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I haven't been very active in the forums for a while now. But I've been super busy on another AGS project that's not a game. I've using our beloved engine to make music videos now!

It started with Zuri, the musician who kindly let me use one his songs in a teaser trailer for The Unprintable MAGENTA. We've become good friends since, and co-worked on various projects. So this one time, he wrote a new synthwave song, and then somewhat shyly offered it for a soundtrack for a future project -- and I loved it, and instantly knew where I wanted to use it. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized the song demands a more fleshed-out visualization. Ideas started flowing, and within 15 minutes I had a detailed concept for a whole music video. And since I don't have After Effects, I took to the one program I know: Adventure Game Studio. It was an insane decision, for many reasons, and it took its toll - but..

...some 2,5 months later, the video is finally done:

UPDATE Jan 10, 2017:

And here's another one -- which I did as a fan tribute for one of my favorite synthwave artists, VHS Glitch (and which he liked so much it is now the official video for the song)! This one I've done mostly in MOHO/Anime Studio, which I got recently and started playing around with -- BUT after some initial trials I decided animating all the keystrokes would be crazy, I made virtual organs in AGS. Then I grabbed the footage of myself whamming the hell out of my trusty keyboard and put the animation of that into the animation (laugh)

UPDATE Oct 30, 2017:

Here's a Halloween special!

Some time ago, after seeing my first video, the French synthwave band ELEVN, whom I'd been following with great interest from the start, approached me about creating visualizations for their live gigs. And so, over several months of blood, sweat and tears, driven by madness and black magic, I concocted the darkest, craziest creation of my entire life. This time it's pure-bred hellspawn of AGS, with no other magic involved: inanimate objects and undead characters moving around, vanishing and reappearing, changing size and tint in real time by the power of The Code... MUAHAHAAAA!!! (laugh)

UPDATE May 3, 2018:

Took me a while to get back into the swing of things - but I'm back with a new video made in AGS:

The song by the talented singer/songwriter/pianist Jennifer Doll nudged me in just the direction I'd been wanting to go: to do something cartoony and weird, silly and dark at the same time. Think Tim Burton meets Amanita Design. It also gave me the inspiration to keep going with these little, simple videos I make in AGS. I was actually originally making this one in Open Shot Video Editor - but when you have a 7 year old computer, playing with video editing software is more dangerous than juggling bricks of uranium. So after the damn thing started spazzing and almost fried my CPU, I went back and re-assembled the video in AGS. Oh, the things you can do with dynamic sprites and some tricky coding. Suffice it to say that there's barely any frame-by-frame animation - except the rolling paper ball, because I was lazy. Everything else - characters extending arms, the falling droplet, the leaf, the chewing caterpillar's head - is rotated/resized in real time by code. It seems I also figured out the code for character jumping (with the slow deceleration in mid-air and getting pulled down by Earth's gravity). Wish I actually knew the first thing about designing platformers because I could totally make one now ;)

UPDATE June 17, 2018:

And one mooooooo-re ;)

I was listening to this song by Here On Mars on one hot, sunny day & started slowly dozing off. Then this dream vision of a blue cow with orange patches against a red Martian sky hit me. That's when I knew it has to become a video. Originally I planned it to be just a series of static images of cows grazing, repeating and progressively turning more and more psychedelic. But the song is just so clever and insightful that I had to do more than that to do it justice. I tried to reference the lyrics in creative ways - with cows at the center of the metaphors. The result is six minutes of complete madness that might only make sense to me ;)

Site & Forum Reports / No e-mail notifications
« on: 03 Mar 2016, 09:11 »
I've noticed that I stopped receiving e-mail notifications for PM's, topic replies, etc. I haven't changed my notification settings or e-mail. Anyone else experiencing this?

Deep in the night, when evil is most rampant, who's going to stand up against crime?

Witness the birth of a superhero.

Help her embrace her power and tackle the evil of this world.

