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Hints & Tips / Wilfred help
« on: 05 Mar 2018, 16:43 »
I am stuck in Wilfred.
Can't find anything to do.
I even tried turning the AC on to get the cat moving.
Any help is appreciated.

I did a search and found no helpful threads for this.
I plan on having Poe (made own character) and Sherlock Holmes as both controllable characters.
How can I make it so I can switch between characters?
Thanks for any response.

Reality-on-the-Norm / Share RonN characters
« on: 08 Feb 2016, 22:11 »
Go to  to download alot of my characters mostly modified RonN characters
Enjoy.  All pics are public, download all you want.

General Discussion / Heads up on new netframework
« on: 30 Nov 2015, 15:40 »
Net framework 4.6 is out. Might impact development.

Adventure Related Talk & Chat / Jo99 Games
« on: 07 Nov 2015, 16:02 »
This french person makes some really good flash games.
Obviously a talented artist.
Enjoy the game.
You might have played Humanoid 47.

General Discussion / warning message
« on: 30 Oct 2015, 15:02 »

You have received a warning for spamming in regards to the message:

Please cease these activities and abide by the forum rules otherwise we will take further action.

The Adventure Game Studio | Forums Team

I have a bunch of pictures of characters in the intro room.  I created a bunch of hotspots and made a bunch of looks.
The message gui comes up and the type is up to the top of the box, even part of the type is above the box (not seen).
How do I fix this. Help and seaches didn't help.
Thank you
I created gTextbox. Went to the gui editor and changed settings. Gave it a light blue background and got rid of all the images.  I still
have dark blue crosses around the box and I couldn't find how to move the text downward in the gui box.
I also went to General setting and set on to use gTextbox.

General Discussion / Belle Visual Novel engine
« on: 01 Jun 2015, 19:51 »
I found a nice Visual novel making program.
It seems to be the easiest engine to use.
A visual novel is different than an interactive story.
You don't have to type words like "use" to move the story along.
Now if they added more graphics and walk cycles it would be perfect.

General Discussion / Bad robot walkcycle
« on: 18 May 2015, 18:27 »  This is a link to my Imgur photos. All are public. There is a new
Bad robot walkcycle.
They need a little coloring work.
Feel free to download whatever you want.
To use the bad robot image, you probably need to get
permission from the director of Star trek (newest version), I forget his name.
I think he might agree to let someone use the image because no money is made and it is good
advertising for his production company.

Reality-on-the-Norm / Modified RotN characters
« on: 02 May 2015, 21:41 »
It is public on Imgur.
Download whatever you want.
It is some characters with Steampunk hats, and other characters.

I uploaded some modified RotNorm characters to Imgur.
Feel feel free to download. It has some RotNorm char as elves, some modified with Steampunk hats.
Go to Imgur
Download what you want. It is public.
Just in case you run into problems, I made the character sheets with TexturePacker. The files are .png files.

Modules & Plugins / Old modules
« on: 25 Apr 2015, 14:50 »
Is there an effort to rewrite modules to update them to 3.3.0 and up?

General Discussion / Rags interactive fiction system
« on: 10 Apr 2015, 19:44 »

This is a nice interactive fiction system that allows you to make a graphical interactive fiction game.
It can use layered images (png, jpg) etc.
It is a little weak on documentation right now. I am having a hard time finding out how to add pictures of the Player, characters, objects, rooms.
Check it out.

General Discussion / Spark Game Engine
« on: 12 Mar 2015, 18:13 »
A new game engine that is supposed to be done with no programming and if you choose with programming.
They said 3D characters can just be dropped in.
They are taking sign ups for the Beta release.
2D and 3D.

General Discussion / Escape Game Maker
« on: 27 Dec 2014, 21:00 »
A little maker for escape games.  A bit simplistic, but a nice little online resource

Reality-on-the-Norm / Elf Reality characters
« on: 13 Dec 2014, 19:21 »
I have modded some Reality characters with hobbit ears.
When I am done with them, I will post them here for download.

I had to put my Reality on the Norm Elves on facebook. See the link feel free to download

General Discussion / Quicken from 1990
« on: 20 Nov 2014, 22:00 »
Does anyone have the 3.5 floppy of Quicken around 1990? Or just a download.
I created the resident bank at St. Coletta in 1990. I used Quicken.
I might need to use it again.
Weird request I guess?

An adventure\an hidden object game(not overdone on the hidden object). Very good and well worth the low price.
Nice graphics, sound and music.

Recruitment / nine man morris
« on: 19 Aug 2014, 23:26 »
I am looking for a programmer to script the middle ages game "Nine man morris"
I don't think it is a big game, but would have more advanced AI.

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