned players to date. It's just assumed that they left a journal behind to be discovered or something like that. Of course, it is more dramatic if they do so while still alive in the thread as their final words, but sometimes RL timing doesn't allow such theatrics.

Night Phase:

During Night Phase most of the village is asleep and nobody may post in the game thread.

It is now time for all players with Night Phase abilities to PM their choices to the game host:

The Psychic should PM the name of the player they are scanning this night.

The Nurse should PM the name of the player they are guarding this night, if any.

The Party Host should PM the name of the player the murderers will attack and kill this night. Only the Party Host may do so, not the other murderer players.

Night Phase will last about 24 hours.

It is legal to PM the game host with your night action before the Night Phase starts if, for any reason, you cannot maybe be active during the next Night Phase.

Do not send more than one PM with your activities to the host. The first one sent is the action that will take place. Also, do not forget to send your action in time. Not sending a PM will result in no action taking place.

At the end of the Night Phase the game host will send out PMs to players who did private night actions such as scanning with the results.

Then the game host will open the next Day Phase, starting with a report on any casualties which may have occured during the night.

Any players killed during the Night Phase must immediately follow the same rules as lynched players (see above): They may no longer post in this thread but are welcome to continue outside communication and passively follow the game progress in the thread.

If, at any point, the werewolves equal or outnumber the other players they win the game as there is no way for the other players to gain a majority vote against them for lynching choices.

Rule Changes from the previous round:

The Bodyguard role was replaced by the stronger Nurse role, who can protect a player without dying him-/herself, but cannot protect the same player twice in a row.

The Fool role was removed. It might return if enough players sign up (I‘m thinking at least twelve).

Current Phase: Sign-up

So, do you all want to play again? And how soon?

Are you saying you will GM again? If so then I'm in!!!

And if I don't, you won't? ;)

Of course I'LL GM again, that is, unless people want someone else to do it and there is someone who wants to do it. I loved GMing this thing. It was so much more fun to read all your posts knowing what you are than it did trying to trick you all in the round before.

Sure. Maybe this time I can be something other than the guard...

I can guarantee with absolute certainty that you will not be a guard in the next round. (You might end up as a nurse, though. :=)

Completed Game Announcements / Re: Unavowed
« on: 11 Aug 2018, 15:05 »
Very good game! :-D I played through it in three settings, only stopping when I was too tired to continue.

I got stuck twice, once when my brain just couldn't understand the meaning of the word "legs" and once when I missed an exit and consequently some characters to talk to.

I love the story, the graphics, the voice-acting, basically everything, except for one thing: Why am I only allowed to take two side-kicks on missions? It just feels so arbitrary, especially because I can't go back and take someone else when it feels like he or she would be better suited for the mission. But props for the design making every mission possible to solve with the different combinations of characters.

By the way
For six months, you were possessed by a demon. For six months, you unwillingly tore a trail of bloodshed through New York City. Now, finally, you are rescued by the Unavowed - an ancient society dedicated to stopping evil.

The game says it's been a year, not six months, doesn't it? ;)

So, do you all want to play again? And how soon?

VampireWombat protected Mandle in Night 1.
Riaise scanned Stupot in Night 1 and Mandle in Night 2.

And I was sure when we got "stu stew"... I thought "This is really Mandle's kind of humor". (laugh)

That was actually Joshia's joke. That was the night-phase I was inactive in due to a weekend event at my school. I had nothing to do with it.

And, yeah, the GM probably shouldn't mention when incorporated jokes like that were suggested by the wolves until the game is over.

Oooops. You are correct, that was a mistake. I think I would still write specific wishes about the method of death but not tell you that it was a request. But, depending on how good the players know each other and me, that alone could be a hint to the identity of some players. I guess it's a risk to ask, but also way too much fun for me not to do it.

And this is the only point when I used my "experienced" player status to gain advantage over people's opinions, and yeah, like I said, it felt dirty.
From an outside perspective, I don't entirely believe you here. What you actually did, intentional or not, was pretending to be neutral. You acted as if you stood outside the game and you used your experince for it. It's a valid tactic, but a bit more underhanded then you make it out to be, at least if it was intentuel.