With might, wit and a sharp tongue.

Mostly because her superpower is pretty lame.


- look at everything till you get a pink eye
- touch stuff -- if only to see just how lame your superpower is
- talk to people - mostly to get yourself out of a sticky situation
- try to get used to the sound of flip-flops
- learn more about comics than you'd like to
- make the headlines
- and last but not least: FIGHT CRIME!!!


- a deceitfully young-looking, charming heroine
- action and danger!
- a slew of handsome men to flirt with
- a whole band of supers with equally lame abilities
- long-lost twin sibblings?
- surprising, astounding, scary and/or disgusting facts comics and other nerdy stuff
- astonishing graphics in 16K (that's right, siksteen kolors!)

(updated version with better optimization -- if the intro runs slow/out of sync on your computer, this might help)

...or, if you're busy, not convinced yet, or Ben Chandler, you could at least

UPDATE JUNE 17, 2017: unreleased extras

It's been almost a year since I posted the news of a planned update. Soon after that I abandoned the almost finished project to work on music videos also made in AGS, and never got around to finishing and releasing the game's update. Some technical hurdles aside, I figured no one would care to play the game again just for these few extra scenes.
So yesterday I thought I'd simply post them here as videos -- because they're fun little things.
The first one is an alternate scene of what happens when Magenta falls through the mahole:

This one is an alternate Mortal Kombat scene:

...and so is this one:

And finally, this one's is an alternate ending of what happens when Magenta falls from the top of the skyscraper:

I've also had ideas for many more scenes -- so many, in fact, that I decided they'd require a separate game to make sense, rather than fit them into the existing dialogue trees.
The cop choosing a different carreer path:

Karbon merging with a symbiote:

Karbon and Magenta as Tuxedo and Sailor Chibi Moon:

...and them mutating:

Unfortunately, I ultimately dropped all these ideas, as well as the planned sequels, and moved on. I am still toying with the idea of Magenta returning as a comic or an animated series, but no gamedev plans as of right now.

Adventure Related Talk & Chat / else Heart.Break()
« on: 26 Sep 2015, 11:02 »
[embed=560,315]<iframe width="560" height="315" src="
" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>[/embed]

It's a new game from the guy that made Blueberry Garden and it looks pretty SWEET! It appears to be an adventure/RPG game with emphasis on interacting with other characters and hacking various devices. The trailer doesn't hint to a bigger plot: no grand conflict to resolve, no great danger or some such -- but... maybe that's a good thing? I like a game that lets me just walk around, talk and enjoy the views -- where nobody's trying to shoot me and where I don't have to watch my every step. Even Fez got too hardcore for me past a certain point.
What do you guys think? Has anyone heard of/played this one? Thoughts?

Loading savegames and displaying menus works just fine when the game's not busy with some blocking action. The problem is much of my game consists of dialog trees leading to cutscenes leading to new dialog trees -- during which loading and menus are unavailable. And even though I can have menus pop up by putting them in rep_exec_always, and that part works ok-ish (other than character speech displaying over the menus), loading savegames can't be put in rep_exec_always at all. All of that makes the checkpoint system I devised, with quickloading buttons, etc, not just clunky (because it can only be accessed when the character's walking freely), but impractival and inconvenient, along with such basic functions as being able to leave the game at any time (other than Alt-X, which is not quitting game, it's aborting it). Am I missing something really simple here or are those hard-coded behaviors that just are how AGS works and there's nothing you can do about it?

I'm trying to make a simplified savegame system, based on autosaves/checkpoints. The game saves automatically when a certain point in the game has been reached -- and there's a checkpoint menu where the player can go back to any previous checkpoint (but not a checkpoint they haven't reached yet). The checkpoints would be auto-saved via SaveGameSlot command and loaded by the player clicking their respective buttons in the menu (which would run the "RestoreGameSlot" command). The question is:

- how do I get the game to detect whether a given savegame exists, most conveniently by the number I gave it in the code (say, 21 for the 1st checkpoint in Room 2)
- which property should I assign to the respective button if a savegame is absent: clickable = false or enabled = false?
- should I have those properties checked upon loading the checkpoint menu or somewhere else?

