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Dangerous Crossing
January 19 - February 1
This poster has very little to do with the topic of the blitz.
There is really no reason for me to put it up here.

There can be no adventure without bravely venturing where most won't dare venturing, and that usually involves crossing some dangerous crossings. Jungle canyon rope bridges, mostly, but it can be so many other things as well! The choices are virtually infinite!

The only thing you have to remember - making it AGS-compatible (which doesn't really limit you much, since you can make it scrollable). Oh, and also remember the deadline - it's February 1st. Good luck! :)

Completed Game Announcements / Patchwork
« on: 16 Jan 2013, 11:10 »

Patchwork is a short fantasy point-and-click adventure. It was a part of the Summerbatch bundle, but now it's coming to a home near you free of charge!


It’s a big day for Daniel - he’s about to test a teleportation device he’s been building for the last few years.
Will everything go as planned, resulting in a stunning breakthrough in modern science, or is he, as it so often happens in situations like this, going to end up in a parallel universe, where magic and fairies are pretty common, while cell phones and sneakers aren’t?

- Two playable characters
- Hand-painted graphics at an astonishingly non-modern 800x600 resolution
- Simple two-click interface
- Minutes of gameplay
- All of the bugs and typos featured in the Summerbatch release of the game

Patchwork is a short fantasy point-and-click adventure. It will [hopefully] be a part of Summerbatch.

After a teleportation experiment goes wrong, a young scientist finds himself, and a good part of his laboratory, in someone else's house. In a parallel universe.

- Two playable characters
- Hand-painted graphics at an astonishingly non-retro 800x600 resolution
- Simple two-click interface
- Minutes of gameplay

Release date: July 2012.

This time you have to create a background with the general theme of winter.

As usual, the background has to be usable in a game and AGS-compatible.

Voting starts on December 17. Good luck! :)

This time, you should draw a Corner Shop (or a convenience store/general store)

Interior or exterior, specialized or general, modern day or not - as long as it's some kind of small, simple, low-key store - it's fine. Also, it must be AGS-compatible. Mock-ups with characters are more than welcome.

The voting starts May 12th, good luck and have fun!


The spring is in it's full swing, so it's time to get cheerful! Draw me something cute!

It has to be AGS-compatible, obviously, and you can submit multiple entries. Ends on April the 27th.

Go on, start spriting already, and don't forget to have fun!

The theme for this Background Blitz is City Life:

You should create a scene that represents some aspect of the life in a big city.

It can be a busy street, a graffiti-filled ghetto, a simple flat, a shopping mall, a small cafe, a flea market, or anything else you can think of. The only restriction - it should be relatively modern, somewhere inbetween the 19th and the 22nd centuries.

The voting starts on March the 18th, unless someone asks for extension.

Good luck and have fun!

Or, in other words

Pixel-art from Scott Pilgrim vs The World: The Game

It may be a real musician, it may be a robotic music box, or a monkey with a banjo, anything you can think of.
As long as it can produce some music-like sounds.

No restrictions on colors or size, as long as the sprite would be usable in an AGS game.
Bonus points for a whole band and/or animation.

Probably will make some trophies. Good luck!

...And the theme for the new Background Blitz is... (drumroll)... ...(awkward pause)... Yes, you've already seen it in the topic title, I know.

Extended to Nov 15th

 You are free to interpret that whichever way you like - from an abandoned dieselpunk subway station to a small hole in the ground.
As long as it's technically under the ground (or not, underground music club works too), dark (or not, it can be brightly illuminated) and AGS-compatible - you're in.

You have about 2 weeks. Good luck!


Yet here they are, in small print:
 - The outline may be rotated and scaled
 - The outline may not be altered, but may be recoloured
 - Keep all of the content either inside or outside of the shape, but not both.
 - No colour limitations, although smaller palettes are preferable.
 - Have fun, every entry is welcome!  And you can submit a few!
Trophies will be supplied at the end.

Critics' Lounge / Cottage background - critique needed
« on: 20 Jan 2010, 06:56 »

Not currently working on this background, but would be very grateful for any advice or critique regarding it.
Especially would like to hear about style and composition.

Thanks! :)

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