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Yeah, close the board so you don't have to moderate it. It's teeming with activity and it is so much work.

Second time the mods have been called out this month. If you care about the community cover yourself in ash, else you will ruin this place. If you don't care then leave so someone who does can step up.

Removing the AGSA part of the forum without discussing it with Peder is unjust. Peder contributed to AGS in many ways, this should not be forgotten.

The Rumpus Room / Re: Group hug!
« on: 11 Oct 2018, 13:11 »
It's pretty nice around here

Making computer games is a job that needs multiple fields of knowledge, from graphics, sound, story, puzzle, design, coding, etc. Rarely a single person is gifted in all of the skills needed, which in turn leads to games having very weak presentation in some form or another. Teaming up is an option, but the communication between team members gives an overhead of work that needs to be managed along with everything else, and 30 days is not a lot of time. Stressful as it might be due to the time crunch, mags is a great way to build up useful game making skills, from planing to executing your ideas to building up a finished game. Allowing pre-made, publicly available assets is one way of easing the strain on the game developers.

Aside from that, there is a limited user base here on the forums, and you cannot expect that there will be 10 entries every month. Every mags that has at least one game finished is a good mags imo, but sometimes the theme is attractive to a larger number of people, and circumstances leave them with enough time and energy to give it a go. Quantity and quality are both positive here, and if you want more quantity, growing the AGS user base would logically mean the attendance would expand. As for quality; the skills of the developers are the main factor, and helping them increase them through tutorials, twitch streams, videos, demo games, open source projects and the like is the way to go. If you are active in the community and contribute, the activity level rises, which in turn makes other people more active, which in turn makes you more active and so on and so forth. Start from yourself, contribute what you can, the effort might be small or large (which is relative anyway) but it all adds up.

Also a shout out to Slasher who has been extremely active in mags competitions, there is not much I want to say, just a hearty applause.

12. Creamy - Ross Moffat
4. imsomnia212 - Witchsper
3. imsomnia212 - New Day

A. imsomnia212

Ross Moffat has it all, the black and white background, a good action pose and the character is out of frame on both sides which gives it that "something special" thing that you just can't describe. The colors also work well together. As for the back, it was a hard pick, but I went with the dither as opposed to the anti aliased one just cause I'm a dinosaur.

2 colors, I hope you get the pun ^^

This is gonna take all the awards, it's just that wonderful.

The Rumpus Room / Re: Happy Birthday Thread!
« on: 04 Jun 2018, 08:49 »
Happy level up Nemo.

AGS Games in Production / Re: Astral Horizon
« on: 28 Apr 2018, 14:50 »
I don't have much to comment I'm just waiting for this to come out.

I waive my rights to any art I made for this.

server address:
channel is #ags for chatting and #awards for the ceremony

General Discussion / Re: Manic Miner for VIC-20
« on: 19 Mar 2018, 19:40 »
There's no game involved, just a mockup with me trying to see if I could fit a 3 layer parallax on the 64. I wouldn't mind trying my hand at a c64 game gfx, so if you ever work on one, look me up.

General Discussion / Re: Manic Miner for VIC-20
« on: 19 Mar 2018, 12:14 »
Nice going there Kweepa! And there I was thinking I was the only one around here messing with the commodores

If you have 30 mins to spare and can find me on the AGS IRC, I can give you a short, hands on tutorial.

Critics' Lounge / Re: Indiana Jones side walk
« on: 09 Feb 2018, 18:05 »
I just wanted to check on somehting, as it was hard to see while it's animating. Dunno, looks alright mechanics wise, tho his neck looks too thin in the side view (also a bit thin in the front facing 3/4). This makes his hat look too big in comparison. I'd prolly just thicken his neck or push some pixels around till it felt right. Also while the other views are in perspective, the side view has both legs at the same height, which is not consistent with the other views. On frame 5 , the lower part of the arm makes a noticeable jump compared to frame 4, so a bit of smoothing is what I recommend. In the end, you might try to make him lean forward a bit too, but I'm not sure if it will look too much at this size.

For an indie Indy game it's still marvelous graphics, but if you wanna put in that extra effort... well I'd say it's worth it.

Critics' Lounge / Re: Indiana Jones side walk
« on: 01 Feb 2018, 11:04 »
Can you post the individual frames please?

Critics' Lounge / Re: Main Character Critique Request
« on: 11 Jan 2018, 10:16 »

I lined up the char by his feet, so let's start from the top:
The back view is a bit shorter than the other views, which makes everything else in this view out of kilt.
The feather is leaning too far back in the 2nd and 3rd view.
THe hair doesn't match up in the side view by a large margin.
His cheekbones change shape across views.
Belt buckle is lower in the side view, despite this view having the largest char.
Legs are weirdly shaped, I haven no qualms about them being bent, but they should look consistent in thickness.

Lining up features might look like a lot of work for small gain, but it will help with animation and when the character rotates/turns around.

His upper body shape looks quite wide in the front view, but looks quite thin in other views. The pose in the second view is leaning back a bit. It doesn't matter if you want him to lean or not, but it should be done across all views. His sleeves are fully visible in both back ad front views, I recommend making them less visible in the back view as shoulders usually lean to the front of the body. His chin is too big in the side view, obscuring his neck, unlike in other views. Also his backpack straps mysteriously appear and disappear between views.

The character is nice, just pay more attention to trying to get more consistency in it. The overall design is solid, and he is easily recognizable. Might be easier to spot mistakes if you make an animated gif of him rotating in place. Pay attention the bulk of things, it's jarring to the eye if it changes too much between views.

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