Also, another problem with savegames is that the game can't be saved inside cutscenes, only when the character is walking freely. If I put a savegame inside a cutscene, at the end of which a dialog is started or my custom fade-in gui runs, after the savegame is loaded it looks like none of these have been executed (there's no dialog started/the screen stays black). Is there an elegant workaround for that? Because the only way I managed to make it work is have a timer set to 20 cycles and disable all mouse modes, so that the player can't do anything in that time, save the game then, and enable the mouse modes again when the timer's expired.

The game's gone LIVE! You'll find the Completed Games thread

When the night falls and evil roams the streets of Some City - she comes to the rescue:

...a girl with the power to turn everything she touches pink (laugh)

Experience the thrill of being a night time crimefigher by playing
(scroll to the end of this post for details on gameplay/GUI)

She will venture boldly into the city's darkest corners!

She will strike fear into the hearts of the evil-doers.

She will meet new super-friends -- and have a super fun time with them:

Every superhero needs a sidekick. Or two! Meet Magenta's new posse!

Vandalism! Praise of anarchy! These are the issues a street-level superhero will have to tackle on a daily -- or nightly -- basis!

The Unprintable MAGENTA was originally meant to participate (and emerge victorious!) in last month's MAGS, whose main theme was sub-par heroes: superheroes with useless powers. I instantly thought of Magenta - a comic I'd made for my girlfriend, with her as the titular superheroine. For the game's sake, I tweaked the original concept significantly, making Magenta more cartoony -- and her adventures more goofy than heroic.

Due to time contraints I wasn't able to make it in time -- and so I decided to continue my work on it as a regular game. Now, unburdened by deadlines I can flesh out certain aspects of the game and add some things I'd previously left out. But the basics remain the same -- and so the game will feature:
- hi-res graphics in astonishing 800x600 resolution and no less amazing 16 colors of the EGA color palette:

- six in-game locations
- six interactive characters - plus two that you cannot really see, one that can't talk at the moment, AND an animal (that can't talk, either -- especially not right now)
- heavy emphasis on dialogue: Magenta's superpower isn't exactly super, so often she will have to talk way out of dangerous situations
- the danger is real, so make friends with the Save button!
- walking around in a skimpy pink dress isn't always dangerous, though. Sometimes it's just funny. Or, if you're the one wearing it, humiliating, frustrating and infuriating (but be aware that you look funny when you're angry)

UPDATE: November 24, 2015:

It this real life? :shocked:


After a year and four months in production, Magenta is nearing completion. Can you believe it?!

It's actually been pretty much done for quite a while now -- just missing a few crucial bits of audio, without which it wouldn't be complete. But everything came together, eventually. And theeen, when I thought I was ready... I stumbled upon a piece of music that I instantly fell in love with. And saw a story in there that needed to be visualized. So I asked the composer if I could use his tune for the game's intro -- and the rest is history :D

And since Magenta's finally got an epic intro sequence, it's only natural to crank up the awesome in the outro, too. So that's what I'm doing now -- and hoping to make it by November 30! Not gonna be easy! I've spent some 12 hours straight last Saturday on a sequence that's not even a minute long 8-0 So wish me luck!

UPDATE: November 29, 2015:

The game's gone LIVE! You'll find the Completed Games thread


I'm not a fan of horror games, nor those based mainly on logical puzzles -- but this one really caught my eye:

They released a demo in English for Windows and OS X. Played it just now, and it blew me away. Oh man, the graphics... It was inspired by Zdzislaw Beksinski's art -- but I see a hint of Giger and Chet Zar (the guy responsible for Tool videos) in there, too. Give it a try -- the puzzles are pretty intuitive, with some very easy "pick-up-and-use-nearby" combos but the logical puzzles are trickier, and complex enough to keep you entertained. Also, if you're interested, the game's halfway through its IndieGoGo campaign -- it already reached its goal, but it's still going, with two stretch goals.

