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(Mod hat on)

AlienCap, the language of this forum is English. Since you and IM seem to know each other, if it's easier for you to write in Russian or Ukrainian, why don't you just communicate directly?

That said, from glancing at your code snippets, I don't think monkey's response was appropriate. His code no doubt works perfectly, but as far as I can tell it doesn't actually do what IM was apparently looking for. (It's hard to tell, because as usual Insane Mind didn't properly explain what he was trying to do and where he was failing. However, I took the problem to be how to implement a text box that will not allow you to enter a non-supported character, i.e. it will ignore any other keypresses.) Your code may be flawed, but it does have a good stab at solving the task, and in that it was in fact helpful.

Advanced Technical Forum / Re: Keyboard does not work
« on: 21 Jan 2015, 14:08 »
Any* AGS+Steam game can be launched as a standalone (no Steam features) simply by running the game's executable from the local cache ("/Steam/SteamApps/common/GameName/Game.exe"). If there is a file called "steam_appid.txt" in the folder then you would need to rename/remove it or make sure to close the Steam client before launching the game.

(There used to be a direct download of Heroine's Quest available, but now annoyingly I can only find the Steam link.)

If you absolutely don't want any Steam features, then I would suggest that you could use the Steam client simply to download the game, and then move the game files out of the Steam folder. Obviously that doesn't save you from having to have Steam installed in the first place, but...are you honestly saying that you don't have Steam installed? (I'd just find it surprising these days to find someone involved in the gaming community to not have Steam... (roll))

*I can't speak definitively to this end on Wadjet Eye's games, but to my knowledge no AGS game on Steam uses the Steam DRM'd executables. If any of them do, then obviously this would not apply as the executable would force the game to be launched from Steam.

Running AGS games through Steam has caused various weird side-effects for me in the past (mainly to do either with Steam fighting with my firewall or trying to display pop-ups while the game is running in full-screen mode) – that's why I suggested BrettNLowe try without it – and in general I prefer not to have some huge client running in the background doing god knows what. Plus, I'm not 100% sure, but I also think there've been times when Steam decided it needed to download a few gigs in updates before it would deign to let me run my game. And of course, if the AGS game itself is auto-updated, you lose all your saves. So no, I'd much rather not use Steam if I can help it. It's good that there's a workaround, but it really shouldn't require fiddling around with the Steam cache and stuff.

I understand that the reach of Steam means that developers would want to put their game on there to reach the widest possible audience, but for a free game I see no reason not to offer a direct download as well.

Advanced Technical Forum / Re: Keyboard does not work
« on: 19 Jan 2015, 03:15 »
Might be worth testing some non-Steam AGS games. (There used to be a direct download of Heroine's Quest available, but now annoyingly I can only find the Steam link.)

Critics' Lounge / Re: Marka [mockup updated on 7th]
« on: 13 Jan 2015, 17:49 »
Hehe, my abstract ways of thinking generated a easy to misunderstand phrase, I guess. I were not going for a 3-point-perspective literally. I made it a bit more clear now, I hope.

It's still not correct, because you're still talking about "points," which in the context of perspective means convergence points, which your drawing doesn't have since it's using a form of parallel projection. What you're talking about is a dimetric projection (usually though incorrectly called "isometric" for computer graphics) where the incline of the projected ground axes is 3:1 (roughly 18.4 degrees). So desrcribe it as a "3 pixels to 1 viewing angle" or something, not "3 points px by 1," which is just nonsense.

Till yet I have not found a single piece out of it that would be a problem for AGS. That reminds me sort of Lucas history. Nobody told them, hey ya can't do this or that, they just did and made it work. No matter how crazy it seemed at a time. Well times are changing and so people and ideas do. And I might be the first breaking all dusty adventure rules. We see about that.

Rather presumptuous of you, don't you think? Let me assure you that creating an "isometric" adventure game is not some daring creative leap no one before you has come up with. (Ever heard of Little Big Adventure?) It's simply a bit of a pain to implement in AGS (while being much easier in other engines). You haven't come across any problems yet, but that doesn't mean you won't. As Darth mentions, the big problem here is that any "isometric" perspectives don't work well with the AGS system of walkbehinds and baselines, because an on-screen y-coordinate doesn't map consistently to "in front of" or "behind." Even just in your example picture there are several places where you would in theory get glitchy walkbehinds (inside the well, for example).

Completed Game Announcements / Re: Providence
« on: 07 Jan 2015, 15:37 »
If we extend him the benefit of the doubt, it might be relevant to point out that IM doesn't seem to be a native English speaker, and might not have realized how brusque the phrase "most crude ASG game" sounds. (While we're criticizing people for insufficient error-checking, it's AGS, not ASG.)

Also, as Andail pointed out in another thread, "There's no rule that everybody must be friends and always say positive things. Providing and receiving criticism is a huge part of being creative, so we should take every opportunity to practise it." (Some argue that the game release thread is not the right place for severe criticism, but where else?)

Critics' Lounge / Re: Unreadable font...really?
« on: 06 Jan 2015, 22:20 »
You really should take Darth's advice about adding some padding around the text. Having the border right next to the letters makes it hard to read and isn't aesthetically appealing. Just take a look at any professional design, and you'll see that there's always a bit of space. As a suggestion, one M-width on each side (and top and bottom edge) is a reasonable minimum.

I always think that "constructive criticism" is more a matter of attitude for the person being criticized than of the criticism itself.

A pixel hunt on the very first screen of the game?  No thanks.  Deleting this game.  Sad because I was really excited to play a new Indy game.  Pixel hunts ruin games.