Even after I literally said, during the game, that I would be telling the other players all this regardless of if I was a townie or a werewolf pretending to be a townie?
That's actually what I meant. But it's probably just my first thought and gut-instinct reaction to you saying that you would say something no matter what role you are in. That reads like someone talking who has nothing to do with the proceedings of the game. It probably really is just my impression. And it also doesn't really matter, all tactics are allowed, after all. I actually laughed when I read your posts, knowing full well what your real role was. ;)

josiah really does seem to like killing Stupot, doesn't he? (laugh)

Any help the guard can be given would be great.
I guarded a wolf in both games. I did consider flat out stating I was the guard this game, but I felt no one would believe me...

I felt a bit sorry for you when the draw choose you as a guard the second time in a row. You didn't sound too happy with the role in the last game. But I didn't want to artificially change it, of course.

I watched some youtube videos of people playing this game in the last coupls of days (this channel) to understand it a bit better, and they use a nurse role insted of a guard. The nurse is basically allowed to revive someone. He/she choses someone to protect like the guard does, including his/herself, but an attack on the protected doesn't end in the death of the nurse. He/she is not allowed to protect the same person twice in a row, though. Maybe this would work better for us as well, especially with so few players.

YES! I curse you, wolves, with my Seer powers! Let's see how you like that! (laugh)

Glad you liked it :-[ :-D :-[

All in all, I really enjoyed aministrating this round and would love to do it again (with a different setting - same roles, just named differently -, otherwise the story-telling gets a bit boring)
Yeah, that would be great! I'll play again, whatever the setting! :)

How about something very loosely based on Agatha Christie's "And then there where none"?

Open for everyone now hopefully means everyone, not just the participants..? /looks around nervously

Of course, welcome.

first off I did enjoy it but I still think with so few players the wolves have way too much of an advantage.
Yeah, I was actually thinking of a rule that if there are 8 or less players then the wolves don't get a kill on Night Phase #1...
That would change very little, I think. It would just add another Day Phase where people discuss without evidence, just like in Day 1.
That would give the seer a day to hopefully find a wolf without any other threat of dying.

You're right. The seer role completely slipped my mind there for a second.

The Rumpus Room / Re: WEREWOLF GAME 2 (Phase: Day 3)
« on: 07 Aug 2018, 18:20 »
I hope you all enjoyed the second AGS Werwolf Game

There were a couple of rule things that came up. I only ever answered the person asking, because it wasn't relevant to anyone else:

1. Mandle mentioned that it might not be a good idea to close the night phase too early because it would give people a hint as to who has which role. He is correct, of course and I didn't plan to close it too close to recieving all PMs. It wasn't really an issue.

2. Mandle asked me if it would be okay for a normal wolf to give the eating order to the game master in case the alpha has no time. My answer was no, simply because the other roles also don't have a back-up. It would be unfair. Luckily, this also wasn't an issue, because josiah had already messaged me the decision when Mandle asked.

3. This one you already know the answer: tzachs asked me if he is allowed to vote himself for a lynching. Yes, everyone is allowed to vote for him-/herself. No idea if this would ever be a good tactic for anyone but the fool, but it's certainly allowed.

4. Stupot asked if killed players are allowed to keep comunicating with other players as long as it is not in the thread. Because thes don't recieve information they didn't have before, it is allowed.

The last day phase was a bit underwhelming, I must say. I mean, I knew how it would go as soon as tzachs send me his question. I even considered closing the Day Phase earlier, simply because there was no realistic way it could go differntly, but as long as there was even the slightes theoretical chance I didn't feel it would be fair.

But maybe an additional rule might be possible: Maybe we could allow players to lock their vote, basically telling the game master (in private or in the thread) that they won't change their vote. If they lock their vote, they aren't allowed to change it anymore. When all players have locked their vote, the round could end earlier. Just a thought.

And this is the only point when I used my "experienced" player status to gain advantage over people's opinions, and yeah, like I said, it felt dirty.
From an outside perspective, I don't entirely believe you here. What you actually did, intentional or not, was pretending to be neutral. You acted as if you stood outside the game and you used your experince for it. It's a valid tactic, but a bit more underhanded then you make it out to be, at least if it was intentuel.

The town was a bit unlucky in this game. They lost the guard in the very beginning. The seer scanned Stupot in the first round, even though Riaise was suspcious of Mandle (she told me) and lost him in the second night - and then it was already too late.