DISCLAIMER: I'm not affiliated with the makers of the game, just spreading the word about a fun game being made in my neck of the woods ;)

The Rumpus Room / Misheard game titles
« on: 24 May 2014, 21:39 »
So the other day I was listening to the Blue Cup Tools podcast and one of the guys said something about Sam & Max -- I forget what it was, because what sidetracked me was how I pictured the spelling of the title: "Salmon Max". Must be the pun demon in me. Here's a few others I came up with -- including some commercial AGS titles:

Some maritime pair o' ducks

Jim and I rule

Resin ants

...and some more random AAA titles:


Bile Shuck

Kneed. Forced. Peed.

Anyone else got something?

Ahoy, fellow travellers and explorers of imaginary worlds! The time has come for another

Fortnightly Writing Competition


Hands up if you've ever heard of Kalisz and/or have an idea where that is? Where's Timbuktu and what's living there like? Topeka, anyone? There's a song by that name, by Jon Gomm -- who actually visited said Kalisz two years ago (and with whom I had a drunken conversation). Aaaaanyway... The song evokes a certain mood and brings nice images to my mind. I know nothing about the place, nor do I have any general idea of where it is (somewhere in the US is all I can tell) -- but the music makes it sound nice. So if I ever tour the US (say, promiting my alien erotica series "256 Shades of Gray"), I might stop by!

Think of a place that you know close to nothing about. A place you only heard the name of or saw a single photo of. Heard it mentioned in a song? Do you have any idea what it is: a tropical island, an African village -- or a city halfway across the globe? No? GOOD! :D If nothing comes to mind, you might go ahead and write about the aforementioned Kalisz. What do you THINK it's like? Don't research it. Just let your imagination run wild. You can make everything up: the geography, the climate, the weather, the local customs... Is it a fun place to visit -- and why? You tell us! Convince us that this is the place to go if you're looking for, say, adventure... Or good food! Crazy food? Parties? Cultural events? Sights? Or maybe it's one of those places where you'd want to stay forever, because it's nothing like where you live. Stir our imaginations! Write a story of exotic romance, daring excursions to dangerous places -- or a mellow diary of just wandering about, marveling at the views and talking to people.

Go -- and be sure come back by May 21 (or May 22 if you travel counterclockwise around the globe), with a handful of imaginary tickets to lands unknown!

Greetings, fellow wordsmiths and keymashers! The time has come for another

Fortnightly Writing Competition


We love written word. We love writing -- and reading. We have our favorite books -- and those we didn't like. Or hated. Or just didn't care about. Was it the genre that didn't meet your taste? Was it the style? Did the topic make you cringe -- or did the main protagonist cause you to fume with anger? Or maybe you just yawned your way through the book, happy to throw it away in the end (or conveniently "lost it" -- in a trash can -- like a very practical friend of mine once did)?

The challenge: try to re-create that feeling for us, the readers. Anger. Nausea. Nothing. Write a story about a topic that makes you sick -- and own it! Write it like you mean it. Throw your preferences out the window and try your best to become the next Stephenie Meyer. Write a first-person narrative featuring the most annoying character imaginable -- and rather than creating a conscious parody, try to actually make them as real and convincing as you can. Explore the character, try to understand and explain their motivations. You don't have to believe any of it, yourself. The ultimate goal is to make us, the readers, believe it -- and hate it just like you did ;)

You have time till midnight PST, March 28. GO!

Completed Game Announcements / Monty the Komodo Dragon
« on: 03 Oct 2013, 01:04 »

No, he's not an actual dragon. He's just a lizard. A very, VERY big lizard. He's also a husband to a loving wife and a father to a lovable child. As a dutiful housekeeper, he is the one providing for his family. His ever hungry and glutonous family...