... is a pretty harsh comment (and it's just a fact of life that if you create something and make it public, some people are going to say harsh things about it), but there's plenty of information in there to learn from, if you're open to it:

-The Indy theme is appealing
-The thing you need to find on the first screen (a wallet, is it?) is difficult to locate for (as it turns out) many players
-Players REALLY HATE pixel hunts
-The start of the game is crucial to hook players. You might get away with an unfair puzzle later in the game, but if the first impression is negative, potential players will often just give up

Anyway, if this problem is just because it was your first try and you weren't being that careful about it, what do you care? You made a game that has problems because you didn't try that hard, and so some people don't like it. Why should that offend you?

I'd love to, but I'm not sure I can make it this year. Put me down as a maybe for now.

Step 1:
In the room menu, draw a walkbehind for the wall around the balcony door, but leave a hole for the door itself. Put the baseline at the bottom of the screen. (This is described in the manual. Alternatively you can draw the walkbehind in your drawing program and import it.)

If you test it now, the guy should be hidden by the wall but visible through the door. Good start! But he'll also be "in front" of the door handles and crack, and won't be faded out like the rest of the room, so it will look a little strange.

Step 2:
The reason for this is that when using a walkbehind, your character is either in front of the background or behind it (invisible). There's no way with walkbehinds to be "in front" of the floor and back wall but behind the glass door.

To do that, you should make the door an object. If you have a painting app with layers, this should be easy: keep the door on a separate layer, export the background without it (just a hole where it will be), and export the door itself as an object, with semi-transparency for the glass. Update the background, and place the door object on top. Your game needs to be 32-bit (which means it supports transparency) for this to work.

Step 3:
Finally, if you have characters walking on the walkway outside, you may find they disappear behind the wall. This is a limitation with baselines. The easiest way to fix it is to adjust the baselines of the wall and glass door in code depending on whether characters are inside the room or outside on the walkway, but if you have characters in both places at the same time you'll have to get more creative.


Living room:

Let me know what you think.

Reminds me of this:

Engine Development / Re: The Custom Speech API proposal
« on: 17 Dec 2014, 12:34 »
Nice work!

My only experience with custom speech has been for animated text (primarily to progressively type out the text typewriter-style, but I've also experimented with things like flashing, shaking or changing text). If I understand this API correctly it wouldn't be able to support that, but it might very well be that it falls outside of what it's meant for, and that my requirements not suited to a built-in API.


(I certainly hope this isn't actually an AGS game, or all the moderator action in the last few minutes has been pretty abusive. Like "American cops against random black dude" abusive... :-X)

The Rumpus Room / Re: AGS ANTHEMS Vol. 2
« on: 15 Dec 2014, 22:58 »
Damned if I know. The lyrics seem to be some kind of stream of consciousness ("airplane leaves Seattle / now landing in Düsseldorf / .../ tape roll picks up radio noise / bike ride on rainy gravel"). The end is sort of wistfully hopeful: "I walk barefoot in a store / take an icecream boat, I'm in love / Before, I was grumpy and cross / Perhaps I can be happy here." (Of course, in Swedish it scans and rhymes.)

The SN&B song is... rather more straightforward. :=

I think most experienced adventure gamers will be familiar enough with left-click-interact/right-click-look that they're unlikely not to realize it's available. For newbies, you could add a tutorial (some of the Blackwell games do this), and perhaps make one of the first puzzles depend on looking. (The most obvious way, and in my opinion one of the best, to do this is to only make a certain hotspot available after examination. For example, you examine a desk and find a hidden button. In this case you should probably give a clue if the player simply tries to interact with it.)

The Rumpus Room / Re: AGS ANTHEMS Vol. 2
« on: 15 Dec 2014, 13:33 »
I love bob Hund! Their best song however is without doubt "det skulle vara lätt för mig att säga att jag inte hittar hem, men det gör jag (tror jag)." (can only find live recordings of this one on youtube, and they don't do the song justice).

My favorite is probably "bob hunds 115:e sång," but I'm not an expert on the band by any means. I only had one EP of theirs + whatever played on the radio. "Det skulle vara lätt..." is on Spotify, anyway.

I'm one of the people who hates right-click-interact/left-click-look (it's contrary to the basic, standard semantics of the two mouse buttons in practically every application), so I'd strongly urge you not to go that way. Also, I don't buy that people skip looking in Primordia because it's on the right-click (personally I always look at everything, unless the game is particularly, pointlessly verbose; I imagine it's more a matter of individual differences in play-style), and I don't think switching the buttons around is going to make much difference to people's look-inclination: for myself it might even make me less likely to look, since if the UI annoys me I'd like to minimize the number of interactions.

Anyway, it's pretty easy to make it configurable, so if you're convinced it's a good idea I think you should at least give players the option to switch from your default, terrible mapping to the standard one.

The Rumpus Room / Re: AGS ANTHEMS Vol. 2
« on: 15 Dec 2014, 00:02 »
As a young lad I had this one on a mix tape, and listened to it on my walkman while biking around delivering newspapers all summer ;-D:
Ash - Oh Yeah

A couple of others that probably only make sense to Scandinavians:
Bob Hund - Düsseldorf (I always associate Sweden with summer, and the rattling at the end reminds me of a boat)
Sterk Naken og Biltyvene - Sommerlykke

Hmm, so CallRoomScript(), uniquely among script functions, blocks until a queued dialog is run? That is an interesting trick.

I assume you absolutely need this to be a dialog (i.e. you're using multiple-choice branching), because otherwise you could just write it as a series of character.Say() commands.

The conventional way to continue a function after a dialog is as Khris describes here:

Remember, you can call functions directly from inside your dialog script as well, you don't need to do it indirectly with CallRoomScript().

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