I agree that it is probably better to leave the role of fool out if we don't get more players.

Yeah, I was actually thinking of a rule that if there are 8 or less players then the wolves don't get a kill on Night Phase #1...
That would change very little, I think. It would just add another Day Phase where people discuss without evidence, just like in Day 1.

All in all, I really enjoyed aministrating this round and would love to do it again (with a different setting - same roles, just named differently -, otherwise the story-telling gets a bit boring)

Suddenly, a scream pierces the, well, not silence. It was pretty loud in the room before, but this shriek certainly pierces something.

All eyes, including your own, turn to

Add spoiler tag for Hidden:
who stood in the back until moments ago but pushes through the crowd now.

He screams into your face. First, it is inarticulate, primal, but when his breathing becomes more ragged from the exhaustion, he actually starts to form words.

<Ate them... Everyone... Devoured them... Their flesh, their blood...>

You think to yourself that he must have gone mad from what he has done.

Nah, who are you trying to fool? Yourself? You know perfectly well that if this

Add spoiler tag for Hidden:
has gone mad, it is not from eating his friends during the night.

The town jumps on the self-accusation. They believe it. Who wouldn’t go mad from prowling around at night, ripping apart innocent people, lighting a fire to cook them?

And you jump on the opportunity as well. Why shouldn’t you?

You help your fodder to drag the poor man outside to the makeshift gallows on the market place.

When the neck snaps, you can’t hold it anymore. You start to laugh, just as loud, just as mad as

Add spoiler tag for Hidden:

Why should you hold back now?

One by one, your former friends realize what you are and what you, what they, have done. They look on, helpless, as you change in front of their very eyes, now secure in your position, how your claws sink into the flesh of

Add spoiler tag for Hidden:
before the look of horror has fully manifested on his face.

You do not rip him apart just now. You don’t need to, you have time. Your fodder can wait. You throw him into the tavern’s cellar, to be enjoyed later.

Add spoiler tag for Hidden:
puts up more of a fight. She
Add spoiler tag for Hidden:
fires a spell in your direction and
you and the other wolf have to attack her together to get her down. With her last breath she
Add spoiler tag for Hidden:
curses you.
<Never shall you walk the face of earth again by day. Never shall you look upon the sun again. Never shall you feel its heat without its fire. Never shall...>

You do not hear her last words but you feel the sun burning into your flesh before the first bite of her flesh fills your stomach. Your fur starts to shrink away, your claws become normal fingernails again. You start to run to the safety of your houses.


Add spoiler tag for Hidden:
has turned you into
Add spoiler tag for Hidden:
sun-fearing vampires.

(I had to give the town something...)


dayowlron: josiah1221 Mandle
Mandle: tzachs
Riaise: tzachs
tzachs: tzachs
josiah1221: tzachs

The town decided to lynch
Add spoiler tag for Hidden:
tzachs, who was
Add spoiler tag for Hidden:
the fool, which means
Add spoiler tag for Hidden:
a win for the wolves.

I’m sure nobody is surprised by this outcome by now.

Role reveal:

Add spoiler tag for Hidden:
Stupot: Villager
dayowlron: Villager
Mandle: Wolf
Riaise: Seer
tzachs: Fool
Adeel: Villager
josiah1221: Alpha Wolf
VampireWombat: Guard

With that, the second AGS Werewolf Game is over.

The thread is open to discussion for everyone. Feedback of all kind welcome!

The following are random thoughts I had to all the stories and might sound harsher than I intend them to be.

CaptainD: Okay, it's been forever since I entered one of these so here goes...
It is incredibly difficult to create a mystery and provide answers in such a short piece. You delivered on the mystery part but not so much on the answers, which leaves the reader unsatidfied at the "end" of your story. This reads like a (very short) scene from a much longer text. That's not a bad thing, but it makes it more difficult to like or not like it because it is not actually finished. You do manage to build a fair amount of suspence for such a short piece, though.

Frodo: Curse of the Moon
Someone has werwolves on their mind. Did you, by any chance, lurk in the werwolf game threads? Kidding asside, this is a strong character piece. The two characters have motivation, tragic circumstances, sorrow. This story also has a fair amount of plot for the allowed length. We learn what happened, why it happened, what could have gone differently... In short, very well done.

