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Yeah, I watched the latest Tomb Raider movie along with the original Raiders movie today and noticed something very interesting, for me at least:


I had a great time with the new Tomb Raider movie: It totally felt like the games and you could really tell when Lara was going through a tutorial level at the start (the boxing-ring intro and the bicycle delivery fox-hunt race)...Although she seems to use what she learned from the boxing tute much more often than what she learned from the cycling tute...

I also liked the new spin of eliminating the expected supernatural elements and replacing them with real-world reasons and motivations...

But, that aside, for the adventure gamer within me this is why I really wanted to say something about these different movie series:

The major thing I noticed, after watching both movies, was the streamlining of puzzles in the new Tomb Raider vs the way puzzles were handled in the Indiana Jones movies:

In the Indy movies the movie makers really make sure that the audience understands exactly how every single puzzle is solved:

In Raiders: You see the exact step-by-step process Indy goes through to find the location of the Well Of Souls...

And you understand why the Nazis fail because of lack of information.

A better example is actually in The Last Crusade concerning the Grail Diary entries about solving the 3 challenges once approaching the final chamber of the Grail.

This is something they mirrored in the new Tomb Raider movie and, well...

In the new Tomb Raider we have an almost identical conceit in that the main character is following the journal of their parent and using it to figure out how to solve the puzzles in the tomb.

But, here's where I felt a big disconnect between classic (Indy) storytelling and modern (New Tomb Raider) storytelling styles:

Lara solves the puzzles by using her father's journal but we (or at least I) never actually see the page entry or the particular reasoning behind her solutions. The audience just has to kind of trust that Lara has read that shit and knows what she is doing.

She just climbs up the vault door and turns the wheels in a way that is a lot like what she did with the karakuri puzzle tube she opened earlier, but we, the audience either have to pause the video about a hundred times to understand how the symbols link up (I guess they do) or just trust Lara that she knows her shit.

It's a lot like the difference in adventure games where the player must either write down the combination lock number to manually input later or the game just assumes the character has remembered it and then you can open the lock by just clicking on it.

I'm not really sure which way is better for everyone but, for me, I prefer the Indy movies where I can understand the puzzles and how they were solved instead of just trusting in the character's ability to solve them.

This post of mine may be a very wise insight on post-storytelling-storytelling or some such rubbish or it might just be actual rubbish...

What do you think about these two approaches to characters dealing with puzzles in movies and, more importantly, in games?

If someone was to release a commercial game called 'Lost Episode Of The Twilit Zone #1: The Monsters Arrive In Nod River" including a redone montage of the opening credits but with the words changed just enough and a good Rod Serling impersonator under a slightly different name doing the narrative:

Would this fall under the protection of fair use/parody or could it get slammed with a C&D?

This is concerning an AGS member who used to be super-active around here and a very talented artist and game dev called Ghost.

I just read that he has deleted his DeviantArt page at some point, which now makes me worried about the dude.

I wasn't hugely close with him but the times when we did talk he was always a super nice guy and very supportive!

Does anyone have contact with him and/or know how he is doing?

« on: 14 Jul 2018, 17:14 »

Werewolves have infiltrated a tiny village!
Can the villagers rid their town of this evil
before they, themselves, are all devoured?

Town Roles:

The players who have Town roles do not know the roles of any other players. They will only be informed by the game host via PM of their own specific randomly-determined Town role.

Any player in the game is welcome to communicate with any other player via any form of outside communication (PM, group chat, IRC, facebook, telephone, facebook, etc.) but Town players should probably think long and deeply before doing so... Your "trusted friend" could be a wolf in cheap clothing!

Ability: None
Alignment: Good
Description: A villager is just a normal member of the town. They have no special ability.

Goal: A villager's goal is to help eliminate all Evil alignment players from the town. A villager's only real tool to help do so is their daily vote for who to lynch. A villager wins the game even if killed before this goal is obtained and thus should be willing to sacrifice themself in the place of a more important Good role if such a situation arises.

The Seer:
Ability: Scan another player's role once per night phase.
Alignment: Good
Description: Possessing psychic powers, the seer may select another player to scan once per night phase. That player's role will become known to the seer. Selection of player and scan result is done via PM with the game host.

