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I'm not sure why but it's taking two clicks on dialog options to fire???


I have come across a situation.

I have a scrolling room 2028 x 768 (Res is 1024 x 768).

There are two doorways, one at each end.

However, GetViewportX is not showing as it should...

I am using:

Code: Adventure Game Studio
  1. //Room Load
  2. cJonesP.x=58 +GetViewportX();
  4. //And calling in room and player is not showing where he should be at the top left.
  5. cJonesP.SayAt(50, 0, 1000, "I have a sneaking suspicion I may not be alone.");



Of course this works:

Code: Adventure Game Studio
  1. function repeatedly_execute_always()
  2. {
  3.   cJonesP.x=58 +GetViewportX();
  5. }


I have an object moving eNoBlock and I need to disable any key being pressed because it halts the object moving.

Is there a workaround?


Edit: This seems to do the trick

Code: Adventure Game Studio
  1. //Top of Room Script
  3. function on_key_press(eKeyCode k) {
  4.   ClaimEvent();
  5. }

***Made for March MAG: the monthly competition 2018***

Can you ever trust a monster? See the clash of these monster titans as they vie for their own curse lifting cure where loyalty and friendship seem to vanish!

During a heavy storm, Dracula, Frankenstein and The Mummy have broken out of Arkatem monster asylum and are making their escape. They plan to find Transylvanian Gypsy, Romona who an inmate said will be able to lift their curses. Of course, three is a crowd so you must decide who you wish to help get his curse lifted.


Dracula hears a Werewolf

The Mummy comfronted by a Piranhadon... a prehistoric nightmare!

The Mummy looking for items he needs to lift his curse in the land of the evil dead!

320 X 200
32 Bit color
Direct3D 9 hardware acceleration
Speech Font: Slightly larger due to some other games having speech fonts I can't see very well.

Download FrightFest: Dracula vs Frankenstein vs The Mummy.

Would someone please me remind me of adding a blank space in a Label.

A label appends to what has been typed into a Textbox. Well, I want the Label to always tab 1 space each time it is used. Similar to [ in a label only a space.

Hope you understand.



I was wondering if we could have what Modules/Plugins each member has made, along with links on each members profile.

Could this be done? It would also have a direct link to the Module/Plugin for easy access.

What do you think?

I could not see slider to adjust Gamma settings on the control panel in-game full screen.

Upon looking at the function I noticed they had mysteriously turned to false:

Code: Adventure Game Studio
  1. if (!System.SupportsGammaControl) {
  2.     // If we can't change the gamma settings, disable the relevant options.
  3.     sldGamma.Visible = false;
  4.     lblGamma.Visible = false;

I had only positioned elements and did some cosmetics..

AGS 3,4,0,14

Editor Development / Shakescreen horizontal movement
« on: 08 Mar 2018, 15:44 »

Would it be possible to add Shakescreen option of Horizontal shake instead of just Vertical shake if future editions?


MOD: Obviously was meant to be in Editor Development..

              ---------------------------------February MAG---------------------------------

Finger of Suspicion
Was it the ghost of fairfax manor that murdered Dorothy Moore or was it by the hand of the living?
This is a unique search by keywords(s) that you hear from suspects or see to further your investigation.
Can you solve this murder mystery? (With some help from your pet rat, Hugo.)
Prototype version...
Download Game

My thanks to all those that helped bring this game to life with their voices.


1024 X 768
32 Bit color
Direct3D 9 hardware acceleration


Beginners' Technical Questions / Can't use Mode 10
« on: 18 Feb 2018, 16:32 »

I have added additional mouse modes 8 and 9 and they work fine...

However, I need custom mode 10 though ags only supports 0-9 normally afaik...

I do get it to show the cursor in-game but its mode name does not show up in hotspot/object properties so I can't add interactions..
A text label indicates the selective mode is true.

Is there a sure fire way to use mode 10?



I have a video file which plays but it is quite sluggish (slow, stutter) with  a kind of echo.

its is 6.86mbs.

game is 1024 x 768. 32 bit. 3d9

it's .ogv in the compiled Game folder..

Code: Adventure Game Studio
  1.  PlayVideo("pierre_death.ogv",0, 0)

Any suggestions for better video play?

EDIT: .mp4 plays Ok at 5.17mbs

EDIT EDIT: Since the widescreen format doesn't add much, I changed the video resolution from 1280x720 to 640x480.
The .ogv now works perfect.