So, he sets out on an exciting, dangerous quest for food. He'll visit many places and face many, many dangers -- and some downright atrocities, too.

Yes, all in-game graphics are made using pictures of animals, animal parts, animal products -- and various excretions.

Also, Monty is voiced by yours truly. It's one thing to impersonate Matt Berry channeling Gandalf -- conveying feelings through grunts exclusively is a whole other story!



Critics' Lounge / Voice-over samples
« on: 04 Sep 2013, 15:07 »
I'm only getting a hang of my new mic and all the do's and dont's of voice training and audio engineering -- but making funny/scary/bad-ass voices has always been my hobby. So, without further ado - presenting my voice-over demo reel

The first two samples are try-outs for a voice-over for Gray:
Gray and the farmer's first encounter
The monarch denying Gray's request
It's nothing serious, though, just me having fun. I would love to do a full VO, but with about 3500 multi-sentence lines to go through, it'd take a LOT of time and effort. Also, I would have to do a Kickstarter campaign for cough syrup alone ;)

I also did two random, unrelated demos:
My version of The Trailer Guy
Dragon voice
The grim overtones in those two might be the result of my sugar withdrawal :P Days 6 and going strong!

And last but not least, for reference, here's my actual voice.

General Discussion / Interesting webseries?
« on: 03 Jun 2013, 21:23 »
Always looking for some creative/interesting/thrilling/funny webseries. Fiction. Comedy, parody, sci-fi... Is there anything new and exciting/established and consistently fun out there you'd recommend?

If I were to recommend something, I'd say: The Vault and Wastelander Panda


[embed=560,315]<iframe width="560" height="315" src="
" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>[/embed]

The Vault's been around for quite a while, and it's actually nearing series finale. It's been consistently exciting, with clever writing and a lot of suspense. Not to give away too much: it follows the participants of a weird reality show -- each locked in a separate room, alone. Each of them has to solve a puzzle -- one designed specifically for them. No explanations are given. They aren't even sure what the goal is.


[embed=560,315]<iframe width="560" height="315" src="
-gr7sw5TnA4JNoT" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>[/embed]

Wastelander Panda, on the other hand, is a new one, with just three episodes out. It's about... well... a panda wandering the wasteland. A humanoid panda, that is, with a human companion. The three episodes so far show three stories that seem to be far apart in chronology -- but each is great in its own way. Some are more action-driven, with cheesy karate fights, some are slower and more tense. Great visuals, too.

Anyone else got something?

Gray is currently successfully conquering the English speaking world -- as well as territories where people speak Polish (Poland, obviously, the UK and Ireland, and Chicago). If you'd like to witness Gray's current mastery of both langages, you can/should/must download the game HERE. Also, knowledge of German is currently being surgically extracted from my brain. But that's not nearly enough! Gray's ambition is to take over the WHOLE world and speak ALL languages :D

So yeah, I'm currently looking for brain donors... Uhh, I mean, translators -- of any language. Spanish and Portuguese would surely help to expand Gray's reign -- but if you know Swahili, Mongolian, Cantonese or Basque, you are also more than welcome onboard.

Now, it won't be an easy task. My rough estimate is that the whole dialogue list is 100 print pages long, at around 3500 multi-sentence lines. A lot of it is very technical language, different speech registers (formal vs informal), imitating accents in writing -- and idioms. If you ever dealt with translations -- be it prose or technical -- you might have a idea just how much thought needs to go into it. Hell, I spent a lot of time and brain power translating from English into my first language -- all while understanding what I meant in English, because I wrote it. Understanding someone else is something quite different. So while good understanding of English is a must, obviously -- I'll try my best to explain every question/doubt you might have. Also, the translation needs to sound like the actual target language, not a google translation, where the words are, say, Spanish but the sentence structure/idiom is English.