Goal: The seer's goal is to help eliminate all evil alignment players from the town. The seer should also seek to keep their role secret from the Evil players for as long as possible as the Evil players will be searching for the seer as their most valuable kill on their path to victory. The seer should be very careful with whom they privately share the intel they have gathered on the Evil players and should probably only publicly reveal their role and this intel in a desperate situation or if the importance of the data outweighs the risk of their own death. The seer wins along with the rest of the town if all Evil players are elimated from the town, even if the seer is already dead by this point.

The Fool:
Ability: None
Alignment: Neutral
Description: The village idiot.

Goal: The fool's goal is to get themself lynched. The fool only wins if they have been lynched. Getting killed in any other way does not count, nor can they win along with the normal town goal of eliminating all Evil players. A win by the fool does not negate any other wins in the round nor does it stop the round from continuing. The fool should try their best to somehow pose as an Evil player to hasten their lynching.

The Bodyguard:
Ability: Guard one player per night phase.
Alignment: Good
Description: The bodyguard is willing to sacrifice themself to save the life of the one they are guarding. Each night-phase the bodyguard may communicate to the game host via PM the name of the player they are guarding. If the guarded player is selected to be killed that night-phase then the bodyguard will be killed in their place and the guarded player will survive.

Goal: The bodyguard wins along with the rest of the town if all Evil players are eliminated. The bodyguard wins whether still alive at this point or not.

Scum Roles:

The players who have Scum roles all know the identity of all other scum players. This information will be given to them by the game host via PM at the start of the game.

The Scum players are strongly advised to get in touch with each other via any form of outside communication (PM, group chat, IRC, facebook, telephone, facebook, etc.) to organise their team strategy for defeating the Town...

Ability: Participate in one nightly kill. Knows who all the other werewolves and alpha werewolf are.
Alignment: Evil
Description: Every night the werewolves change from human to wolf. The alpha werewolf decides the target that they will attack and kill.

Goal: The werewolves' goal is to kill all non-werewolf players. In reality this usually means reducing the town population to the point where the good players can no longer maintain a majority or tied vote against them for lynching. All werewolf players win the game at this point whether alive or dead. The werewolves should try their best to appear to be a non-werewolf role by whatever means possible.

Alpha Werewolf:
Ability: Decide on and participate in one nightly kill. Knows who all the other werewolves are.
Alignment: Evil
Description: Every night the werewolves change from human to wolf. The alpha werewolf decides the target that they will attack and kill. This decision is communicated to the game host via PM. If the alpha werewolf is ever killed (or goes inactive) a new alpha is chosen from amongst the remaining werewolves randomly by the game host.

Goal: The werewolves' goal is to kill all non-werewolf players. In reality this usually means reducing the town population to the point where the good players can no longer maintain a majority or tied vote against them for lynching. All werewolf players win the game at this point whether alive or dead. The werewolves should try their best to appear to be a non-werewolf role by whatever means possible.

Current Role Setup:

Villagers: 3
Seer: 1
Fool: 1
Bodyguard: 1

Werewolves: 2
Alpha Werewolf: 1

(This setup will change if more players join before the game begins)



This is an interesting, short, and quite fun, if a bit random, variant of the usual Mafia/Werewolf forum game that I played years ago and remember with fondness.

The advantages over the usual Mafia/Werewolf game is that it is simple and easy to play without a deep knowledge of the various roles:

There are only 3 roles and all are simple to understand:

The King: The King is the target of the Assassin and must hide their role to the best of their ability, pretending to be a normal Guard. The King does not know who are Guards or who is the Assassin. The King wins the game if the Assassin kills one of the Guards instead of him.

The Assassin: The Assassin's goal is to kill the King. The Assassin does not know who is the King. The Assassin only has one shot to kill the King with. The Assassin may use this shot even when lynched. The Assassin wins the game if they target this one shot at the King. The Assassin may use this shot even in a round where they are not lynched but would probably be crazy to do so, or maybe if they must leave the game due to RL issues.

Guards: The Guards' job is to protect the King even at the cost of their own lives. The Guards all know who the King is, but the King does not know who are all trustworthy Guards. The Guards win the game if the Assassin targets a Guard instead of the King.