KyriakosCH: 196
This is a good clue for an actual adventure game. It's also an interesting (short) look into the emotions an explorer might have in a situation like that. But due to the limit of the word count, it leads to nothing. We never learn if his decision is right or wrong, not even if he decides at all. There is also no sense of urgency or necessity. We don't know if he has to choose a shess piece or if he could just walk away. He lacks motivation, which makes it difficult to put oneself in his shoes and feel for him.

Mandle I: The Ball
Plot, drama, a clear end. This story uses the limited word count to great effect. It manages to catch your attantion and create an appropriately horrified reaction. You mentioned that you are not sure if readers understand what is going on; I can't speak for everyone, of course, but for me it was clear, no problem understanding it at all. Good job.

Mandle II: Buzz...
Well, you cheated. Kidding. It's a good way to use the limitations of the rules. I just wish there was more of a plot here. It's basically just an "illustartion" of the saying "to be a fly on the wall". There's really not much else to it. It made me smile, though.

Mandle III: The Other Dolphin...
I... have no idea what is going on. The beginning seems clear: Two dolphins play in the ocean. Then one gets caught? Possibly, maybe? But what is this about "victims"? Did you change the perspective? Is this suddenly the one who caught the dolphin speaking? But why would he deserve forgivness? No, sorry, I don't get this story.

SilverSpook: Feetshot
It's no secret between us that I don't like your stories. I still try to be neutral in my comments. This is a fairly accurate description of what comments on a stream can be like - which usually means the moderators are not doing their job properly. What this is not is a proper story. It really feels like something just, randomly, copied out of a chat-log. There is no beginning, no plot, maybe a proper ending. The last line works fairly well as a "punch-line" (not exactly the right word, but I think you get my meaning.)

Sinitrena: Bear
(I can critizise my own writing.) The All Just a Dream trope is usually not a good way to end a story. It's a cheap way out. In my defense, it is incredibly hot here right now and I would really love to be a polar bear right about now.

Stupot: Something Dark
For some reason I immedieately though of driving when I read "en route" which gave the story a far more surreal spin than you intended (How the hell do you see an SD card on the ground when driving?) But, yes, I realize I was mistaken. Why do I even mention it? No idea. These comments are all fairly random. I liked your story, even though it feels like a fairly standard set-up for a timetravel/horror story and the situation where the writer would give it an original spin doesn't come up, because the story ends before it could. It still doesn't feel unfinished. The end is a mystery but fits the rest of the story.

WHAM: Brevity
Okay, it is clear that this is some kind of military operation and I think it's one that goes fubar. But other than that, I can't really tell what is going on. I can't even tell how many people are talking, let alone who is talking when. There's also a lot of "useless" information here, or unecessary repitiotions that are words that yould have been used more efectively ("The barrier is breached! I say again, barrier is breached!") It might be that people would repeat certain things in such a situation, but with a word limit of 144 words, you don't have the luxury to go for autenticity over clarity.

Wiggy I: Is the Glass Half Full, or Half Empty?
That's not a story. Admittedly, it is not a requirement of the FWC to write a story, even though Baron actually talked about stories in his introduction. Still, this is a philosophical contemplation, which is, unfortunately, about a topic that's philosophied to death.

Wiggy II: Climate Change - The Real Cause
Again, not a story. It reads a bit like part of or the introduction to an essay. You might state correct facts, but that doesn't make it interesting to read. Basically, it's going nowhere. It might work as the beginning of a story set in a dystopia, but even for this purpose, this text sounds a bit dry, unemotional.


Best Character: Curse of the Moon by Frodo
Best Word Choice: Curse of the Moon by Frodo
Best Overall: The Ball by Mandle

The Rumpus Room / Re: WEREWOLF GAME 2 (Phase: Day 3)
« on: 05 Aug 2018, 18:00 »
The smell of burning flesh, of cooking soup, whiffs through your window and wakes you. You realize with horror that you must have left it unlocked. When? When you fell asleep exhausted from a lynching, or later when you returned from some nightly activities? You know, of course, but you do not talk about it, ever.

Tentatively, you close the window and leave the house. Instinct or something more sinister tells you to follow the smell of food being prepared. Many others do too.

