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Congratulations! ;-D
Hopefully we'll see you in the next Kiddens.

I ended up re downloading community edition which caused license issues..
VS Community 2015 is completely free, it shouldn't cause license issues.

I think there is a huge misunderstanding, you do not need Visual Studio
He does need visual studio in order to re-enable JIT debugging (or alternatively, change the registry, as I explained earlier). This will not be necessary if he gets a release build of the editor instead of a debug build.

But seriously, one would need to have MSVC debug libraries if it is built in Debug configuration.
I'm not following your train of thought here, surely a build server which supports c# release builds also supports c# debug builds.

@Crimson Wizard, from the error it looks like the released editor was compiled in Debug mode, and not in release mode?

@slasher, if you don't want to wait to get a release version of the editor, I see 2 options:
1. Re-install visual studio and enable just-in-time debugging.
2. If you're set against installing VS, you can enable it in the registry (just be sure to backup your registry first).
Look at this link here:
and scroll to "Enable or disable Just-In-Time debugging", both options are described there.

Note though that it looks like the error you posted is not the real error, but the error after the error. So fixing the current error
will probably result in another error (the real error)...

This is really cool!
Can I have To The Moon, please?
Thanks you, you are awesome, and have a merry key-mas!

Congratulations, Cat! Always knew you're the chosen one. May you have a successful reign.

Adventure Related Talk & Chat / Re: 10 YEARS OF AGS
« on: 02 Dec 2016, 12:48 »
Happy birthday!
So what would you consider your personal best AGS accomplishment? Hitchhiker? Primordia? The awards?

My bad, I didn't know there was a wiki for the keyboard shortcuts when I made those changes (4 years ago?):

Ctrl+M: switch between the script and header file.
Ctrl+G: goto line
Ctrl+Shift+G: open global script
Ctrl+Shift+H: open global header
Ctrl+Shift+F: find all
Ctrl+Shift+E: replace all

Also were missing from the wiki were the tool selection shortcuts in the area editor:
Ctrl+N: draw line
Ctrl+D: draw free-hand
Ctrl+F: draw fill
Ctrl+E: draw rectangle
Ctrl+C: select area

I think everything else was correct.
Edited the wiki to reflect the changes.

I can make a procedurally generated RPG in AGS or in GameMaker but these aren't real languages.

Yes they are. If you can make a procgen in AGS then you can become a professional programmer without too much trouble. The questions are (1) do you want do be, and (2) how do you convince a company to hire you (note that you can absolutely put homemade game design on your resume!)
I know a lot of professional programmers that would have a real hard time programming a procedurally generated RPG (and in AGS it's even harder to do than with fully fledged languages).
I disagree with RickJ, I think you can have normal work hours when doing computer programming, just need to pick your employer carefully. I never worked weekends myself and haven't stayed in the office past 6PM in years.
Also, 30K is probably the lowest wage you can get:
Now, if you want to go down that route the biggest issue is how to get a job, as with no experience or relevant degree you are kind of in trouble. I would do some Coursera courses for education instead of investing money in one of those plans like the one you posted. Coursera will give you quality courses for free (and for some courses you can pay to get a certificate). But the most important part is to get actual experience, so you can go freelancing as Mods suggested (but something you can show in your CV, so like create an app/game/website) and a lot of companies today recruit based on open source contributions so start contributing to an open source project (or more than one) on Github. AGS, perhaps? Getting into big open source projects can be overwhelming at the start, as it takes time to understand the code, so you can start with taking a very small feature request that sounds 'easy' and start fighting with the code.
If after having both some education and experience you still can't get a job in programming, a good stepping stone into the industry is by doing software QA. That's how I started. The wages are lower and the hours longer, but after you put some time in QA it's easier to get promoted to be a dev (when you're doing QA for some time you get to be the most knowledgeable person in the company about how the software works, more than the developers themselves, and so companies won't want to lose you so you can demand a promotion without blinking).

Note that WebAssembly is going strong now and expected to be supported on all major browsers. When it is officially released, it will open the floodgates for all languages (including c++) to run on the web. Hopefully it will happen in our lifetime.

EDIT: Ok I found out... so, is this .NET Core something that we should aim for?
It's very hard to tell, as the water keeps changing (Microsoft is calling this "growing pains"). Mono has been around much longer so it's definitely more stable.
The new kid on the block, and the one we might want to keep an eye for, is the .net standard library. If we target it, theoretically we can compile for mono, .net core, .net framework, xamarin, uwp and more future platforms.

