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Was Harry caught? (I don't think you can press charges unless someone is arrested in the first place)
Is there a functioning justice system for Sally to press charges within?*

(* Since that's a debatable proposition for e.g. the US justice system, I guess what I'm asking is whether Sally considers it a functioning justice system.)

AGS Games in Production / Re: Lamplight City
« on: Yesterday at 17:29 »
It looks nice, but just on a sprite-by-sprite basis I wouldn't necessarily think the upgrade is worth the extra work.

However, I suppose it also gives you freedom to do more stuff with scaling, means you don't have to worry about pixel-grid mismatches when two characters interact, etc. Anyway, good luck making the game in a way you're happy with!

Was the evidence the imprint of a body part?

Well, Khris's code is all in floats, but the problem is in the rounding.

The issue is that when you rotate the sprite, the corners go outside the original region, and therefore the new sprite has to be bigger to fit it. Even if it's only a tiny fraction of a pixel outside your "canvas", you of course have to add a whole row or column of pixels. This can shift the whole sprite almost a whole pixel right or down, leading to jittering.

When your pivot is at the center of the sprite, symmetry ensures that you add equally many pixels on each side in the rotated sprite, so by re-centering it the pivot stays in the same position, and you avoid any jittering. But when your pivot is not at the center this does not hold, so the sprite will jump around by about a pixel.

Given that AGS doesn't allow sub-pixel positioning of sprites, I really can't think of any way around it.

Is what the robber left behind something rare that only a few people have?
Was the thing that was left behind a trace of some kind (like a footstep, a smell...)?
Was the thing that was left behind something produced by the robber's body?
Oh, and: Was the robber a man?

Was the robber wearing or carrying anything used to identify him?
Did the robber say something that was used to identify him?
Did the robber leave behind any kind of physical evidence that was used to identify him (not counting witnesses or recordings of the robbery)?

Yeah, it's definitely a clever workaround. When you mentioned it I was annoyed that I overlooked such a simple alternative.

Did the robber make the fatal mistake during the actual robbery?
Did the analysis of the evidence require computer technology?
Was the identity of the robber discovered by using the evidence to search some database?

Was the robber wearing a highly realistic mask (so that people in the bank didn't even realize it was a mask)?
Was the robber tracked down based on the purchase (or online review) of something used in the robbery?

If my eyes don't deceive me, Nu-Roger is by ProgZmax (Shane Stevens).

Yeah, you could, but code gives you more flexibility (e.g. if you want to rotate around different pivots). Also, if the pivot is far from the center, the sprite will have to be a lot bigger, and this will probably slow it down further.

Is this a real case?
Did the case pioneer some new form of evidence or analysis?
Did the robber make some foolish mistake?

I have a bird-like character that I want to be always in motion. So he flies somewhere and when he stops

Wait, I'm confused...

Just from the mention of IdleView, though, I suspect the same confusion between that and the "standing-still frame" (which is part of the NormalView) as several others have had recently.

Did the robbery take place before 1900?
Did the robbery take place before 1950?
Did the robbery take place before 1990?

Sorry, can't do it, too much stuff going on to commit to updating a thread right now.

AGS Games in Production / Re: Lamplight City
« on: 17 Jun 2017, 21:16 »
Gorgeously rendered. That portrait at the bottom center looks quite important (and presumably you see more of it when you're downstairs). I smell a puzzle!

Like I said. I can't let the clerk repeat the same words I had chosen when I leave room.

clerk = String.Format("Hey, Meester!!' yells the clerk. 'I hope you enjoy your %s-flavoerd a %s, %s, %s, %s lubber!", texture5,texture4,texture3,texture2, texture1);  // insert choices

And it doesn't work HOW? What happens when your game gets to that point? If it won't compile, or if it crashes, what does the error message say? "It doesn't work" is not a helpful bug description.

Looking at all your different code snippets, my first guess is that all your texture1-5 variables are local within the function, rather than global (defined outside of any function). Variables that are defined inside a function disappear once you exit the function. If you want them to stick around, you have to define them globally.

And what code do I use if I wan the player to say whatever he wants to write and without options? You know when Leisure suit Larry phones to sex-line he could chose any kind of words and when he leaves the room screen and came back to same room screen the phone will suddenly ring and when Larry pick up the phone the woman in the phone says the same words what the player wrote.

You use a TextBox. In the editor for the GUI, in the TextBox's event pane, click to create an event handler for when the user presses enter (OnActivate). In that function, read the TextBox's .Text property and store it in a String variable, as before.

And lastly how do I make a custom GUI inputbox to work?

You follow the instructions in the manual.

Personally I'm not quite clear on what kind of explosive missile might get stuck in someone's body.

Does this take place in the Middle East*?
Was the man shot with a weapon of war (something intended for use against people)?
Is the danger to the doctors directly or indirectly caused by the weapon that shot the man?

* Middle East here defined as stretching from Pakistan/Afghanistan in the East to Morocco in the West, Iran and Turkey in the North to the Sahara in the South.

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