You meet them at the entrance of another house that was invaded. You do not even look around before you reach the house. You do not want to know who is on your side and who is missing. Maybe, you already know.

And when you reach the house, you know for sure. There was a fight, but it did not last long. At first

Add spoiler tag for Hidden:
is nowhere to be seen, not even his body. Instead, a copper cauldron stands in the middle of the room, a fire still burning underneath it, the stew inside not entirely eaten.

The bones are left, some vegetables. Two dishes sit on the floor next to the cauldron. With an absurd, horrific fascination you think that the wolves do seem to like a civilized meal.

Other than the cauldron now holding

Add spoiler tag for Hidden:
Stupot stew
that was not here just yesterday, you see
Add spoiler tag for Hidden:
nothing out of the ordinary.

The wolves have killed
Add spoiler tag for Hidden:
another innocent villager.

This time, the shock only lasts a couple of seconds. You know that the wolves are winning, you know that defeat or victory are close.

Accusations start before the fire has burned to ashes.

(I’m sorry, the wolves asked specifically for Stupot stew, I only delivered what was on the menu.)

The Wolves ate
Add spoiler tag for Hidden:
Stupot, who was
Add spoiler tag for Hidden:
a normal Villager.

Current Role Setup:

Add spoiler tag for Hidden:
1 Seer
1 Fool
0 Guards
1 Villager
1 Alpha Wolf
1 Wolf


Add spoiler tag for Hidden:
Stupot: cooked into a stew by Werewolves in Night 2. Role: Villager
dayowlron: alive
Mandle: alive
Riaise: alive
tzachs: alive
Adeel: lynched on Day 2. Role: Villager
josiah1221: alive
VampireWombat: killed by Werewolves in Night 1. Role: Guard

Lynching the wrong person in this Day Phase will lead to a win for the Wolves, as will not lynching at all (assuming the Wolves kill someone in the next Night Phase, but I guess this is a foregone conclusion).

You have two days to decide who to kill to save the town, with the Day Phase ending on 7. August between 6 PM and 9 PM BST.

Current Phase: Day 3

The Rumpus Room / Re: WEREWOLF GAME 2 (Phase: Night 2)
« on: 04 Aug 2018, 18:02 »
You are among the bearers of the body. It feels rushed, a funeral at the same day, just hours after your friend was killed, but you know it is necessary. Later, you realize that this was the last moment before all this was over, that you looked at your neighbours as companions, as friends.

You lay the body to rest, you put a silver chain around its neck. You heard that the victims of werewolves might return, that silver might stop them. It can’t hurt, can it?

Before the last shovel of earth has filled the grave, you are at your neighbour’s throat. There is screaming, a lot of screaming. Now, the light of day can’t stop the rumours anymore.

There are even more accusations. Thinking about it, later, years later, you know that most of them, maybe even all, were unfounded, without any real proof.

But in the heat of the moment, everything gets dragged up, every little injustice, every little quarrel, every presumed slight.

Soon, two camps built, screaming at each other. Two people are accused. Why those two? What evidence do you have to fight for one or the other? They are minor things, but you still support them with every breath and every last drop of blood in your body.

In the end, you decide. Everyone decides. Everyone sides with one group or the other. And one wins. When it becomes clear who the majority supports, the other group steps back.

Together, you and your neighbours drag

Add spoiler tag for Hidden:
to the chopping block. You press his head down, you hold his hands, you bind them, you look for a weapon. Afterwards, you can’t tell who did what. Who was the one to strike him dead?

You stand next to the body, relieved, hopeful, disgusted when you realize what you have done.

And then you understand that you have to make sure. You rush to his house, followed by the others. The door is locked but you break it open. You look around, look for anything to tell you more about

Add spoiler tag for Hidden:

You find
Add spoiler tag for Hidden:
some books and candles, the remnants of a cake and a birthday card, congratulating Adeel to his 1014th birthday. (Happy belated birthday, Adeel.)

You pause for a moment. The findings are a bit strange but in the end not noteworthy to your current situation.

With horror (or glee?) you realize that you just lynched

Add spoiler tag for Hidden:
an innocent Villager.