Setup: After every player has signed up to the game they will be sent a private PM from the game host telling them their randomly determined role.


If anyone breaks this basic rule then the entire round is corrupted and becomes a waste of everyone's time.

Gameplay: Each discussion round will be about 48 hours in length to provide the most opportunity for discussion within the thread before voting for lynching.

Once this time has passed the Voting Phase is started by the game host:

Every player votes for another player to be lynched.

In-thread player discussion is still welcome during this phase.

The lynched player is killed and may no longer participate in the game.

If a Guard has been lynched then the game continues and it is known that it was a Guard that was lynched.

If the Assassin was lynched then they get to use their one shot to try to target the King.

If the King was lynched then everyone in the game, except the Assassin, and maybe the King, was a complete moron. (laugh)

The voting phase will be about 24 hours or until everyone has voted.


But non-players are quite welcome to follow along as passive audience members.

SIGN-UPS: For this first round I will be the game host and want about 6-10 players. I will keep the sign-ups open until at least 6 players have joined but more than that is fine.

Please express your interest in playing here in this thread but don't sign up unless you think you can be active at least twice every 72 hours to read the thread and vote during the voting phase.



You play as a sewer rat who, one day, detects a delicious smell coming from a plate of food accidentally left out overnight on a restaurant counter somewhere far above his sewer-pipe lair.


Along the way you will encounter enemies to fight, poisonous bait, a powerful final boss enemy and, hopefully, some moments to make your skin crawl.

Save up your XP and return to your lair to buy upgrades to your stats and skills and maybe eventually you will defeat the final boss enemy and get to the exquisite prize!


I understand that this is in place to avoid spam attacks but why not just make it so that another PM to the same person within 20 seconds is not allowed?

I am replying to quite a few people about the answer to a riddle just now and it's getting annoying having to wait 20 seconds to send each reply. Also considering that after you site gives me the warning message and I click the "back" button then the "Send Message" button no longer works so I have to click "back" again then click on "reply" again, then fill in the message again, and then click "send message" and sometimes it seems like 20 seconds is very, very long because I keep getting denied and have to start again. Or does it restart counting 20 seconds every time you're denied?

Anyway: a small point that rarely comes up I guess but when it does it's very annoying...



WILL YOU FIND MENTION OF YOURSELF AND/OR YOUR CREATIONS IN THE AGS TRIVIA SET??? (I'm seriously sorry if you don't but you can add them yourself if not...)

The game as it is should give you a 10 question trivia quiz about the AGS community when you click on the "Answer Questions" button. The quiz is replayable and also you can add your own questions if you wish to and this expanded save game file will be sharable to others. Read the INSTRUCTIONS text file in the game folder to find out more about adding questions. Please read this file before clicking on the "Add Questions" button when you first play the game.

There are maybe about 70 questions in the database save game but questions will probably be repeated at times. Sorry about that for my lazy coding. I know how to fix it but it would probably break my save game files of trivia sets which took a lot of time to create so please accept this flaw for now as a "feature" where you get a second or third chance at a question you might have gotten wrong before (laugh) .

There are also three extra "agssave.099" Trivia Quizes located in seperate folders within the folder titled: PUT ALL SAVED TRIVIA HERE IN SEPARATE FOLDERS

Instructions are included in the game folder but they might be unclear so here is what you do if you wish to play a different quiz:

Copy the "agssave.099" save file from within either "Movie Trivia", "TV Trivia", or "Capital Cities Trivia" and then paste it to replace the same file in the folder "User Saves" inside the folder "Saved Trivia" in the main game folder.

The original "AGS Trivia" save game is still available in its own folder so don't worry that you might lose it.

As mentioned earlier you can add questions to any game save file or you can make a completely new set of questions by deleting the "agssave.099" file currently in the "Saved Trivia/User Saves" folder and running the game again (ignore the error message when doing so. Lazy coding again on my part. The game will create your new set of questions and answers properly.

The first field to fill in is the question.

The second field is the correct answer.

The next three fields are the incorrect answers.

The game will shuffle the answers each time the question is asked into a different order.

Argh, it sounds so complicated to use but it's actually quite simple I hope.