Recruitment / [HELP FOUND] CLOSED: People to record very short videos for MAG...
« on: 02 Feb 2018, 03:41 »
This thread is now closed and positions filled...


Februrary MAG.

Title: Finger of suspicion. An investigative drama. Think of 'Her Story' as this game is based on searching by keywords from statements said to further the investigation.

During a dinner party at Fairfax Manor, socialite Dorothy Moore had been found dead. The police have sent you to investigate as they can't fathom out her unexpected death.

Lord and Lady Fairfax say it must have been the ghost of Fairfax Manor that had murdered Dorothy Moore by scaring her to death.

Was it really a ghost that killed Dorothy Moore? You must use all your detective instincts and deductive skills to find out if it was murder by a  ghost or by a living person by seeking out clues.

Use your Investigative Search facility to delve deeper into clues you discover/hear that will help solve this mysterious death.

Your pet rat, Hugo will squeak if he hears a lie.

This game will be very GUI based.

Positions Available:
I need reliable males and females to each record about 30 short videos (5-13 seconds each) that answer specific 'search' questions.. Now open to all nationalities...   Also someone to redraw/paint a few existing backgrounds...

There will be 9 characters:
* Lord Fairfax
* Lady Fairfax
* Simon Fairfax
* Jeeves the Butler
* The Cook ...... Taken
* Philpot the Gardener
* Perre Aufrère a dinner guest ....... Taken
* Jacalyn Aufrère a dinner guest

End of February.

Interested parties can reply to this thread or contact me via PM.

More details on request.



---------------------------MAG Jan 2018---------------------------

When your prime motives are misunderstood.

Download Here

Story Line:
Larry 'Fingers' Brown is living in a squalid room and is down on his luck. Suddenly,

whilst reading the days newspaper he sees that a Celebrity Diamond ring worth 2

million pounds is being auctioned and is being hosted at a local jewelers... He can't

believe his luck and gathers his burglary tools and sets off to steal it not knowing

what fate lays ahead.....

My thanks to Cassiebsg for her wonderful Backgrounds and animations...


640 X 360
32 Bit color
Direct3D 9 hardware acceleration

Download Here

Beginners' Technical Questions / Maths expert required...
« on: 17 Jan 2018, 15:41 »

I have a maths problem that needs solving...

Code: Adventure Game Studio
  1.   LWeight.Text=String.Format("%d",Weight);
  2.   LWeightOZ.Text=String.Format("%d",Weight_Ozs);

It's lbs and ozs.

16ozs equals 1lb

I have it so that when ozs reaches 16 then lbs go up by 1.

What is NOT happen is any remainder ozs should stay in the ozs label.


 1lbs 9ozs then you add 8ozs which gives 2lbs 1oz.

I am loosing the 1oz so labels show 2lbs 0ozs

Maths expert required...

Trying this

Code: Adventure Game Studio
  1.  if(Weight_Ozs>=16){
  2.  Weight_Ozs-=16;
  3.  Weight+=1;

Can end up with - ozs!


Editor Development / Suggestion
« on: 16 Jan 2018, 08:43 »
It would be good to 'Show this room's': Everything - as an added option..

Advanced Technical Forum / Illegal exception error
« on: 12 Jan 2018, 09:48 »
Electric went and now trouble with age:


Illegal exception
An exception 0xC0000005 occurred in ACWIN.EXE at EIP = 0x0041E7F9 ; program pointer is +3330, ACI version, gtags (2,2)

AGS cannot continue, this exception was fatal. Please note down the numbers above, remember what you were doing at the time and post the details on the AGS Technical Forum.

in "room2.asc", line 23

Most versions of Windows allow you to press Ctrl+C now to copy this entire message to the clipboard for easy reporting.

An error file CrashInfo.dmp has been created. You may be asked to upload this file when reporting this problem on the AGS Forums. (code 0)

any ides?


Advanced Technical Forum / Linear Interpolation Switch
« on: 02 Jan 2018, 09:00 »
Is there any way to switch Linear Interpolation on/off in game?

Or is it hard coded during setup options?

Completed Game Announcements / It's a Bugs Life
« on: 01 Jan 2018, 06:26 »

Life in the garden can be pretty dangerous if you are a Bug.
Download "It's a Bugs Life"

Story Line:
Poor Bert Bug fell off the dog on the way to the new family home: a shed. Now Bert Bug has to find his way to their new home which means walking through a dangerous garden filled with assorted characters, some are friendly and some are not.
This is definitely a case where some invisibility would help!
Will Bert Bug make it home in one piece and be reunited with his family?

