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If you have 30 mins to spare and can find me on the AGS IRC, I can give you a short, hands on tutorial.

Critics' Lounge / Re: Indiana Jones side walk
« on: 09 Feb 2018, 18:05 »
I just wanted to check on somehting, as it was hard to see while it's animating. Dunno, looks alright mechanics wise, tho his neck looks too thin in the side view (also a bit thin in the front facing 3/4). This makes his hat look too big in comparison. I'd prolly just thicken his neck or push some pixels around till it felt right. Also while the other views are in perspective, the side view has both legs at the same height, which is not consistent with the other views. On frame 5 , the lower part of the arm makes a noticeable jump compared to frame 4, so a bit of smoothing is what I recommend. In the end, you might try to make him lean forward a bit too, but I'm not sure if it will look too much at this size.

For an indie Indy game it's still marvelous graphics, but if you wanna put in that extra effort... well I'd say it's worth it.

Critics' Lounge / Re: Indiana Jones side walk
« on: 01 Feb 2018, 11:04 »
Can you post the individual frames please?

Critics' Lounge / Re: Main Character Critique Request
« on: 11 Jan 2018, 10:16 »

I lined up the char by his feet, so let's start from the top:
The back view is a bit shorter than the other views, which makes everything else in this view out of kilt.
The feather is leaning too far back in the 2nd and 3rd view.
THe hair doesn't match up in the side view by a large margin.
His cheekbones change shape across views.
Belt buckle is lower in the side view, despite this view having the largest char.
Legs are weirdly shaped, I haven no qualms about them being bent, but they should look consistent in thickness.

Lining up features might look like a lot of work for small gain, but it will help with animation and when the character rotates/turns around.

His upper body shape looks quite wide in the front view, but looks quite thin in other views. The pose in the second view is leaning back a bit. It doesn't matter if you want him to lean or not, but it should be done across all views. His sleeves are fully visible in both back ad front views, I recommend making them less visible in the back view as shoulders usually lean to the front of the body. His chin is too big in the side view, obscuring his neck, unlike in other views. Also his backpack straps mysteriously appear and disappear between views.

The character is nice, just pay more attention to trying to get more consistency in it. The overall design is solid, and he is easily recognizable. Might be easier to spot mistakes if you make an animated gif of him rotating in place. Pay attention the bulk of things, it's jarring to the eye if it changes too much between views.

Club Galen is one of the IRC chans with members of the AGS community. The address is , the port is 6667 and the chan is #clubgalen.
This is Galen:;u=5933

If you want to visit, and don't have an IRC client, you can use a web based one, like kiwi IRC or something. I was not paid by Galen to advertise here. I don't know why I put it in the game, I don't even like Galen. Galen.

Me neither ^^

* Jim Reed winks at Mandle

All this text about a door I drew to poke fun at a forum friend who banged his head on a door the other day.
Besides, I'll bet my door against your champ any day 'cause the champ has no legs.

Critics' Lounge / Re: Light area around wall flame torch
« on: 28 Sep 2017, 14:24 »
Do take care to not go overboard with the alpha chans, AGS is a bit of an older engine and your FPS might suffer depending on the situation.

Critics' Lounge / Re: Light area around wall flame torch
« on: 28 Sep 2017, 13:35 »
Due to the flames changing shape all the time, your circle of light should change its size and opacity to simulate the changing light condition on the background. Some games use multiple circles that overlap and similar effects to give it a bit more eye candy ( ). Older games had to draw the light effects on the wall by hand  ( ) , most indie games use what you are using now and some games go so far to use normal mapping. ( )

EDIT: edited

He blackmailed me into entering.

The Rumpus Room / Re: Happy Birthday Thread!
« on: 04 Jun 2017, 13:54 »
Thanks everyone, happy BDay to my brother form another mother, qptain_Nemo!

9.  Alan v. Drake
15. Scavenger
13. Nixxon

CaesarCub (number 4 entry)

Creamy, bici, xBRANEx.

This is going to be the greatest game ever!

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