Not meaning to SCARE people off -- sorry if I came across as threatening :D I'm not that, I'm just a total language nerd -- and I'm looking for fellow nerds, because no sane person will take up this amount of job for free :)

If there's anyone still reading this - congratulations, brave adventurer ;) Click to read on!

Add spoiler tag for Hidden:
I will try to make it easy and help you in your quest as much as I can:
- there is basically no deadline, and with this much work, done for free, I couldn't possibly impose deadlines on people wanting to HELP me, right? I think I've scared people enough with my requirements alone :P
- it would be awesome if your language had only up to 30 letters or so -- because that's how much my current and favorite font editor can handle. If it has more... well, I'll have to figure something out/probably ask around the forums for technical help
- if you're not sure what I mean by a particular phrase/sentence -- or how and why exactly it's supposed to be funny -- don't hesitate to ask. With most words a dictionary or google will help you (just type [insert word] and "definition") and it'll give you a decent explanation, but idioms and puns can be tricky. Once you understand what a given phrase means, you'll need to look for something that conveys the same idea (in the case of idioms), or uses the same set of words (in puns, which are often based on the combination of two items), but DOES NOT HAVE TO BE the exact copy of the original. You will stumble upon some real toughies. They might take some time to figure out. Best thing to do: write them down and go on to the next thing, we can get back to it later. I will make a list of some that were difficult for me to translate.
- I have a basic understanding of Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Dutch -- and I still remember some Russian from elementary -- let's hope we can make use of that!
- I'm planning to do the German translation by myself -- but if you'd like to help/take over, that'd be awesome :) I will have to have it proofread by a native speaker of German, anyway. Tabata volunteered (she's tireless!) -- but the more the merrier, right?
- if I get more than one offer of help per language, we can divide the job, and then one person could proofread/help out with the other's part

So... Anyone?


Ok, I guess we could translate the game into cricket chirp :P

Completed Game Announcements / Gray (E3 version is here!)
« on: 30 Nov 2012, 21:08 »



(check the updates at the bottom of this post for details)

Fear and tremble, Mr. Zuckerberg, for Gray has raided Facebook

Meet Gray - an unbearably cute and insanely smart alien. Follow his unfortunate excursion to Planet Earth. Help him conquer Earth.

Uhh... Wait, no... Help him find his ship.

And THEN conquer Earth.


- look at everything -- and learn things you never knew. Or never WANTED TO know.
- touch or grab everything -- only to learn it's futile at best, and also dangerous.
- talk to everyone - and everything! -- and get in some WEIRD arguments.
- use EVERYTHING on EVERYTHING -- and hear a detailed explanation of why exactly this particular combination makes no sense at all. Or is dangerous. Or STUPID.
- marvel at Gray walk on his lopsided legs
- learn how to cleanse your ears (and other orifices) properly
- face death -- and laugh it in the face. Or at least chuckle awkwardly...


- a devious, yet lovable and cute main character
- a hick with itchy fingers
- an environment influenced by the time of the day
- duck hunting
- moth hunting
- pixel hunting
- Lo-Definition graphics in astounding 4C (four colors)
- surprising, astounding, scary and/or disgusting facts about all kinds of things
- over 20 original audio tracks
- unique responses to each action (mostly sarcastic in tone)
- over 3500 lines of dialogue (mostly monologue, actually)
- language versions: English, Polish -- and more coming up...

Profess your allegiance and love for the invader on Gray's facebook page

News update Dec 2, 2012:
- if anyone has problems unzipping the file, pm me and we'll try to figure it out.
- jesli ktos widzi krzaczki w polskiej wersji po zaladowaniu save'a zachowanego w wersji angielskiej - to na razie moge polecic po prostu zaczac gre od poczatku. Poprawie to, przetestuje - i jesli nic nie bedzie krzaczyc, to puszcze poprawiona wersje w tygodniu.
- if anyone experiences problems with Polish fonts after loading a save game from the English version - the only fix right now is to restart the game from scratch. I'll fix the issue within the week.

