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The Rumpus Room / Re: What's on TV?
« on: 16 Mar 2018, 09:23 »
Welcome Back Kotter

In the editor, go to General settings -> Visual -> Default transition when changing rooms and set it to Instant

If you really want to use SetGameOption, you might try:

Code: Adventure Game Studio
  1. SetGameOption(19, 1);

19 is OPT_FADETYPE, but I don't think the editor defines it. The transition styles are:

FadeOutAndIn = 0
Instant = 1
Dissolve = 2
BlackBoxOut = 3
CrossFade = 4

I think walkbehinds are an attempt to emulate (or improve upon) SCI's priority lines. I don't use them for two reasons:
 - Direct3D quirks
 - No way to specify alpha

Some neat games this month.

Wilfred: 2088 was outstanding. It was nice to see Wilfred get the recognition he deserved! What a unique concept, and such a great execution. The puzzles were very well thought out. I felt the clueing was just about right and I finished the whole thing pretty quickly. Great job.
Finger of Suspicion was a very intriguing concept. I wanted the video version and a save system and, and... lots of things, but I really enjoyed what I played. Great archetypes, very nice voice work. I still don't know who the killer is. Ran out of time to play games and wanted to get my vote in :).
A Martyr of Time had me interested from the get-go. I love playing these games, but I think they really benefit from a good parser. I'd suggest reimplementing it in Inform or TADS. I ended up travelling back in time and falling to my doom. Still not sure what I could've done better, but I had fun!
White Bear Beauty Chlorinde and the Paranormal Parrot. I finished it quickly and didn't encounter any bugs. It's clear to me the author focussed on character development over puzzles. Chlorinde (cool name) should get about in a white bear suit IMHO, unless it's a story set at the beach. Aside from that, I really liked both quirky characters -- something I've come to expect from DBoyWheeler.

It was tough. My vote went to Wilfred:2088 as the most complete game and the one I had the most fun with. All other entries had something I liked!

The Rumpus Room / Re: What's on TV?
« on: 05 Mar 2018, 00:49 »
Yes, that's correct, Stupot! Your turn!

In theory, you could use DateTime functions, but unfortunately AGS restricts it to 1-second precision, so won't be of much use here.

I like to think CJ was forward-thinking here, given the recent Spectre and Meltdown scares :)

The Rumpus Room / Re: What's on TV?
« on: 04 Mar 2018, 22:24 »
Not Skins

Here's another screenshot:

Oh, and a clue: this is a British sitcom, following the IT Crowd theme :).

The Rumpus Room / Re: Name the Game
« on: 04 Mar 2018, 00:54 »
Wing Commander?

The Rumpus Room / Re: What's on TV?
« on: 03 Mar 2018, 23:46 »
Yayyy! Here's a new one:

The Rumpus Room / Re: What's on TV?
« on: 03 Mar 2018, 22:48 »
The IT Crowd?

Not sure about the episode. Jen orders a coffee and the barista is rather sexual about its delivery

Competitions & Activities / Re: BACKGROUND BLITZ: Eerie
« on: 28 Feb 2018, 02:36 »
Yeesh, Glenjamin. That's very unsettling.

Critics' Lounge / Re: AGS Awards Ceremony client - GUI
« on: 28 Feb 2018, 02:32 »
When you decide on a look, can you also share the backing plate and a few guidelines so that in a few years, should we need another button, we can create one?

The Rumpus Room / Re: The 4 word story thread
« on: 21 Feb 2018, 13:20 »
arranged some flowers in

*goes off to make a SpeechBubble competitor called DialogGlobe*

The Rumpus Room / Re: The 4 word story thread
« on: 17 Feb 2018, 03:59 »
scrotum. It was a

I was thinking about fallback to software tinting mode in case shaders are not supported, but that would require modifying program structure a bit.

Also a question of how many people there are with drivers that don't support OpenGL 3.0. I mean, another option is to just have the engine refuse to start.

I'd say Parallels has something to do with it in this case. Last time I tried OpenGL in a VM (VirtualBox), it only supported OpenGL ~1.4, IIRC.

The Rumpus Room / Re: What's on TV?
« on: 12 Feb 2018, 03:59 »
The third picture is the first time Max meets 99, isn't it?

I believe it is, yep.

Nice subtle hinting there...

Thanks, Mandle! Next reply was going to be 'missed it by THAT much'.

I have no guess as to what this current screenshot is.

??? ???

Congratulations everyone who got nominated!

I'm a little sad that the Smallest Points missed out on a nomination. Oh well.

Second to Stupot's question, is it too early to ask when the awards ceremony is going to be held? Are we using that pick-a-time tool again? We could do that at the same time as voting.

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