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One thing I suspected was that maybe the FaceObject is interfering since it's non-blocking? But the SayBubble is inbetween.
Anyway, making the FaceObject blocking is worth a try I guess.

The .Animate() command has a delay of 0, so my guess is your frames for the view that's working have a delay set in the view editor, while the new pickup view's frame delays are all still 0.

In that case it should be easy to replicate.

Maybe you ran windowed and window covered all screen that looked like fullscreen?
That's my guess, too.

No, you don't understand. The editor doesn't change random bools in the GlobalScript.

The slider (and label) are visible perfectly fine when the game is started. What the function you changed is supposed to do is to hide the slider, IF it is useless anyway.
And running a Default Game, this works perfectly fine for me: in windowed mode, the function hides the slider when the game is started. If I run the game fullscreen, System.SupportsGammaControl is true, and therefore the visibility of the slider and label is *not* set to false. The slider is visible, and using it changes the gamma value.

By changing the two false to true, you're short-circuiting the logic, causing the slider to *always* appear, even if it's useless.

If you change those back to false, as it's supposed to be and always has been, then run the game fullscreen and *do not* see the slider, you have found a bug. In that case, the engine has set System.SupportsGammaControl to false although it should actually be true.

So please do the following:

1. change the code back to
Code: Adventure Game Studio
  1.   if (!System.SupportsGammaControl) {
  2.     // If we can't change the gamma settings, disable the relevant options.
  3.     sldGamma.Visible = false;
  4.     lblGamma.Visible = false;
  5.   }
2. run the game fullscreen

Does the slider appear? If not, you have found a bug.

I also have to add that this is explained perfectly in the COMMENT RIGHT THERE IN THE CODE:
Code: Adventure Game Studio
  1. // If we can't change the gamma settings, disable the relevant options.

Slasher, the point of the code you quoted is to hide the slider if and only if it's useless anyway.
That code does not remove the slider regardless.

Are you saying that you can use the slider to change the screen's gamma now? Because that means there's a bug in the engine that sets System.SupportsGammaControl to a wrong value.

As is obvious from the screenshots of your game, which for some weird reason also feature the window border, you're clearly using a 3.X version, not 2.4 from 2002 or whatever.

Edit: The game looks and sounds absolutely awesome, btw!

Let me also add that AGS is 100% event based. Apart from variable definitions and the like, all code goes into functions, and those are called by the AGS engine whenever the linked event occurs. Most events are interactions by the user, like "clicked interact cursor on flower pot", or "let player character walk on region 1".

Make absolutely sure to do at least the manual's tutorial, which has a basic introduction to events and their functions in part 3 (iirc).

Sounds like the drinking is a symptom. He should get professional help, I guess.

I also feel that I have to add that he doesn't sound like a friend, at least not anymore. A friend doesn't behave like that. He knows he'll behave like an asshole when he gets drunk. But when he's hanging out with you he doesn't care enough to try and stop before it gets to that point. If you want to do something about this right now, without waiting for him to get help, throw him out *before* he gets insufferable. Communicate, by words or actions, that you are willing to hang out with him, willing to help him, but not willing to act as his doormat.

The condition of the block that sets the timer doesn't change, so the timer gets set again and again and again (and therefore never expires).

Nareshop: you have to
  • Create the GUI by right-clicking the GUI node in the project tree and selecting "New Text Window GUI"
  • Note the number and enter that in General Settings -> Text output -> Custom text-window GUI
(As explained in the manual:

The Rumpus Room / Re: Post an awesome video clip
« on: 10 Mar 2018, 11:57 »

In case you took the "if all you have is a hammer" route and let an invisible character walk down the room, that will result in choppy scrolling due to the fact that the character moves multiple pixels every few frames.

Looks like your cursor's hotspot was reset to 0,0. Move it back to the center of the cross.

General Discussion / Re: The X-Files
« on: 09 Mar 2018, 01:01 »
I just watched episode 7 and it was incredibly bad. The lowest point so far, like a café's "No WiFi, look at each other" sign in episode form.
Not sure why they keep aiming so low, it feels like they want to appeal to the casual viewer way too much.

Hints & Tips / Re: Journey Home
« on: 08 Mar 2018, 06:43 »
I haven't found any secret yet, any hints for the first two? :-D

I really like what I've seen so far, and now that I seem to have fixed an issue with the game I will keep playing.

The issue I had: running the game fullscreen on Windows 7, everything worked fine until I got to the first scrolling room. Suddenly the framerate dropped drastically, and the game would only react to every other click. Changing the gfx driver to DirectDraw fixed it though.

Yeah, AGS keeps looking for the end of the String for lines and lines, and the buffer will only exceed much further down the script.

Did you only open the AGSEditor after copying the plugin in there? If not, try that (close the editor, open it back up).

If yes, I've occasionally had that same issue with plugins but was never able to find the cause of it. At times I'd add plugin commands to my game, run it just fine, then when opening it the next day, got the message about the missing plugin.

Anyway, it would probably help to provide a bit more info; where did you download the plugin, and which version of AGS are you using?

How to create event handler functions is described in part 3 of the tutorial:
The tutorial section of the manual is mandatory reading before posting here, to avoid wasting time.

I'm referring to this:

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