IMPORTANT: Remember that if you have just created a new set of questions or added to an existing one you MUST copy/paste the current "agssave.099" file in "Saved Trivia/Usersaves" back into your own custom folder to keep that version secure. The game only undates the save game file currently located in "Saved Trivia/Usersaves".


It includes an expanded version of the original AGS Trivia question set and also much thanks to Riaise for creating a set of Capital City Trivia questions which is also included, bringing the total of categories to 4!!!


The Rumpus Room / Weird Dreams Thread
« on: 12 Nov 2017, 02:26 »
We kinda had one of these a while back but not titled very generally so I thought I'd start a new one.

I feel the AGS community is packed full of imaginative folk and that often their dreams are likely to be pretty creative and interesting as well.

I'll share one I had last night that I found hilarious:

Through the english school I own here in Japan we send groups of kids on a homestay/study-abroad program to Australia once or twice a year.

So, in my dream we had sent some kids and had given the homestay family instructions to pick them up by the side of the road somewhere (of course we would never really do this).

I told the family on the phone that the kids were quite little so to be careful not to drive by and overlook them.

When I got to the pickup point the family was looking around for the kids in the grass by the side of the road with magnifying glasses!!!

(laugh) (laugh) (laugh)

Then I had another dream about little people that, upon awakening, I realised could be my inspiration for the book I've been itching to write for ages now but haven't been smacked by my muse squarely enough, and even had the title firmly in mind:

"The Kingdom Of Under The Bed."

Set in the dusty forsaken world of "Attic" and starring the pompous and eternally-misguided knight-errant "Sir Reginald Boxtop" (of the Boardgame Lane Boxtops) and his trusty, if slightly disabled, cockroach-steed "Pentapod"!!! (Reggie and Penty to their friends)

Thrill to his saga as he attempts to muddle through peace negotiations, continuously befudded by political intrigue beyond his ken, with the rival "The Kingdom Of Inside The Wardrobe", and gurgle in fear at his encounters with the sinister subterranean race from "The Realm Beneath The Floorboards"!!!

Soon available on the bestseller shelf at a bookstore near you! (laugh)

I'm not sure if this theme has been done before but, even if it has, it deserves another round I feel considering where we all are:

Add spoiler tag for Hidden:

The story can be the plot of an adventure game, about someone playing or making an adventure game, or anything really, as long as something about an adventure game comes into play.

Trophies and deadline details coming soon:



A game I made during the last two weeks of August for the MAGS contest, the theme of which was "The Bible".

Can you figure out who betrayed Christ to the Roman soldiers for 30 pieces of silver by examining the alibis of the disciples and finding the one that doesn't add up?

The game has a lot of behind-the-scenes A.I. work done in the code (including motives, framing of innocents by the guilty party, gossip between disciples when they met during the day, friend/foe relationships between the disciples, etc.), but which I did not have the time to implement, so for now it's just a simple puzzle like you might encounter as a mini-game in a larger game...

But it works and might be fun until you figure out the system to beat it every time. Shouldn't take you too long.

Click on the "RULES" label in the top-left for instructions. A better tutorial will hopefully be in future versions.

If the gameplay is unclear please post in this thread and I will explain it more fully.



Recruitment / [AGS HELP WANTED] German/French speakers for localized "Chronicle Of Innsmouth"
« on: 29 Aug 2017, 15:06 »
Team PsychoDev is searching for native German and French speakers to help test the localizations of said languages for the game "Chronicle Of Innsmouth".

The game was already released commercially on Steam, and has received a warm welcome from most reviewers, and we are looking to expand the horizons of our potential player base.

The writing has received praise from both reviewers (and also youtubers) but none on our team are able to judge the quality of the German and French translations.

So, we are looking for experienced adventure game players who understand how important the nuances of the language is in immersing the player in the game.

The version to be tested includes complete voice acting in English that the testers can use to judge the quality of the translated lines against.

Every tester who provides valuable feedback will receive a mention in the game credits and also a free Steam key for the game.

Please reply to myself in PM if you are seriously interested in applying for a position as a translation quality assurer.

The Rumpus Room / Seeyas all until mid-August!
« on: 29 Jul 2017, 14:15 »
Seeyas for a bit guys...

I'm off on holiday back to my homeland of Australia from tomorrow until mid-August...

I won't have a lot of internet access so will only be ducking in here every now and then...

