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CW got there first, but here's the reply I was writing.

Code: Adventure Game Studio
  1. int myint = 50 (max = 100(min = 0 ));

How far off the mark am I?

Pretty far.

You can't set a max (or min) value of an int variable. An int is an int, and has no defined min or max other than the fixed, built-in INTEGER_MAX/MIN limits (based on the largest/smallest values that can be represented).

The usual way to ensure that a variable doesn't exceed a max is to always check it, either when it is set or when it is read. Most often this is done by comparison against a constant (e.g. check that the value is greater than or equal to 0). If you need the max/min values to be dynamic, you're going to need to store them as separate variables.

If you need to do this a lot, it might make sense to factor it out. The easiest is as a function:

Code: Adventure Game Studio
  1. int myint;
  3. // Always use this function to set the value of myint
  4. function setMyint(int value, int maxValue)
  5. {
  6.   myint = value;
  7.   if(myint>maxValue) myint = maxValue;
  8. }

You could also do it as a struct so that it happens automatically. (Probably the whole context where you're using it should then be a part of this struct.)

Edit: That last point is probably the main thing I would add to CW's answer: In most cases you wouldn't create a struct just for this behavior. Instead, you would build this behavior into a struct that also does other useful things related to your particular task. For example, as part of a slider it would make sure that the slider value is between the min and max, but it would also do a lot more than just that.

I'll share the accounts with you guys soon (soon...), I've just been too jetlagged to enter the last few little things yet. If you have any outstanding receipts or expenses (some people paid for Ubers/Lyfts, for example), please send them to me. I assume for the Tides bill we'll just split it evenly among the people who were there?

...and I will likewise never fly at 05:30 ever again :P I meant to post an update earlier. Thanks for saving my ass this morning!! I really owe you one. The person at the gate said I made it about two minutes before closing (cut it extremely close for my connecting flight as well). Sorry for the inconvenience, hope your sleep was not too disrupted as a result.

Glad you made it! I was pretty sure you were going to have to catch a later flight. No worries, those 50 minutes of lost sleep did not prove debilitating.

In the Flashlight module (always nice to give a link to the relevant module thread when you're asking a question, BTW), near the bottom, there's a repeatedly_execute() implementation with a call to Flashlight.Update(). Change this function to late_repeatedly_execute_always().

1. if you want to have something updated while some blocking command runs you have to create the function repeatedly_execute_always() and put the specific code in there.

For stuff that depends on the position of the player character/viewport (which is updated after the regular repeatedly_execute_always() runs), it's better to use late_repeatedly_execute_always().

Good Mittens!

I'm finally boarding my plane out of Boston. Next time I'm not gonna book something at 9.30 in the evening... Hope you made it back OK, Disco.

Oh, is this round two weeks? I hadn't noticed. I just removed a reference to when an entry was/would be submitted, to preserve anonymity.

So have there not been any entries yet, or are we back to only posting them at the end of the submission period (though the instructions say otherwise)?

If you want an email notification when someone submits an entry, you should go to edit the form, choose the responses tab, and click the three-dot options button nearby. It should have email notification in the menu.

Thanks! Maybe one day...

I'll  close this thread now.

But also, if you do a GetProperty() call for a non-existent property name, I don't think it will crash, just return a 0 or null (for text properties).

If you create a custom property for Hotspots, all hotspots have that custom property. When you create it, you can also set a default value that will be used for those hotspots where you don't set it directly.

OK, here's the list of the authors of each pitch:

The Grapes Are Always Sweeter – Mandle
Amandarin – Creamy
Young Crone – Snarky
What could have been – Bulbapuck
Dragonville – tzachs
Background Battle – CaptainD
Inside these white walls – Durinde
Naive – horusr
The Antidote – dactylopus
Meet Me in the Rings – Dream
Verb Coins – Stupot

Thanks for a good round, everybody!

If I understand what you're trying to do, you could use a dummy character for these "pseudo inventory items". This character's inventory will never be seen, but can still be accessed from the script.

Completed Game Announcements / Re: Lamplight City
« on: 13 Sep 2018, 14:32 »
Congrats on the release! Disco, Puddin' and me are discussing breaking off our road trip and skipping a visit to Acadia national park to play the game instead. (We won't, but we have purchased several copies.)

If anyone wants to try some more guessing, get it in now! I'll publish the full list tomorrow.

3: Young Crone - Snarky

Correct. :)
Thanks for the votes and feedback. I think this is the first round I've won.

This is a concept I like a lot myself, and I also worked pretty consciously on making the pitch as appealing as possible. I wasn't quite able to squeeze in a good teaser for the gossip-based gameplay, which I conceive of as the main puzzle mechanic, but oh well.

Also, there was no space to mention that the setting is inspired by the Italian Alps during the late renaissance, with the scientific revolution and religious reforms going on at the time as a backdrop.

If I ever got a team together it's something I'd quite like to make one day.

11: Verb Coins

The mechanics are interesting, but it doesn't work as the main hook of the game for me. It can be the "something extra" you tell people AFTER you told them what the game is about: "oh, and btw, it also has this interesting mechanic where you earn more verbs as you progress through the game".

In that GDC talk I posted (or rather, reposted from Discord) last round, this is described as the difference between the hook and the kicker.

I also think it's quite interesting how consistent the feedback on the different entries is so far, with only a few exceptions.

Snarky- Amandarin


What could have been.
This got my vote

Mine too! ;-D

Well, maybe people want to guess for a bit first?

Here's the list of people who entered (sorted alphabetically):


OK, you win!  :)

But then again I feel like you're always on the move. See you in Boston! (I just realized that I'll be landing 00:25 my time, so the drive that evening should be interesting...)

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