This endearing game is not too long but you will need to find solutions to problems you face on your quest to make it home...
Some Characters Bert faces:
* Shah Snake
* Baz the Red Ant
* Sammy Slug
* Freddie Frog
* Marvin Mantis
and more.....

Includes a mini game with Mick Mole...

Screenshots [Long Scrollable Room):

320 X 200
32 Bit color
Direct3D 9 hardware acceleration
Download "It's a Bugs Life"

AGS Games in Production / Crispian de Foe: Ghost Man....
« on: 23 Dec 2017, 18:12 »
Crispian de Foe: Ghost Man....

A dark and sinister world for Edwardian crime-fighter Crispian de Foe....

The Background styles emulate his view of this new world: almost colorless....

Story Line

In Edwardian London, crime-fighter Crispian de Foe had pursued for many years his nemesis whom the police nicknamed 'The Mask' because he leaves a playing card of a mask with a message on which became his calling card.

In 1905 Crispian de Foe had finally tracked The Mask to a lair deep below the streets of London.
A hot chase ensued leading de Foe deeper down into the sewers. With each breath he took he shortened the gap.
On a bend he lost sight of The Mask when suddenly, out of the shadows a heavy object hit de Foe on the back of the head.
The next thing he remembers was waking up strapped to a table and being taunted by The Mask who proceeded to annihilate de Foe with gamma rays.
Crispian de Foe was never again to see his beloved Edwardian London.

In 2004 a construction company unearthed him from what was once part of a sewer tunnel. Things would never be as they once were for de Foe, nor for de Foe himself.
His heart pumped at around four beats a minute, when suddenly an hour later his heartbeat increased. Over the next 2 hours de Foe's heartbeat returned to normal and soon he made a full recovery.

He was unaware that the gamma rays had empowered him with special abilities. On leaving hospital he began to experience these special abilities and became Ghost Man and continued to fight crime with the police.

Screenshots in production:

Completed Game Announcements / Nov MAG: The Gourmet
« on: 30 Nov 2017, 06:37 »
------------------- November's MAG: 'Contest' by Riaise -------------------
  The Gourmet
A cultural experience of an adapted 50's comedy radio show.
Download The Gourmet
Those that remember Hancock's Half Hour will understand the comedic content. The series was written by the great duo Galton and Simpson between 1954 and 1961.
The show started off on radio and it is this period that I chose to pay homage to the show.
The episode I chose was called 'The Gourmet' and as far as I am aware it was never made for television.
The script for this game has been adapted and amended to suit the game idiom.

This is more of a cultural experience than a game although there are a few interactive elements along the way like choosing items from a menu. Put the dog out, draw the curtains, Sit back, relax and indulge in pure comedy genius....
There are three central Characters:
* Tony
* Sid
* Bill

Tony is a short, stout man who owns a terraced house in Cheam. He is a bachelor and lives alone. He has a lower than average intellect but fantasizes that he has a much higher intellect and believes he knows about things more than others. He believes he knows about Kipling, Byron, Shakespeare, Dickens and about all the famous artists when in fact he knows very little apart from what he's read in Reader's Digest. He has very few friends as they can see right through him. This never stops him trying to impress people. He often lodges out rooms to people so he can 'educate' them in the finer points of food, art and literature.

Sid is a street-wise man who has been around the block a few times. He is a wheeler and dealer and is often involved in petty crimes though nothing major. He lodges with Tony as the rent is cheap and he can often wrap Tony around his finger. He often gets Tony involved in his schemes which generally fail much to Tony's bemusement.

Bill is an Australian and is a 'Tag along' man who has very few friends and often tags along with who ever he can. Ever since he met Sid in a boozer he has tagged along with him. He often falls in with Sid's schemes. He also lodges with Tony from time to time. Tony hates Bill calling him 'Tubs' which he does every time.

Story Line: Sid meets a man in a pub who is a promoter of eating contests. Sid's mind immediately draws to Tony who loves food and says he is a gourmet. Always looking for a quick buck Sid talks Tony into entering the eating contest. Enter Steam-Shovel Tony!
* The Restaurant
* The Extraction
* The Contest
* The Finale

320 x 200
32 bit color
D3d 9

bon appetit (laugh)

Download The Gourmet

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