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Thanks for taking the time to explain your engine in a bit more detail, Crusader.

2) I'm sorry if it came of as tacky by using existing game sprites. My time was dedicated to writing the engine, not designing a game. Demonstrating the engine with familiar graphics seemed to be the more logical choice - and one which is perfectly acceptable under US Copyright law and the marketplace policy where it is being sold. As a designer and developer - I'm not out to violate anyone's intellectual rights.

That's not actually correct, you know. Not even close. Under fair use you might make a case for a single graphic to make the point that it is feature-comparable with SCUMM, but using their graphics throughout the site while referring to LucasArts constantly in the product description where you're trying to sell the game? There's not a chance that's legal under copyright law, any more than advertising a new role-playing game with clips ripped from TLOTR and GOT without permission, or using unlicensed Disney characters to promote your own animation software.

I wish you the best of luck with the engine – it does look cool – but if you're going to sell it commercially you really should invest in some original graphics. I'm sure there are artists on this forum who'd be willing to license some backgrounds and sprites to you at a very affordable rate.

Well thanks, but I don't think that has any bearing on the issue at hand. I do my best to handle moderation decisions in a fair and reasonable manner (as do all the other mods, I am sure, even if we sometimes see things differently), and if people disagree then they should complain. This was true before I did any work on the Awards client, and should remain the case now.

This was my mistake, so to IndieRetroNews: I'm sorry. I do think the announcements could have been made in a clearer way to avoid the confusion that seems to have affected a number of us, whether by putting them in one thread or by being more explicit about the difference in the separate posts.

Anyway, I've undone the warning and the thread-merge (which unfortunately had the side-effect of overwriting the subject of one of them), and thereby consider the matter closed.

I was the mod that sent the warning and merged the threads. One of the posts was reported, and looking at them it was not clear (when not seeing them side-by-side) that they were different games. So I'll admit that this was a mistake on my end. Still, I think a more detailed or direct post might have made the distinction clear, instead of the teaser+link format that requires people to visit your site for the meat of the information.

General Discussion / Re: Star Wars Movies
« on: 19 Apr 2015, 11:22 »
Actually, Star Wars is (or at least used to be, before it got bought by Disney), one of the few big media franchises that condoned fan works, as long as it was strictly non-commercial and clearly marked as non-official. You'd be less likely to a cease & desist order for a Star Wars fan game than for almost any other universe.

Good luck with that.

I have something (super secret) coming down the pipe... I'm actually REALLY hoping that some sell-out big "games" company tries to offer me a deal.  I'll lead them on, making it seem like I'm going to do it.  Blog posts, updates to backers, etc.  Drag it out for awhile and then make a HUGE scene publicly shaming those scumbags and telling them to go back to making their cut 'n paste garbage and leave game making to the real professionals.

Sorry, you lost me. You're going to "make a huge scene" shaming a company for offering to help you make your game? Telling off a company that was willing to take a chance on your project for only making "cut 'n paste garbage"? Have you thought this scenario through?

Running in the browser is a pretty big selling point over AGS. GPU accelerated means that the graphics processing is handled by the graphics processor rather than in software running on the CPU; this makes it much faster and allows it to support higher resolutions. (However, I think this has more to do with your browser and how it implements HTML5 than with the engine itself.) It's something I'd be interested to try, in principle.

However, I'm pretty suspicious of this project just based on all the stolen LucasArts graphics and constant references to SCUMM. It's tacky (not to mention illegal) to sell a product on the strength of someone else's work. I also don't like a lot of the behavior they seem to have hardcoded into the engine (e.g. room transitions when you touch an exit point), or the way they've implemented walkable areas, which seems like it can't support more than one: I think one flaw of AGS is that it hardcodes too much behavior which you then have to work around to disable, and it sounds even worse in this engine.

General Discussion / Re: Video's in AGS
« on: 17 Apr 2015, 11:13 »
King's Quest II VGA has a lengthy intro that ends with a 3D-rendered video cutscene.
Resonance has a "live action" newscast video in its intro

You sggested the same thing , combined with CW's idea of using negative coordinates. Calin's idea requires one less DrawImage (it's the engine that draws the GUI's image automatically).

Saving that DrawImage() call may or may not make a difference, since the engine still needs to draw it.

In any case, the drawback with using a GUI is that it will cover up any characters or objects. If that's not an issue for you, go right ahead. But if you don't have anything on the screen, why draw directly on the background in the first place? You could keep what you draw on a separate "layer" (as a full-screen GUI), and simply clear it between updates. That way you won't need a backup copy of the background, and don't have to copy it into your drawing surface.

