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Adventure Related Talk & Chat / Love for Scott Murphy
« on: 01 Oct 2018, 08:04 »
I have just learned that Scott Murphy (one of the two creators of Space Quest) underwent surgery for cancer. Latest news that it went well. There's a go-fund-me page if you would like to participate financially or mention him in your thoughts.

I just wanted to add that Scott Murphy is the reason I became a game developer. Space Quest shaped my childhood, and during hard times, his work lifted me up and gave me hope. I still play Space Quest to separate my mind from the cruelty of this world every once in a while.

I felt I reached my highest in game development when Scott sat down on his PC and recorded a few lines for a cameo appearance in one of my games. Until now I still think it was a dream and I play that part over and over to make sure it really happened.

I love you Scott more than anything <3

Love for Scott Murphy

Advanced Technical Forum / Recording sound clips in-game
« on: 18 Jul 2018, 06:44 »
Hi there!
I was wondering if there's a way to make AGS access the mic to record a voice clip and store it in a file.

Thanks in advance!


Is it possible to set a default viewing size [x2,x3 or x4...] for the IMGZOOM tag so when the post is opened, the image would appear at a specific zoomed size instead of the original size?

something like [ IMGZOOM default = 2 ] etc...

<< Coloring Ball: W. O. W. >>

Howdy, stranger! The name's Blatz, Fester Blatz.
Welcome to World O' Wonders! Go ahead.. oops!
Those Alien scum stole everything from my shop!
Talk about leaving the store for a minute to check
on some LOSER messing with the elevator machinery..
Please help me fill my shelves and counter with cool inventory souvenirs!
Tell me what is your item and its origin!

I'd like to have items that fit this tiny shape:

You may:

Rotate the shape 90, 180, 270 degrees;
Flip the shape horizontally or vertically;
Color the outline;
Use animation (no extra points though);
Submit as many items as you wish.

However, you can only use colors that are supported by the SCI0 EGA palette from here:

Submission is until July 4th where voting begins. Make sure to submit between 10am and 5pm when W.O.W. is open. Be careful of Phleebhut's zapping scorpions!
Good luck everyone!

Trophies: 1st, 2nd and 3rd winners get the famous Space Quest 3 'Wait cursor' in Gold, Silver and Bronze!



Oh all the goodies! Please people have some class!
One at a time! One at a time!
Please vote for your top 3 items!

Please use this format to choose:

1st: <number>
2nd: <number>
3rd: <number>

Winner Announced!!!

Well! Well! Well! We have a winner good fellows!
Congratulations slumber!
You won the golden trophy of this Coloring Ball!
You get to be the host of the next round!

And congratulations to Privateer Puddin' and Krysis!
You two get a silver trophy as well!

Congratulations to Pling!! You get the bronze trophy!

I want to thank everyone for being so awesome! This Coloring Ball
is nothing without all your shared art and magnificent imagination
filling a little shape with only 16 colors! I'm sure many space heroes
and travelers will be very pleased with all your items!
I'll buy all the expensive meals from Monolith Burger! Woohoo!
I love you all! <3 <3 <3

An interesting history lesson by Ahoy :)

Hi all,

I'm toying with translations now and I managed to get a true type font with accented letters and all, I imported the TTF to the engine and all the characters appeared at the "Selected font settings" tab.

However, in the editor, any special letter appears as a question mark ( ? ). I thought it was an editor thing, and that when the game is running it won't be like this. But I was wrong.

Note that when I label a button in the properties grid on the right side of a GUI, I can see the special letter (not in the GUI, just the properties grid).


AGS Build
v3.4.1, January 2018
res 640*400*32

<<  Coloring Ball: Retro Computer   >>

Let's welcome 2018 with some beautiful memories of our older computers! Try to fill the shape with anything from the good ol'times :)
Remember when you got your first PC?
Remember when your favorite game was released?

Please fill the shape with those beautiful memories and if you want please share with us any backstory associated with the shape!