The terror is obvious in all eyes starring into the empty, lonely house. For some, the terror comes from realizing the fate they deserve. Are you among them?

There are isolated voices, both in your head and coming from the other townsfolk, urging you to find the real werewolf, to kill him here and now.

You shudder and turn away. You cannot do it. You leave, return to your home and lock the door. It has to go away somehow, this nightmare has to end. Maybe, when you awake in the morning, if you awake, all this is behind you.


Stupot: Mandle
dayowlron: Adeel
Mandle: Adeel
Riaise: Adeel
tzachs: Mandle
Adeel: Mandle
josiah1221: Adeel

The town has decided to lynch
Add spoiler tag for Hidden:
Adeel, who was
Add spoiler tag for Hidden:
a common Villager.

Current Role Setup:

Add spoiler tag for Hidden:
1 Seer
1 Fool
0 Guards
2 Villagers
1 Alpha Wolf
1 Wolf


Add spoiler tag for Hidden:
Stupot: alive
dayowlron: alive
Mandle: alive
Riaise: alive
tzachs: alive
Adeel: lynched on Day 2. Role: Villager
josiah1221: alive
VampireWombat: killed by Werewolves in Night 1. Role: Guard

With that, the day ends and Night Phase starts again, lasting about 24 hours. Posting is closed in this thread until the next Day Phase.

The night dwellers may PM me their activities now, if you haven’t already. Remember that you are allowed to send them earlier if you wish to.

Current Phase: Night 2


You run on the ice and breathe in the cold air. You expect your paws to slip but your steps are sure. With every one you become more aware of the power in your muscles, of the force you are.

Ice-cold wind rushes through your fur, ruffles you, cools you.

You hunt. You stop in your tracks, you sneak up to a seal not too far from you. It doesn’t notice you.

Then a church bell rings. You don’t remember a church being here, but the bell echoes loud and clear through the ice beneath your feet and your very muscles. The seal slithers away on melting ice. The bell brings heat with it, invading, hurting.

You close your eyes and roar, a primal scream from the depth of your very being. When you turn off the alarm, the summer’s heat is back.

The Rumpus Room / Re: WEREWOLF GAME 2 (Phase: Day 2)
« on: 02 Aug 2018, 16:28 »
When you awake in the morning and consciousness and memory slowly return to you, you sigh with relief. It should be obvious: you are alive. Still, you run your hands over your limbs, checking for wounds that aren’t there.

You almost start to believe that your town is safe. You almost laugh it off when others suggest to look around town just to make sure everyone else is safe too. Yes, you want to know too. Yes, maybe you did suggest it as well in hushed tones.

So you start your walk through the village, shoulder on shoulder with your neighbours. Furtively, you look to your left, then to your right. Is someone missing? You look into tired eyes of people who slept just as bad as you, you count the people. Someone isn’t here.

Add spoiler tag for Hidden:
does not walk the streets with you. For a second you think he might be alive, he might be safe, just still asleep because the night felt just as exhausting for him as for you. Then your thoughts change. Maybe he is tired because he is not who he seems to be?

But the thought leaves you in a stifled cry when you reach his home.

It is a disturbing sight. The door is ripped from its hinges, a window is shattered. The body hangs over the ledge, half outside, half in. No, that is not correct. As soon as you enter the house, you realize that there is nothing left to lie on the inside, not really.

You turn away. You study the room he was killed in.

Add spoiler tag for Hidden:
A rifle stands next to the destroyed door, ready to be taken out into town. A map, hand-drawn, crude, lies, half rolled-up on a table between the last remnants of an evening meal and several bottles of spirit, some empty, more still filled with a clear liquid.

But again and again your eyes drift back to the body, the first victim of this senseless killing. You’re fascinated by it, and nauseated. It seems so disturbingly obvious to you, that the werewolves killing him enjoyed and savoured every last bite out of him. Who of you could have done that? Who of you could possibly have killed
Add spoiler tag for Hidden:
the town’s guard and protector?

Maybe, you did it yourself? Do your neighbours look at you with horror because of what they see in the victim’s house? Do they look at you like that because they suspect you, be it true or not?

Can you still trust any of them?

The Wolves killed their first victim:
Add spoiler tag for Hidden:
VampireWombat, who was
Add spoiler tag for Hidden:
the guard and the intended target.