Also, something I always wanted to ask, but did not: currently all Editor is made of WinForms. Does that work on Mono, or we would have to replace them with some portable GUI classes?
There is a WinForms implementation in Mono, but from what I read, it's lacking, and the recommendation is not to use it (and while you didn't ask,.Net Core does not support WinForms). Also relevant, I believe that ScintillaNet is Windows only so a different text editor should be used.

General Discussion / Re: Last days for win 10
« on: 27 Jul 2016, 04:49 »
Darth, I think that maybe, even though you didn't upgrade straight away, you upgraded before Microsoft decided to get aggressive (I know I did). If you remember the dates you installed Win10, you can compare with the headlines on the backwards X.

Anyway, I installed Win10 on a relatively new laptop and had no issues. I still have Win7 in my workplace, our IT refused to upgrade even though I asked. I honestly don't see any difference in day-to-day between the two versions, the UI feels the same for me (except I have Cortana on Win10). The reason I wanted to upgrade my office machine is to get the tasks debug window in visual studio, which doesn't work in Win7 and makes it really hard for me to debug my running tasks.
Another small reason to upgrade, at least when the anniversary update will be released, they'll be adding settings for developers which groups some useful items (like showing file extensions and show the full path in the explorer's title bar by default), so woo-hoo for that!
Here's some info on that:, hopefully they'll enhance this with more options in the future.

My game features all of the above (plus more exciting stuff, like long repeatable mazes!) which pretty much makes my game the best and most epic game ever created!

160x200 games were pretty much twice as good as 320x200
That's true, but you inspired me to take it one step further: my next game will be in a 1x1 resolution. It will feature 200 different rooms, each with stunning hand drawn graphics and challenging puzzles (and no pixel hunts if you use a x16 scaling filter!).

Since it hasn't come up yet, I guess I'll share: one of the things that I look for in a name, is a name I can later Google to see if somebody wrote something about my game without having to navigate to page 178. Yes, I am a helpless feedback craving addict, often found lying in an alley begging for a fix.

A few years back, when I was making a game about revolting robots, I thought I was very clever when I came up with Robolution as the title. I was sure that I was the first one to come up with the name, I haven't even bothered to look it up. As it turns out Borderlands released a dlc with that name at about the same time as I released my game, so not even page 178 will show my game now...

So yeah, CaptainD's 6 words method makes a lot of sense to me.

Does not happen in Israel (otherwise, we would never have Internet :~().
In fact, we had incidents of people finding out that their loved ones died from the social media, before officials had a chance to talk with them.
I can totally relate to you being worried, I was worried a lot as a teenager, but the sad truth is that eventually I just got used to it.
If I try to analyze this without emotions, I'm pretty sure that the chance of getting killed by a terror attack is still much lower than other common causes (Cancer, car accidents, etc), and this perspective helped me to let go of my daily fears (you don't worry each day about car accidents, after all).

The Rumpus Room / Re: AGS Euro 2016 Prediction League
« on: 10 Jun 2016, 12:59 »
Hi, hopefully I'm not too late to the party!

Jun-10   20:00   France   0   vs   0   Romania
Jun-11   14:00   Albania   0   vs   1   Switzerland
Jun-11   17:00   Wales   3   vs   0   Slovakia
Jun-11   20:00   England   2   vs   2   Russia
Jun-12   14:00   Turkey   1   vs   2   Croatia
Jun-12   17:00   Poland   2   vs   0   N Ireland
Jun-12   20:00   Germany   3   vs   1   Ukraine
Jun-13   14:00   Spain   1   vs   1   Czech Rep
Jun-13   17:00   Rep Ireland   0   vs   0   Sweden
Jun-13   20:00   Belgium   1   vs   0   Italy
Jun-14   17:00   Austria   0   vs   0   Hungary
Jun-14   20:00   Portugal   2   vs   0   Iceland (wildcard)

Hi, unfortunately we won't be able to attend this year, and the reason is this guy:

You kids have fun, though, with all of your nights full of sleep and dreams!

Weird, that bug was fixed over a year ago and I can't seem to reproduce it.

Anyway, here's a save game after the dvd puzzle:

To everybody else who commented, thank you for your feedback so far, and especially thank you Ponch, this game would not be here without you!

I knew I forgot something.
Here's a mirror:

Has it been a year already?

The game is now available for free, and as a fully voiced deluxe version!

See the trailer here:

And download from this link!

Thank you everybody who played, tested, voiced, or helped in any way to make this happen.

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