1. You can flip the shape vertically and/or horizontally.
2. You can rotate the shape 90, 180, 270 but not 360.
3. Animation is a plus!
4. You MUST include at least one hardware part.
5. You can draw games' related art as long as rule 4 is applied.
6. Use as many colors as you want, color the outline if you want to.


Deadline: December 25th 2017
January 5th 2018

1. Funkpanzer
2. Tabata
3. Cassiebsg
4. Rocchinator
5. Klatuu

Winner Announced!

We got an absolute winner!

Everyone voted Funkpanzer first place! So guess what? Funkpanzer is first place!
Please take this old PC endlessly ejecting golden floppy disks!

Second and third had a tough fight!
The second entry is Klatuu's!
Please keep this PC ready when the Zombies attack!

And the third entry is our lovely Tabata :-*
Please accept this national treasure PC! (Yours is the best because it has a mouse now (laugh) )

Thank you all for stopping by!
Thanks for the lovely entries by all of you! Thanks to Cassiebsg and Rocchinator for their entries and better luck next time :-*
Thanks for voting! Commenting and participating in any way :-* :-*

See you in the next coloring ball by:


I tried so hard to do a task, and when I got desperate I honestly searched a little :-[

What I'm trying to achieve is to give the player the ability to draw lines on a specific area on the screen. I'm using a GUI as the area. And a hHotspot1_Interact() as a trigger. The effect I'm looking for is the same idea when drawing lines using normal paint programs. That is, when the left mouse button is pressed over a point and the mouse moves while the button is still down, a line is drawn between the clicked point and the current mouse location no matter where it moves.

I managed to do that part well.

Then, when you finally decide that the line is perfect for you, you release the mouse and the line is drawn permanently. I managed to make the final line gets drawn but not permanently. It stays until you try to draw another line then it disappears :-\

I'm sure I have missed something simple, or misplaced a lines.. and that I would be embarrassed later :-[
Could someone please help?

Here's my code:

Code: Adventure Game Studio
  1. // room script file
  2. int prev_mx, prev_my;
  3. DrawingSurface *surface;
  5. function hHotspot1_Interact()
  6. {
  7.   DynamicSprite* Field_Spr = DynamicSprite.Create(640, 300, false); //drawing area is top 3/4 of the room..
  9.   surface = Field_Spr.GetDrawingSurface();
  11.   //The desired GUI to be drawing into
  12.   gCSTiles.Visible = true;
  13.   gCSTiles.Clickable = false;
  15.   //saving the previous mouse xy
  16.   prev_mx = 0;
  17.   prev_my = 0;
  19.   //saving the first point of the line
  20.   int mx = mouse.x;
  21.   int my = mouse.y;
  23.   //The lines is drawn here and moves smoothly with the mouse movement
  24.   while ( mouse.IsButtonDown(eMouseLeft) )
  25.   {
  26.     surface.DrawingColor=65535;
  27.     surface.DrawLine(mx, my, mouse.x, mouse.y);
  28.     Wait(1);
  29.     //clearing the old line until the player is satisfied with another line
  30.     if ( mouse.x != prev_mx || mouse.y != prev_my )
  31.     {
  32.       surface.Clear();
  33.       surface.DrawLine(mx, my, mouse.x, mouse.y);
  34.     }
  35.   }
  37.   surface = Field_Spr.GetDrawingSurface();
  38.   //draw the 'permanent' line
  39.   surface.DrawLine(mx, my, mouse.x, mouse.y);
  41.   gCSTiles.BackgroundGraphic = Field_Spr.Graphic;
  42.   surface.Release();
  43. }

The Rumpus Room / What's on TV?
« on: 26 Jun 2017, 21:48 »
Like the sister thread *Guess the Movie Title* try to guess what's on TV now, a guess should be complete though mentioning the title, season and episode numbers as well.
Here's something to begin with:

<< Coloring Ball: Furniture >>

I have a 2x2 meters empty space in my living room. I don't know what piece of furniture to put there. I don't mind what material, style or age. All I care is to get a unique piece that has a story behind.