Current Role Setup:

Add spoiler tag for Hidden:
1 Seer
1 Fool
0 Guards
3 Villagers
1 Alpha Wolf
1 Wolf


Add spoiler tag for Hidden:
Stupot: alive
dayowlron: alive
Mandle: alive
Riaise: alive
tzachs: alive
Adeel: alive
josiah1221: alive
VampireWombat: killed by Werewolves in Night 1. Role: Guard

The deceased player is no longer allowed to post in this thread but may communicate with other players through other means.

With that, the second day starts, which will again last about 2 real life days, ending on 4. August between 5 PM and 8 PM BST.

You know the drill: have fun suspecting, accusing and maybe even lynching your fellow AGSers.

Current Phase: Day 2

The Rumpus Room / Re: WEREWOLF GAME 2 (Phase: Night 1)
« on: 01 Aug 2018, 18:42 »
All day, you wandered aimlessly through the streets. On the market place, you listened to whispers, you spread rumours yourself. Maybe someone will slip up, maybe someone will tell you...

No, it doesn‘t feel right. You stop the thoughts before they fully form. The surreptitious look between your neighbours? That was just a look. The conspiratoral whisper? Just their own panic manifesting in hushed voices and short breath.

And if you whispered yourself to others, who is to say that it means anything?

When you meet the others in the town hall in the afternoon, they seem just as normal as always. They are just your neighbours and friends. You have known them for years, and they have known you just as long. How could it be that one of them is not who he or she pretends to be?

No, you can‘t bring yourself to accuse them. This is an outside threat, maybe even just a random passer-by.

In the light of the day, away from darkness and blood, rumours are just rumours.

Still, the fear follows you into your bed. It brushes past you in a shudder, it wafts through your curtains like a physical being.

Who do you fear? The werwolves at night? Or the next morning when the town will see your work?

Either way, it takes a while before you finally close your eyes, not sure if you will ever open them again.

Lynch votes: none

Nothing happens. At the end of the day, you are all still alive.

Current Role Setup:

1 Seer
1 Fool
1 Guard
3 Villagers
1 Alpha Wolf
1 Wolf


Stupot: alive
dayowlron: alive
Mandle: alive
Riaise: alive
tzachs: alive
Adeel: alive
josiah1221: alive
VampireWombat: alive

Day Phase is over. Would all people with night abilities please pm me their activities?

The Night Phase will last 24 hours or less, if I recieve all your PMs before and have time to close it earlier. Please remember that the first PM you send me is the one I will use.

No more posting in this thread until the next Day Phase, please.

Current Phase: Night 1

The Rumpus Room / Re: WEREWOLF GAME 2 (Phase: Day 1)
« on: 30 Jul 2018, 18:44 »

The last village they attacked was left in shambles. Doors were ripped from their frames, children from the arms of their parents. First, you just heard rumours, whispered in the dark. They come closer. Day after day, night after night, they come closer. Monsters, werewolves.

Now you know that it weren‘t just rumours. You haven‘t seen it with your own eyes. You are glad of that. If the reports are true...

You know that they are. It started here now, too. Animals were ripped apart last night. Sheeps on the field, a whole herd, the guard dog. The shepeard heard it yowl. And he heard the howling of the wolves.

Now you look into the eyes of your neighbours. You see fear there, panic even. When you meet them on the market place, you flinch. You start to distrust.

Because the rumours change their tone. Now, they do not speak of monsters coming from afar in the night, but from monsters in your midsts. From infections. From demons possessing your friends and neighbours.

Or you? Are you one of them?

Role Setup:

1 Seer
1 Fool
1 Guard
3 Villagers
1 Alpha Wolf
1 Wolf

So that people do not get confused with time zones, I will use BST (British Summer Time), which is, if I'm not mistaken, what the forum uses as its standard time (meaning the one shown when you are not logged-in).

The game starts with a Day Phase of about 48 hours that will end 1. August between 6 PM and 9 PM. If I am running late, the last allowed post would have a time-stamp of exactly 9 PM. Should you accidentally post after this time, please edit your post immediately.

From now on, only players are allowed to post in this thread.

Discuss, play, role-play (not recuired, but certainly allowed) and, most important, have fun.

Current Phase: Day 1

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