It also reminds me: The third alternative is to use a full-screen object with baseline 0 (so it appears behind all the other objects or characters). However, if you have any walkbehinds, it won't be drawn in those regions. Also, you need to move it when the background scrolls to stay on-screen, and unless you've locked the viewport and you're controlling it in the script, there will be jittering. So probably not the best idea.

So, to write out what I was suggesting above:

Code: Adventure Game Studio
  1. DynamicSprite* plainBackground;
  2. DynamicSprite* backgroundViewPort;
  3.   ...
  5. void initDynamicSprites()
  6. {
  7.   plainBackground = DynamicSprite.CreateFromBackground();
  8.   backgroundViewPort = DynamicSprite.Create(System.ViewportWidth, System.ViewportHeight);
  9. }
  11. void repeatedly_execute()
  12. {
  13.   DrawingSurface* ds = Room.GetDrawingSurfaceFromBackground();
  14.   DrawingSurface* bgvp = backgroundViewPort.GetDrawingSurface();
  16.   bgvp.DrawImage(-GetViewportX(), -GetViewPortY(), plainBackground.Graphic);
  17.   bgvp.Release();
  19.   ds.DrawImage(GetViewportX(), GetViewPortY(), backgroundViewPort.Graphic);
  20.   ds.Release();
  21. }

Doesn't work so well if you have characters, objects, etc. on screen.

Would it be worth checking if this is faster?

Code: Adventure Game Studio
  1. DrawingSurface* roomBgSurf;
  3. void initRoomBgSurf()
  4. {
  5.   DrawingSurface* surface = Room.GetDrawingSurfaceForBackground();
  6.   roomBgSurf = surface.CreateCopy();
  7.   surface.Release();
  8. }
  10. function repeatedly_execute()
  11. {
  12.   DrawingSurface* surface = Room.GetDrawingSurfaceForBackground();
  13.   surface.DrawSurface(roomBgSurf);
  14.   surface.Release();
  15. }

No, wait, I have a better idea. Keep a viewport-sized dynamicSprite in memory, draw the original bg to that, and then draw the sprite to the bg. It's an extra draw operation, but you're only working on the viewport size, not the room size.

Three buildings fell that day, one without a plane hitting it. They all fell in exactly the same way.

Did they? Are you an expert on what different forms of building collapse look like? Isn't it quite likely that different building collapses could look pretty similar (to the layman) even if the reasons aren't the same?
It looked like a controlled demolition but we didn't see any flashes indicating explosives.

According to experts on building demolitions, it did not look like a controlled demolition, in particular wrt the distance of spreading debris, and the collapse starting in the middle or closer to the top rather than at the bottom.

The bathtub structure and basements survived the impact of the buildings with barely a scratch and no flooding occurred despite initial concerns from engineers.

So what? "Initial concerns" (from engineers who probably had to make quick guesstimates based on incomplete information about the construction and what exactly happened in the collapse) would just mean they thought there was a risk. A risk is not a certainty.

Like so many of these other pieces of "evidence", there's nothing here to establish that there's anything weird about this in the first place.

The seismic data corresponds with the insignificant impact on the base structures

... according to the analysis of one amateur with a pet theory.

and the lack of debris seen. The lack of debris was questioned by those present as mentioned by a news reporter.

Maybe random bystanders didn't have a realistic expectation for how much debris there should be? Maybe they didn't consider that a lot of it would fill the underground levels? Maybe it was obscured by dust clouds? Maybe it wasn't clearly visible from where they were standing, or they didn't get a sense of the true scale (perhaps confused by the disappearance of a major, familiar landmark). Come on! This is like saying that because you heard someone say "Huh, I thought it would rain", that's evidence that the government is manipulating the weather.

The fact is that photos and the long clean-up process show evidence of a great deal of debris,

Numerous statements from first responders reveal a significant amount of dust was present. They could still breath so it wasn't smoke.

Isn't that exactly what you would expect after a building has collapsed? The crushing of concrete, drywall and other materials would of course produce a significant amount of dust. Do a Google Image Search for "controlled demolition" and you'll see a ton of images with a "significant amount of dust" produced by the collapse (e.g. this).

Others reported cars spontaneously combusting.

Spontaneously, or due to smoldering fires no one had noticed in the confusion finally flaring up?

Some cars were about 1 km away from the site.

OK? What does that prove?

How far might embers or burning debris from, let's just say, the three big fires in the skyscrapers be spread by the wind, or thrown by the collapse? I don't know; do you?

But I also doubt the claim in the first case. I see references to claims having been made based on photos that appear to show cars that have clearly been towed, probably away from the immediate site and left temporarily along nearby roads.