The piece of furniture should be within this shape:

You can fill the shape and the outline
You can use semi-transparency but no empty pixels or complete transparent parts allowed
You can flip the shape horizontal or vertical
You can rotate the shape 90, 180 or 270 degrees
You can use animations (plz do!)



Last day for delivery will be April 25th.

Okay! Great entries everyone! Time to vote 8-)

1. DBoyWheeler
4. blur
2. blur
5. arjOn
3. Tabata
6. Cassiebsg

I can't envy you it's a hard decision! 8-0
Please vote by using the number of the entry as follows:

First: x
Second: y
Third: z

Good luck everyone!
Voting ends May 6th!

Winner Announced!

..aaaaand we have a winner!

Third place goes to Cassiebsg for the Arc-Sim gaming system!

Cassiebsg please enjoy your 3rd place trophy!

Second place goes to blur for the Kitschy Digital Cat Clock!

blur, here's your 2nd place trophy!

Let's all give it to our winner of this coloring ball, arjOn for the 2x2 meters inflatable party swimmingpool with a water slide!

arjOn, please accept the first place trophy!

Hope to see you all soon in the next Coloring Ball by Mr. arjOn! Can't wait to see what he's hiding for us! (laugh)

Thank you all for participating, voting and helping me make this coloring ball! And special thanks to Klatuu and Kumpel for their creativity even though they didn't make it in time, I can still find a spot in my house to add those beautiful pieces :-*

This is totally for a cosmetic reason.
I've been toying with the idea of making a few leaves fall of trees and a few dust particles here and there.
I also came to some parts where I will have to introduce rain.

So I thought, I came to the point where I must use the snow/rain plugin or anything similar I might be unaware of. I wanted to know ask first before I use it.

Game's settings:
AGS 3.3.3

  • Which is the best version to use for the game's settings?
  • Can it be used to rotate the sprites while they fall?
  • Can it emit as few as 3 sprites only?

Critics' Lounge / Framing a room
« on: 18 Oct 2016, 07:14 »
Well, I am in the middle of creating a room full of objects and trivial details. I used the word 'trivial' but I don't really believe there are trivial pixels in adventure games. You can never depict where players can find clues..

So in order to make things more fun, I though maybe if the "less important" details could be reduced in size, players might get the impression that they are not that important after all without ruining the art. Those objects will be scattered all over the room which is an interior of an antiques store.

I thought maybe I can pull a King's Quest V trick by reducing the size -hence resolution- of the room and putting it in a frame over a background of the store's exterior (of which is another room in the game)..

What do you think of this technique?
Do you think I used it correctly? Any changes? thoughts?

Advanced Technical Forum / Animating TextWindowEdge
« on: 09 Oct 2016, 07:17 »
The title says it all.
Is there a way to animate the edges of display text boxes? (e.g assign the edges to views..)

General Discussion / Java applications on github
« on: 22 Aug 2016, 18:55 »
Hi all :)
I am looking for applications in github for a research study. I've used many and I cannot reuse what I have found in future researches ???
If you happen to know any good java application that has a bug record please let me know!

Applications requirements:

  • Must be written in java and has .java files in the github bracnhes
  • Must have at least 3 years of revisions history
  • The more bugs the merrier
  • Must have at least 300 java classes (also the more the merrier)

Please let me know if you came across any good candidate over there :-* The domain and the platform of the software is not important. If you're not sure about the number of classes (or the number of bugs) please don't hesitate to mention the application, I can search for those ;)

<< The Fabric of Spacetime >>

Anomalies are happening everywhere in the universe. Scientists can't decide what are they yet. So far, most of the theories are going with random cracks in the fabric of spacetime. Scientists sent a few objects through them and they just disappeared and never came back. Some theorists claim they are time rips, specially that some major historical evens have changed after a few people jumped in some of them. The cracks can appear anywhere, in public places, under your dinning table, in the middle of the ocean, in the atmosphere... they have no limits.