Gonna miss this board in the meanwhile!

You stay classy, AGS!



The Rotary Club are high-altitude helicopter rescue pilots.

Join their ranks and learn how to pilot a helicopter and rescue stranded climbers, and maybe someday buy out the whole business.

The game is roguelike, one slip on the stick and you're mountain-fodder, so I doubt anyone can win it.

But maybe...just maybe...?

If you click on "NEW" in the main menu this will start a new game and all of the progress on your saved game will be deleted!
Be sure to click on "LOAD" to continue your previous adventures!
The game only autosaves every time to reenter the Shop! Exiting the game while out flying WILL NOT save your progress!
This also means that if you make a hopeless buying mistake in the shop, as long as you push ESC and quit the game BEFORE the next time you enter the shop you can reload the game and make better choices.(Sorry that there's no better system for this at the moment, but, MAGS. Probably in a future version!)





Ask the Magic-8-Ball any YES or NO question and it will reply.
But tempting the fickle hand of fate too much could be a bad idea...

This is a game I made in pretty much exactly 4 hours start to finish right at the deadline for the May 2017 MAGS contest.

It is brief and rough, but I think I told the brief and rough story that I aimed for.

Comment if you enjoyed, or even if you didn't... And don't forget to vote in the MAGS thread in the Competitions forum after playing all entries.


Site & Forum Reports / Can't Add Games To AGS Database
« on: 03 Apr 2017, 06:14 »
And it seems that it's not just me. I've heard at least two other people mention that they were unable to add a game to the AGS database.

I could fill out the form and when I hit the Accept button the page went to a blank page as normal, but when I searched for the game it had not been added.



The destiny of a towering future literary figure is at stake when Gloria writes a love letter to her sweetheart, John.
Can the smallest points save her from a mediocre life of drudgery married to this sop, and save her great writing talent for all the ages to enjoy?!

The Rumpus Room / Reality v0.1 Bug Reports
« on: 01 Apr 2017, 09:24 »
Has anyone had an experience in real life that they would report as a bug if it happened while they were testing a game?

I had a very weird one the other day:

I was sitting with a student and we were playing an english learning game on the school computer.

I had my right hand on the mouse and the student, sitting on my right, had her right hand on the table close to mine, as we were switching the mouse back and forth to play the game.

I could see both our hands in my peripheral vision, and I guess my mind confused whose hand belonged to who. My mind thought the closer hand was mine and the farther away hand was hers.

At this point I tried to use the mouse and couldn't move my hand. I looked over immediately at my hand, because it was a very disturbing feeling to not be able to move my hand, and that's when I saw that her hand was the closer one which my mind had assumed was mine, as things are blurry in our peripheral vision.

She had moved her hand from the right of mine, through under my arm, and had put it on the table to the left of my hand without me noticing.

I tried to move my hand again but couldn't, which now escalated from a disturbing feeling to a downright scary one.

After a second or two of focusing on the situation, and realizing I had mistaken which hand belonged to who, I could suddenly use my hand again.

I've had similar scary feelings upon just awakening and not remembering where I am, what time or even what day it is, and even sometimes who I am, but I know that's just a normal phase of regaining conciousness before the sleep cycle has properly ended and I'm not operating with my full waking brain yet. Hmmmm, probably also worth a bug report...

But I've never experienced the same feeling while fully awake during the entire experience before.

It was a very scary feeling of dislocation and therefore I would like to report it here as a jarring bug in Reality v0.1!

Anybody else got any bugs to report?

General Discussion / RIP Bill Paxton
« on: 26 Feb 2017, 22:40 »

So sad about this news. Probably the hardest hit for me of all the celebrities we have lost recently.
The '80s are dying for real now. :~(

The theme is "handicapped" meaning the story should have a character who is suffering temporarily or permanently from some form of handicap.


The entrants are:

"A Future That Would Never Be" by Sinitrena
"Orbs From Space" by Baron
"Still A Prisoner" by Blondbraid
"Left Behind" by Stupot (IMO the "unfinished" story tells a complete tale with its many clues)
"De Rigueur" by ยก El Poncho !

The voting categories are:

"Best Writing"
"Best Use Of The Theme"
"Favorite Story"

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