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Competitions & Activities / Coloring Ball - Ends 30- june
« on: 10 Jun 2012, 02:01 »
The coloring ball,
Every great warrior (or weapon) has a devestating ULTIMATE attack.

Unleash your ultimate attack..... Within the confines of this coloring ball.

*) You may rotate the image
*) You may color the outline
*) Please stay inside the shape

Deadline is June 30th

Do you have the Spirit inside you?


EEEEwwwwwww - Gross!

Introducing - OSD :: MIGHTY VIKING

Dennis is back and ready to learn some MAGIKS!!!1!

Guide him as he helps the green nymph on his way to ultimate power.

Oh and hes a viking now.

My first ever game is another entry into the OSD multiverse.

If pirate Dennis is gay,
and Ninja Dennis is straight,
then what is Viking Dennis?

Play on and find out.


Download GAME SOURCE here

Critics' Lounge / First walk cycle
« on: 31 Oct 2010, 02:45 »
Man these are difficult.

This is a NPC from my forthcoming first attempt. Tried a game a while ago but scripting killed me. But I am wiser and calmer now so giving it another go.

I like animation, but never really do walking characters, so this is the first one.
This is the style and my level of animation skill I can achieve atm.

Feedback and suggestions? (I have not decieded whether to shade it yet, like the look of it against the background. Nice 2d cartoon look)

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