Their shapes are different but mostly like this sprite:

They can be rotated 90, 180, 270 degrees
They can be flipped horizontally or/and vertically
The outline can be colored
They MUST be animated
The animation is at least 3 frames *

Space Quest IV TimeRipTM


Deadline is August 16th 2016, however due to the current events, there is a chance someone may travel through time and change this date.

* Except animations using color cycling

Voting Time!

Please vote for your favorite 3 entries by mentioning their corresponding numbers under each animation! To make things easier for everyone please use this format:

First: ##
Second: ##
Third: ##

Good luck to all participants! Voting ends August 25th 2016!


Spoiler: ShowHide

No. 16 (nsfw)

Winner Announced!

The participant sprites were literally in a race fighting for the first place! As I was calculating the score, some were fighting very well for the trophies (nod)

3rd Place

by CaesarCub
2nd Place

by Riaise
1st Place

by Cassiebsg

Congratulations Cassiebsg for winning this coloring ball! and Congratulation to Riaise & CaesarCub for the 2nd and 3rd trophies!
Thanks to all contestants, all your sprites are wonderful and are now placed in The Intergalactic Museum Of Cracks (laugh)
Thanks to all voters and everyone participating in this coloring ball :-*

I'd like to personally thank both Creamy and Blondbraid for letting me host this coloring ball since they were the winners of the previous one and a little too busy :)

See you soon on the next Coloring Ball by Cassiebsg!

Advanced Technical Forum / Fading day/night
« on: 30 Mar 2016, 10:03 »
Hi all,

I have two backgrounds for a room, (0 = day, 1 = night )
I can change between them using SetBackgroundFrame.

However, I found this code extract in the manual:

Code: Adventure Game Studio
  1. DrawingSurface *mainBackground = Room.GetDrawingSurfaceForBackground(0);
  2. DrawingSurface *nightBackground = Room.GetDrawingSurfaceForBackground(1);
  3. mainBackground.DrawSurface(nightBackground, 50);
  4. mainBackground.Release();
  5. nightBackground.Release();

I am trying to make the day background fades into night. The manual says:

Quote from: AGS Manual
TIP: If you want to gradually fade in a second background, create a copy of the original surface and then restore it after each iteration, otherwise the backgrounds will converge too quickly.

I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong, it is working exactly as the manual warned: (otherwise the backgrounds will converge too quickly)

Code: Adventure Game Studio
  1. DrawingSurface *mainBackground = Room.GetDrawingSurfaceForBackground(0);
  2. DrawingSurface *nightBackground = Room.GetDrawingSurfaceForBackground(1);
  3. DrawingSurface *copyBG = mainBackground.CreateCopy(); //is this a correct way to create the copy of the original surface?
  5. int i = 90;
  6. while ( i > 0 )
  7.   {
  8.     mainBackground.DrawSurface(nightBackground, i);
  9.     // I'm not sure how to use the copyBG here and how to restore it :/
  10.     copyBG.DrawSurface(mainBackground, 0);
  11.     i --;
  12.     Wait(1);
  13.   }
  15. mainBackground.Release();
  16. nightBackground.Release();
  17. copyBG.Release();

Game stats:
AGS version 3.3.3
Res 640x400 32 bit
Direct 3D 9 hardware acceleration

Thanks in advance  :)


I managed to get a gradient effect with this:

Code: Adventure Game Studio
  1. DrawingSurface *mainBackground = Room.GetDrawingSurfaceForBackground(0);
  2. DrawingSurface *nightBackground = Room.GetDrawingSurfaceForBackground(1);
  4. int i = 90;
  5. while ( i > 10 )
  6. {
  7. mainBackground = Room.GetDrawingSurfaceForBackground(0);
  8. mainBackground.DrawSurface(nightBackground, i);
  9. i --;
  10. Wait(1);
  11. mainBackground.Release();
  12. }
  14. nightBackground.Release();
  15. mainBackground.Release();

Hey all :)

I am stuck at this, I am trying the following:

When the player clicks a hotspot, a dynamic sprite appears at (x1,y1) and moves to (x2,y2) NoBlock style, then disappears or get ignored behind a walkbehind if possible.
I managed to make the dynamic sprite appear, but I can't make it move non-block. And I can't control its baseline (it is even possible?)

