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Hi guys, I'm having some issues getting my head around the best practice for converting a large AGS project into a demo build.

I'm not having any issues with the scripting but wanted to ask what was the best way of removing rooms/sprites that are not used in the demo section? Our demo consists of a few rooms and puzzles from the start of the game, obviously there is a lot of data that is used in the rest of the game that is not needed for the demo.

Would I just save a separate version of our game and start manually removing assets/rooms? Or is there a way to ignore certain files when compiling the game?

Any help would be much appreciated :) Hopefully there is a fairly logical workflow for this.


Play as Arrabella, lost and scared in a world not all that different from our own.

My second MAGS game this year, this time i've tried to make something more traditional.


Arrow Keys: Move
Space: Interact
Esc: Menu

Due to time constraints I haven't been able to test this as much as I would like, the sound design is pretty rushed to meet the deadline but I hope you'll enjoy it :)

Download from the following link:

AGS Games Database

Please note: Some users are experiencing issues with lag on the first playable screen, I'm not sure where the rules stand on me fixing this before voting is over. Hopefully it doesn't ruin the experience too much!


Hack your way through complex folder structures in an attempt to bring down a mysterious organization,
 set in a hostile world where the vast majority of it's inhabitants are completely reliant on respiratory breathing aids.

Created for the August 2015 MAGS competition.

The game has permadeath, but it's (hopefully) not too annoying. :P

Game and sound design by Chicky

Music by LostTrainDude and Alfonso Gordon

Thanks to Mandle and LostTrainDude for some last minute bug tests :)

Download Bitstream (332MB)


I'm looking for a musician who has a (preferably pre-existing) chiptune/keygen style track, for use in my MAGS entry for this month's competition. The game is based around hacking on a 4:3 CRT monitor.

I'm after something that you would expect to hear playing on a software keygen. The deadline for MAGS entry is the 5th September so i'll need the track before then - the sooner the better! :)

The main backing music has already been created by another musician, but this track is very ambient and intentionally different in tone to the track that you will provide. I would imagine your track to stand out and ooze with funky vibes for the scenes that it will be used.

Here's an example of what i'm looking for:

This is an unpaid offer, I'll feature your name and website link in the game's credits sequence, which will also be on a CRT monitor ;)

Feel free to reply here or PM.

Beginners' Technical Questions / Issue with acsprset size
« on: 21 Aug 2015, 17:55 »

I'm having some trouble with the size of my MAGS game, i've only just noticed the colossal size of the sprite file - It's 818MB!

I may have been a little ambitious when exporting animations from After Effects but I have gone through and removed any frames that could be editor handled (repeated frames etc).The game is running in 640x400 in 32bit, I'm using 32bit because there are some alpha dependent animations for GUI overlays etc.

The thing that has me baffled is that my actual assets folder (from which I import my sprites) is only 255MB, is the AGS compression adding that extra 563MB?

This is made worse by the fact that i'm not even finished with the game, plus who wants to play a 818MB+ MAGS game? Finding hosting would also be a pain!

Is there anything I can do? I've checked my sprites in AGS and only the essential ones are there.


Guard Duty is an ambitious puzzle adventure game, following in the footsteps of titles like
Monkey Island, Day of the Tentacle, Simon the Sorcerer and the Discworld series.

The game features a unique three act story with an open world to explore, carefully paced
puzzles and two radically different timelines.


When a teenage apprentice stumbles upon his father’s collection of Demonic literature he
learns of a long forgotten ancient ritual, a recipe for destruction, death and the promise
of immortality.

With evil in his eyes the apprentice embarks on the journey of a lifetime, one reaching
far across the depths of time and space.

'An exchange of royal blood for an eternity on the throne, to be king of the underworld,
ruler of the mortal realm.’


Take control of the first dynamic duo with a heritage line spanning multiple millennia!
Destiny speaks of two men that can stop the young soon-to-be ruler of the world, well,
more like one and a half men:

Agent Starborn, time travelling Lieutenant General of the Guardians of New Haven!

...and Tondbert, Night’s Watchmen of Wrinklewood, part time drunk and three quarter dwarf.


As you puzzle your way through this unique three act story you will get to do a bunch of cool stuff like:
Catapult yourself across a bottomless chasm of doom, save a Knight from a giant Sandworm


Previously working on this as a hobby project I've now moved to full-time development.
I'm handling all the sound, design and art related duties whilst my friend Andy does all
the tricky programming work. I'm really excited to hear what you all think, the game is
expected to release in Q3 this year if all goes to plan.

Art, story and game design by Nathan Hamley
Programming and additional game design by Andy White


Follow us:

Indie DB

The Rumpus Room / This is Halloween, this is Halloween!
« on: 31 Oct 2014, 19:26 »

Halloween! Halloween! Halloween! Halloween!
Halloween! Halloween!

Everyone hail to the pumpkin song.

Did anyone else dress up? I did the rounds at a few charity shops and whipped mine up this afternoon. Daryl Dixon from The Walking Dead :=

It's been a long time since I've posted something here for critique, mostly because all I do is top secret game stuff. := I'm practicing drawing high-res art between the HOURSANDHOURS&HOURS of pixel art I've been slaving over.