News update Feb 4, 2013:
- Gray is taking over Facebook. Check the site for updates, video-trivia and random stuff.
- planning to start on a German translation soon
- more extra content is being considered

News update April 5, 2013:

The Easter Egg Edition is here! You never knew it was coming -- and it's a week late. But look at it this way: a second wave of alien invasion is not something you'd see coming. Even when it's late. Oh well, let's say it's Easter 2014 Early Edition!

The Easter Egg Edition features:

- Easter eggs, obviously (that includes ACTUAL Easter Eggs)
- two new and fully interactive inventory item (and one of them is... yup, you guessed it!)
- lots of bugs -- such as bees, termites, fireflies, a moth, and mosquitos
- a free pass to places you had no access to, before
- a possibility of Gray dying instant death in some of those places (so... make friends with F5)
- Gray's rise to power -- and the subsequent fall (may or may not include death)
- Gray getting rich (or dying trying)
- uncomfortable questions he was afraid to ask -- finally asked (and guess what?)
- new old cutscenes -- same stories, but each with a little twist (the intro will asstound you!)

The Easter Egg mode is off by default, so that those new to the game could have a fun, safe, straightforward game experience. If that is at all possible with Gray.

How do you turn the Easter Egg mode ON, then? If you're super hardcore adventure gamer -- you'll find your way. For normal, sane people, here's a little poem:

Keep going east, although it's hard
Or pr*ss a butt*n right *t the st*rt
Press it again - and holiday's end

Download the Easter Egg Edition HERE

(in case you were wondering about the 23Kb/s download speed -- MediaFire is eerily slow tonight, hope it gets better!)

EDIT: Nevermind, most likely a hardware issue, something overheating (from playing silly Crush The Castle: Tower Defense earlier today, most likely). I haven't had a problem like this in years, but it isn't a first for me. Repeated tests made it look like it's having a hard time basically loading ANYTHING after a few operations have been performed, leading it to overheating and erratic behavior. It took AGES to load the game, but then it ran perfectly.

Gave it 6 hours of rest, and I probably won't start working on it again till tomorrow.

I introduced a Yes/No GUI popping up when you try to overwrite an existing savegame. I disabled the feature that fills the textbox with the first savegame's name, so that you can enter a new one each time - but if you click on one of the list, the game asks you if you're sure you want to overwrite it. Got all of it figured out and it seemed to works like a charm - except for one thing that I didn't even notice at first. The script (the part in bold letters) that I used as a trigger:

if (txtNewSaveName.Text == lstSaveGamesList.Items[lstSaveGamesList.SelectedIndex])
    gOverwriteYN.Visible = true;
    } not right. It recognizes if the name of the new same is identical with the selected savegame - even if I try to modify it and revert to previous state (say, delete a letter and then put it back). But I need it to recognize ALL the savegame items, not just the one currently highlighted -- and I can't seem to find the right code for that.

Hints & Tips / Barely Floating
« on: 17 Aug 2012, 21:39 »
I'm stuck with a bunch of things:

Add spoiler tag for Hidden:
1. I'm trying to get the bartender to wash his beard, but I can't get shampoo from my room.
2. I tied the rope to the statue and my cabin's door. Guessing it'll knock out the unwanted occupant of my room when he opens the door - but the problem is he won't.
3. I'm guessing the cyan dye will help me get Mohombian currency - but the painter won't let me near it.

Talked to everyone, exhausted all topics available at this time. Not sure what to do now.

Is there a way I can change the edges' coordinates inside the room script if/when I want to (say, after a specific event)? In the room's properties, the edge values are referred to as LeftEdgeX, RightEdgeX, etc - but I can't seem to find the right code for changing them.

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