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What about gore as a category? I'd recommend "Bone Tomahawk". Nice, tense atmosphere followed by great gore.

    Curses/witchcraft: The Witches of Eastwick (I apologize for nothing)
    Possession/demonic: The Exorcist (a classic)
    Undead (zombies/vampires): Train to Busan
    Ghost stories: Thirteen Ghosts (2001 version. The most 90s movie ever made)
    Slasher flicks: April Fools Day (1986)
    Psychological horror: Picnic at Hanging Rock
    Creatures/monsters: The Fly (1986)
    Comedy/parody: Hausu
    Miscellaneous horror: CHUD (I just love it)
    Miscellaneous not-necessarily horror: Moon (creepy sci-fi)

The Rumpus Room / Re: I'm back. What did I miss?
« on: Today at 03:27 »
Baron: Thanks. Nice to be back.

Stupot: I hear ice packs help.

CaptainD: Things are always better in my imagination. :=

Puddin': That's why you should always use protection. Honestly, I expected the AGS community to know better than to go near a sailor like the Captain.

Mandle: Silly string can spread STDs? I now regret every childhood birthday party I ever attended. :undecided:

Danvzare: Thanks! Coincidentally enough, the last day I was on the forums I was trying to download the AGS client to watch the awards when my PC died. My life spun out of control shortly thereafter. Random chance? Or dire omen? I'll let you decide.

Gilbert: I'l never stop dancing, no matter the sacrifice! And if next year's crops fail, it will be you, Gilbert, who your people take to the Wicker Cow!

Selmiak: Thanks! :smiley:

Creamy: MY GOD! That is amazing! Thank you so much!! :kiss:

Baron: Take it to PMs or get a room you two. :cool:

The Rumpus Room / Re: I'm back. What did I miss?
« on: Yesterday at 03:27 »
Thanks for the replies, everybody. :cheesy:

Buckethead: I was gone about six months, or so. I hope you liked Fridge Follies. I had a lot of fun helping to make that game.

VampireWombat: Bigfoots always get away with stuff like that. They're smooth as a baby's bottom. :cool:

Cassiebsg: Good to see you're still around and still rocking a daggit as your avatar. I LOVED that show as a kid.

Mandle: Didn't we all assume that was going to happen eventually? Really, you could cut the sexual tension between them with a knife. :=

Adeel: Hey, dude! Good to see you're still here too. :smiley:

Tabby: Disco will never die.

Frodo: Prick does love the spotlight. But if he has time to make public appearances, I wish he'd arrange his schedule to free up enough time to finish The Forever Friday. :wink:

The Rumpus Room / I'm back. What did I miss?
« on: 19 Aug 2018, 15:03 »
Hello again, AGS community!

After an unscheduled crime spree alien abduction walkabout vacation I've returned to this, my favorite corner of the web. How has everyone been? I've missed you guys a lot and I'm glad to be back.

So what happened while I was away? What the hot goss? What's being whispered around the big blue water cooler? Were there any secret affairs? Power struggles? Doomed romances? Bake sales? What sort of mysteries and/or scandals have I missed while I was away from these halls of power and creativity?

Dish! I need details! :=


Adventure Related Talk & Chat / Re: MAGSAN Announcement!
« on: 19 Aug 2018, 14:53 »
I really enjoyed it. I'm sad to see it go. :undecided:

Looking forward to the event. :cheesy:

It looks crude and goofy now, but the first Alone in the Dark game got a few jump scares out of me back in the day, along with a really immersive feeling of dread throughout.

Carrying around two utterly useless items that you'd have no interest in other than once you combine them, the result is something you can't live without. (I use this puzzle in several of my own games). :=

Critics' Lounge / Re: Trip on this. A moving thread.
« on: 07 Feb 2018, 15:56 »
Hello again, Moving Thread.

Another year come and gone. How were your holidays? Did you make any resolutions for the new year? I did. I've also moved to a new town. Things have been busy for me in 2018. By the way, any word on the apocalypse? Is the world still scheduled to end on time?

Your pal,


Anchorhead always makes me think of Star Wars. :P

So what you´re saying is that you wait for your alcohol level to reach a certain hight and then you´ll start writing. Got it. (laugh)
Precisely. Expect something incoherent and poorly spell-checked to arrive late on New Year's Eve night. :=

The trick is to let the magic genie in the alcohol bottle to do all the work for you. :=

Holy Snickerdoodle! A Podcast!!!
Sweet biscuits, you're right! And just in time for Christmas!

The Rumpus Room / Re: Happy Birthday Thread!
« on: 31 Oct 2017, 23:20 »
Happy b-day wishes to Cat, Baron, Sinitrena and anyone I missed. And thanks for all the Ponchday wishes, guys! :cheesy:

I have unfinished stories for at least six of those themes. :cheesy:

Ah! A new post! Surely there's a new podcast! :cheesy: :cheesy:
Sorry for the false hope, BCT-fans.
oh... :sad: :sad:

Good topic suggestions, though. I don't know about GrundlBen, but I load all my games with debug codes to make my life (and the lives of my playtesters) easier. :cool:  Just remember to disable them before you make the game available to the rest of the world.

Best Use of Traditional Wall of Text: Sinitrena
Special Achievement in Post Editing: Baron
Meritorious Effort in Serialization: JudasFM

Well done, everyone! :cool:

Wow. I hadn't thought of that game in ages. I remember playing it back in the day and liking the art style quite a bit. But other than a few annoying pixel hunts, I can't say I remember much about it. I'll have to watch your video and see if any memories are shaken loose. :cheesy:

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