So I recently tried converting some of my pencil sketches to digital, kinda comic book style. I'm pretty sucky at digital painting so I'm trying to find a colouring technique that is flat and easy to reproduce.

Would appreciate critique on any area of these, proportions, line weight, colour etc. They could both do with a background, but that can wait for now!


The Rumpus Room / Doodleham!
« on: 09 Mar 2014, 02:12 »
Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :=

I have finally started on this tumbledryer thing, so far I am following (what a nice way of saying 'stalking') Mr Ben 304 and Waheela (hello!).

I have added some old sketches and will be tumbling on a regular basis, quality of posts may vary but will always involve a doodle :-D

Any requests? :)

I hope this isn't a dumb question and i'm missing something obvious, i couldn't find any mention of it on the forum.

Is there a way to have the wait cursor convincingly loop? In respect to how the animation is handled by AGS, rather than art related issues. My problem is when the script is blocked the cursor shows and animates, but if a line of code is run and then it's blocked again the cursor animation will replay from frame 0. Changing views (or variables in general) between blocking commands kills the looping impression.

Any help? I'm sure someone has ran into this problem before :)

Hello faithful Internet family! I have a game making question.

I'm trying to display a small image in the bottom right of my message box for the display command, I'm looking to have a looped animation play, like in traditional RPG's. Is there a way to retrieve the x and y coordinates of a text window edge? Or maybe the bottom right of a text window GUI?

I'm guessing after getting the coordinates I'll be able to check if the text window GUI is on and display another GUI with the graphic at the x and y. Am I looking at this the right way? I have a habit of doing these things ass backwards :)

Mucho thanks!

So, who watched the Sony conference yesterday?

They have revealed the PS4, with featured such as live streaming of your play session to remote devices, high end graphic capabilities, the ability to play games whilst they download and a system with a one touch boot that continues your previous session state (much like the DS).

Media Molecule (the minds behind little big planet) have created a game based on sculpting assets with the move controller and using these to create a game, they had an amazing demo of their team using the move controllers to animate 3D puppets.

There is a very nice looking title called Deep Down with a superb set sequence featuring a dragon and lots of pretty particle effects.

There's a lot more, links are up on most gaming sites. Go check out the next generation of gaming, looks like Sony may be back on top!

Eager to hear people's opinions here, I'm a sucker for Playstation, would like to hear some opinions from those less easily impressed :)

The Rumpus Room / So... AGS at work? *Shhh!*
« on: 23 Apr 2012, 15:38 »
So i've recently started a new job, it really couldn't be better! I'm working in my chosen field (media) and everyone is super nice. I've found the job to have certain indisclosed perks, one of which is the killer 3G connection that this town has, my phone browsing is almost as quick as my home Internet connection!

So today I find myself with nothing to do and the whole AGS forums in my pocket. I -want- to spam every thread with Chicky nonsense, but I'll contain myself.

So, anyone else find themselves on the forums at work? I only wish I had my game plan handy so I could work on that :P


Geeked out for a minute, then snapped a photo. First time i've seen a commercial AGS title for sale IRL.

These are fine times for AGS  :)

Colouring Ball: 30th Jan - 14th Feb

Lights! Camera! ACTION!

Someone's lost the storyboards, you've been tasked to fill in! Why do you not have any sensible shaped paper Mr Spielberg!

Pick your favorite film (or game!) and attempt to fill this obscure shape with a prop/character/scene etc.

Critics' Lounge / Spiral staircase - perspective help!
« on: 20 Dec 2011, 23:11 »
Howdy, i decided to go the hard route and install a spiral staircase. Problem is the contractors are having an issue with making the stairs.

I can't get the left side to look right, after the third redraw i figured someone more awesome could maybe help?

General Discussion / Start saving!
« on: 25 Sep 2011, 20:25 »
This looks like the best thing ever, i wonder how accurate it is? Apparently an October 2011 release at around $200.

General Discussion / Disco disco disco!
« on: 28 Aug 2011, 01:08 »
Kenny, stop sending me spam. That is all. I keep thinking I have new emails regarding job applications D:

Hi guys, i'm desperately in need of some responses for a questionnaire i'm running. It's in aid of a research project i have undertaken as part of an assignment for my final year at uni. It's quite specific and maybe not so relevant to a lot of you, but hell i just need to make up the numbers!

It was designed to be sent to full time game developers, so the questions tend to lean towards 'in your experience in the industry'. A little role play may be in order here.

If you could complete the questionnaire to the best of your ability, for anything you're not sure on just make an educated guess. The responses are anonymous, i just need some data to analyse.

If you notice any errors, do let me know! Thank you kindly in advance!

General Discussion / Mad cheap 3D Software - Save $1,150
« on: 15 Feb 2011, 14:04 »
Okay, there's only 10 hours left of the promotion. Some of you may have already spotted this but i'm a bit late on the update.

I'm no 3D guy but this offer may benefit some of you so i figured it worth a post.

Pre-purchase Messiah Studio 5 for just $10 or $40 for pro version, a saving of $1,150.

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