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The main additions are double click running and the new save gui. And of course the whole code reorganizing and refactoring stuff, but technically these aren't features ;)

So basically it does exactly what our template does. Even the running. I'm gutted. Proof I should visit the forums more often ;)

Alone in the Dark +1
I'm talking about the first one, as a teenager, and it was mostly because of the music and the sound effects.

helping me with the existing translation.

Watch out you made a copy&paste mistake in the French screenshot : It's not "ourvrir", it's supposed to be "ouvrir".

Question : apart from the new copy&save, are there any other improvements? We've just finished integrating the 9verb into the "custom save with screenshots" and bam, just at the same time you release it packaged. So I'm thinking if it's worth integrating again.

Since no one responded to this, I've decided to take it upon myself to find out.

Amazing job!
Can you clarify which method you used to "make the image in 128 colors"? did you 1) Posterize? 2) Switch the image mode to "indexed"? 3) Save as gif and chose the number of color from the export settings?

Modules & Plugins / Re: MODULE: Easy mirrors 2.0
« on: 16 Apr 2018, 13:07 »
Update : edited first post to recommend using late_repeatedly_execute_always

Modules & Plugins / Re: MODULE: TextField v1.2.0
« on: 16 Apr 2018, 10:58 »
Snarky, if you could extend this to multiple lines, I'd be eternally grateful to you.
Also I'd really encourage you to implement highlight and simple copy/paste (data stays within AGS). You could probably get some inspiration about mouse-control and highlight from my (almost working but eternally slightly broken) module, TextArea.

I realy need a text area component, but I've never managed to release one that's bug free.

Can someone testify that Gimp color reduction is better than Photoshop color reduction?
Also, are we talking "posterize" or "switching to indexed colors mode"?

Also I'm wondering if Photoshop is using the same color reduction algorithm when switching to indexed colors as when exporting to Gif. Overtime they absorbed so many different external algorithms...

Consider this an extra article, that is not better or worse than the other articles provided:

- scan at A4 with a good resolution (300dpi?)
- adjust brightness, contrast and color saturation in some images processing software (let's say its Photoshop)
- apply "sharper" filter if needed.
- reduce image to twice the size of your final resolution, using the right algorithm (for example: bicubic sharper. For example if you target 320x200, then reduce at 640x400.
- Reduce again to 320x200, but this time with an algorithm that keeps things crisp (for example: nearest neighbour
- now you're almost done but you need with two final (optional) steps : noise reduction (to keep it crisp but make it less busy by reducing rogue pixels) and color reduction (to give it an old-timey look while not making it look like a crappy gif)
- you can achieve noise reduction by using "XiMagic denoiser" (free demo plugin for Photoshop)
- you can achieve color reduction by using the "posterize" filter (not very pretty) or the free demo of the "XiMagic quantizer" Photoshop plugin.

After doing all that you should get some DoTT-grade background quality ;)

Critics' Lounge / Character in mountain clothes
« on: 10 Apr 2018, 23:26 »
Release candidate.

- the backpack makes zero sense in terms of size and straps. But at least it makes the sprite more acceptable to the player's eye.
- The character's face in the front cycle is too narrow.

Links to Photoshop source files :

About stereotypes :
Add spoiler tag for Hidden:
I agree with you on being careful with ethnics stereotypes. Especially, I didn't know that sherpas were a people. I thought thta it literally meant "mountain carrier". Today I learnt something.

I'm myself very attached to racist portrayals in video games and pop culture i general, but I'm facing a contradiction here, as I'm making an Indiana Jones game. This series of movies is racist by essence, because it takes its inspiration from 1920's and 1930's colonial bullshit and pulp movies. I'm facing the same issue with its inherent sexism, even though we've found interesting leads to keep it under control.
Anyways, long things short : there are things I'm willing to gve up, and others not.

For example, the "functional" side of things. Most of the pictures that can be found nowadays, even from as far as the 1920's, were taken by montain climbers who were going to the top of mountains. These were carefully-planned, prestigious expeditions. And the mountain guides were given (mostly) the same equipment as the Europeans. I think that the people that appear on these pictures are not the "regular" moutain guides.