Firefighters reported air tanks rupturing/exploding.

Without more detail, it's impossible to say whether that's weird or completely expected.

Firefighters boots were also disintegrating yet no burnt feet were reported.

Firefighters' boots melting seems to me to be one of the least surprising things imaginable as they have to clamber over the wreckage of a collapsed, recently burning building. As for no burnt feet being reported:

1) The point of the boots is to protect their wearers. Just like the front of a car crumples to reduce the impact for the driver and passengers, their destruction could very well be by design.
2) Maybe the firefighters noticed their feet getting hot and moved away before they got burns, but not before the boots were ruined? Avoiding getting burned seems like a pretty basic part of being a firefighter.
3) Is there even a public, centralized registry that breaks down injuries to the level of "burnt feet"?
4) Isn't it possible that with all the death and the serious injuries suffered, firefighters considered minor burns not worth reporting?

I mean, I don't know. I'm no expert and I haven't looked into this specific detail; these are just the first things that spring to mind. The point is that the assertion is so weak, full of holes and has so many possible explanations that unless you're already convinced there's something mysterious going on, it just doesn't help prove anything.

The devil is in the detail.


Come on guys. It's not rocket science.

We can agree on that, at least! It really is not rocket science. Or any kind of science, for that matter.

This should work fine, if:

0) The PNG of the object sprite is saved with an alpha channel and no opaque background
1) Your game color depth is set to 32 bit
2) When you import the sprite and it asks whether you want to import the alpha channel, you say yes
3) ... and on the sprite import window, you select "preserve existing" transparency

(I don't have the editor in front of me and don't remember exactly what the UI options are called in the last two steps, but it's something to that effect.)

None taken, I generally peruse the dynamic help within the editor before posting. I'll try the above link instead from now on as it looks far more comprehensive.

The editor has a built-in version of the manual CW linked to, which you can bring up by pressing F1 or through the Help menu. You should really start by browsing through it, and reading at least the intro tutorial.

“conspiracy” is a real thing and has occurred numerous times throughout history. Its current negative connotation is a result of propaganda. As political scientist Lance deHaven-Smith says: “The CIA’s campaign to popularize the term ‘conspiracy theory’ and make conspiracy belief a target of ridicule and hostility must be credited, unfortunately, with being one of the most successful propaganda initiatives of all time”.

It's rather meaningless to say that "conspiracy" has occurred numerous times throughout history without a better definition of what we mean by the term. Governments have secret programs, and groups of people do come together to plan and commit crimes. Was the Manhattan Project a conspiracy? Was Enron a conspiracy?

If we take a wider definition, I certainly believe conspiracies happen, all the time. For example, I believe cops cover up cases of police misdoings (bad shootings and the like). In cases of conflict (war, revolution, civil war, etc.) there's definitely propaganda and disinformation spread by various governments and other interested parties about what the different sides are doing. But can you point to any well-established historical "conspiracy" that resembles what Dr. Wood is suggesting?

I can't see from a quick look at the scripts which array you're talking about, and you don't seem to have included the global script, so there'd be no way to tell from just the files included what was going on, anyway.

However, most likely, the problem is "that array being initialized in GlobalScript.ash". Not sure exactly what you mean by this, since you say you're saving the values in the room file, but you should practically never define or initialize values in the header. The right way to do it would be to initialize the array in GlobalScript.asc, and just put the import statement in the .ash file. For example:

Code: Adventure Game Studio
  1. // GlobalScript.asc
  2. // Array definition
  3. int myArray[200];
  4. export myArray;
  6. function game_start()
  7. {
  8.   // Initialize array
  9.   int i=0;
  10.   while(i<200)
  11.   {
  12.     myArray[i] = Random(10);
  13.     i++;
  14.   }
  15. }

Code: Adventure Game Studio
  1. // GlobalScript.ash
  2. import int myArray[200];    // Array declaration

Yes, sorry to hear that, Arj0n. Hope you'll be OK, and please do get back in touch when you feel up to it.

Personally I also thought this thread was just a lot of fun. (No disrespect to the victims of 9/11 intended.) I'm tempted to get into it with Cuiki about conspiracies in general, but I think I'll leave it alone...

Here's a perfect example of a conspiracy theory like that; it spread like wildfire on youtube for a few days, then got crushed by how stupid it was:

That is brilliant! It's like a conspiracy theory by someone who has no idea how either snow or lighters work.

Nice! Now we'll be able to play a Game of Thornes! :-D

If I'm not completely misremembering, didn't someone do a public playthrough of all the Space Quest games on a projector screen at Mittens in Miami? (My first Mittens!)  Maybe I saw it there?

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