This is by far what I managed to do: (creating and displaying the sprite) :-[
Code: Adventure Game Studio
  1. DynamicSprite* stone = DynamicSprite.CreateFromExistingSprite(object[1].Graphic);
  2. DrawingSurface *surface = Room.GetDrawingSurfaceForBackground();
  3. surface.DrawImage(100, 280, stone.Graphic);
  4. surface.Release();
  5. stone.Delete();

The player can click the hotspot again while the dynamic sprites from the previous clicks are displaying and moving.

Note that when the use of dynamic sprites is introduced to me.. I panic.

Game info:

res: 640x400 32-bit
Direct3D 9

<<    AGS Murder     >>

Ta Tata..   Ta Tata!

Ta Tata.. Ta Tata.. Ta Tata.. Tata Tata!

A murder has shocked the AGS community. An AGSer's body have been found brutally killed in their apartment. However, the murderer forgot that you - a simple Coloring Ball artist - managed to capture evidence that lead directly to the murderer. Help solve this crime by filling this hand crafted shape:

So far, we know that the murderer is AGS related, they could be an AGS game character, or even an AGSer. Draw clues that lead to the murderer but please do not point directly to them. Let us guess as soon as we see the filled shape. The identity of the victim should also be indicated in the drawing, also let us guess.

Criminal Laws:

You can color the outline.
The shape can be rotated 90, 180, 270, 360 degrees only.
You can flip the shape horizontally or vertically.
You are allowed to use animation.

AWARDS (1st, 2nd, 3rd, and Guest of Honor)

Murders due date is March 31st where accusations begin


Please consider the following cases and vote for your favorite witness

Jack the Ripper









As for selmiak's entry. I decided to give it the guest of honor medal because both the murderer and the victim were not based on AGS characters.

Voting is open until April 8th

Winner Announced!

Thank you all for voting! Three AGS-murder cases have been solved. Thanks to our great witnesses and their talent illustrating the crime scenes.

3rd place:
2nd place:
1st place:

Our lovely selmiak got the Guest of Honor medal:

As for the murderers, the authorities are working hard to find and arrest Jack The Ripper. As for Andail and AprilSkies, we are glad to announce that they have been arrested and sentenced to make AGS games for the rest of their lives (laugh)

Our hearts and thoughts go to the victims' families: AGA, Snarky and AnasAbdin, you'll always be missed.
Now if you'll excuse me, guy at the gate won't let me in unless I complete my AGS project :-\

See you in the next Coloring Ball hosted by our winner Kumpel ;-D

P.S. Hey AprilSkies.. Every time you hear a door creak, see a flickering light.. know that I'm not done with you yet

General Discussion / Planet IX
« on: 21 Jan 2016, 16:40 »
If you are interested, a new study shows evidence that a Neptune-sized planet lurks beyond Pluto in a distant orbit that completes a spin around the sun every 15,000 years.

It is also available as a pdf

This image shows how far the orbit of Planet IX and the current location of Voyager 1

Here's the orbit of Planet IX

An explanatory video:


Beginners' Technical Questions / Rotating large sprites
« on: 19 Jan 2016, 07:40 »
Hello :-[

I am trying to make a sprite that is larger than the room to rotate. The sprite covers the entire room and tens of pixels more in each direction. I'm trying to make it rotate around the center of the room exactly at the point[320,200] forever. I tried using dynamic sprites but I couldn't make it work.

Question 1: Will it slow the game?
Question 2: How do I do that? ???

This is an illustration of what I'm trying to do:

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