I think that in everyday life, for going to lower altitudes, I bet that the clothing of moutain peasants was much more traditional. Hence my choice of clothes. That said, there's traditional and traditional. I don't know if the robe is "traditional ceremonial" or "traditional everyday life".

Therefore, I think that your counter-proposition is cool. I just loved the cap with flaps (which also reminds us of Lost Ark), but it's incompatible with the basket option, which I love too. I think I'll take your version and just modify his position to make him bend forward a little more (for the weight). What I don't like with the basket though is that the forehead piece of clothe makes the sprite look like an Arabian at first glance.

Hard to decide.

Meet this guy (on the right). He's a Tibetan mountain guide from 1940.
You can consider that he's the same kind of guy who assist the nazi interrogator in Marion's bar fight scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark.

This is a concept art. It's not even finished, there are holes in the body and the backpack is a rough draft. But you get the idea.


Concept :
- his backpack is huge. Like sherpas.
- he's a cowardish villain.
- Some reference for the clothing :

Critics :
 - I'm not sure about the scale. I don't like that he seems slightly bigger (both by face and by body) than Indy.
 - I didn't design the color scheme. For now I've just copied the scheme of the other character on the left. But I don't really know in which direction I should go.

If you feel like painting over the face then suit yourself.
For the body, don't make the backpack overly complicated please, as his walkcycle will be animated.


I see lots of wonderful things in that list. Thanks people!!!

Critics' Lounge / Re: Indiana Jones side walk
« on: 03 Feb 2018, 17:35 »
Can you post the individual frames please?

Here you go :
EDIT : here you go (these are the frames of version side05, posted below)

IMPORTANT: if you intend on doing a paintover, then let me know asap, so that we don't diverge into two branches of the file. I'll give you access to the .PSD instead.



Critics' Lounge / Re: Indiana Jones side walk
« on: 31 Jan 2018, 12:49 »
New version



Critics' Lounge / Re: Indiana Jones side walk
« on: 30 Jan 2018, 18:13 »
The hat also seems fishy and it's not just the contrast.

The hat "feels" smaller... probably cause the other two there's 2 pixels, then 3 then the center of the hat. While the walking you have 3 in line and then the center (giving the impression that is thinner). Also the hat is leveled on the standing stripes, while on the walking is "falling backward".
Indeed the hat needs a redrawing. With time, I've come to hate that fedora! ;)

Critics' Lounge / Re: Indiana Jones side walk
« on: 30 Jan 2018, 08:29 »
There's something very weird happening to his arm at the forward extreme. Just as it's about to swing back, it's as if his bicep flops forward or he develops another joint in his upper arm.

Noted. The shading does that. It's a moving sprite clumsily applied on top of the "real" animated arm. In some frames it's positioned with too little care.

Critics' Lounge / Indiana Jones side walk
« on: 29 Jan 2018, 22:10 »
This post is about the side walk, not the two other views (any paintover of those views will be ignored)

Known defects:
- shading is a bit dirty
- bad contrast in hat
- walking character one pixel too short in frame where he is standing up
- there is a weird gray pixel under his chin.



Keep them coming guys. Now is the time to take a strong decision, after the initial shock.

My own vote, on a par contributing to BladeCoder OR MonoAGS. There's a billion reasons why they're equally good from my perspective. In a nutshell: I think BladeCoder is better, but handling the Java bits (packaged distribution of the JDK) make it a pain in the neck, PLUS it doesn't have a strong impulse in the AGS community, unlike MonoAGS which is carried by tzachs and others.

"the only one which could function as a direct replacement (without re-scoping the whole project)."
Monsieur OUXX
MonoAGS or BladeCoder (on a par)
I think BladeCoder is better, but handling the Java bits (packaged distribution of the JDK) make it a pain in the neck. MonoAGS has a strong impulse in the AGS community.

Not possible for me (too far). However if there is some sort of European-based warmup or after-party, I'd be very interested. (roll)

You mean AGS 4?

I support it.
I said AGS 5 to avoid creating confusion with the "AGS 4" cleanup branch, but it doesn't really matter.

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