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I will try to explain my problem. I have a screen gui (640x480) which show a map inside a button. if you push return you are able to zoom the map.
The zooming image it's actually the same picture but already zoomed with another program (photoshop). When you zoom the image there is a red pointer which show your position. If you use the key arrows you are able to move the zoomed map around (the red pointer which is another gui it stay always in position where you are). It's working all great so far, but now the problem is when I move the zoomed map around Ags quit the engine and it pop up this error: Co-ordinates specified are out of range. I have seen that this is a problem that should be removed from the engine but I am using Ags 3.4.1 rc3 which it still has this error, how do I can fix this exactly?

Beginners' Technical Questions / Cutscene
« on: 01 Jul 2018, 13:03 »
So I was working on a cutscene which is looking something like this:
Code: Adventure Game Studio
  1. function room_RepExec()
  2. {
  3.   StartCutscene(eSkipESCOnly);
  4.   lblTesto.Text = "Hello world 1";
  5.   WaitMouseKey(9999);
  7.   lblTesto.Text = "Hello world 2";
  8.   WaitMouseKey(9999);
  10.   // some more here
  12.   EndCutscene();
  13.   player.ChangeRoom(2);
  14. }

Anytime I try to skip the cutscene the game freeze. I like how the WaitMouseKey function work because it allow me to block the script til a certain time until a key is pressed. If I remove the start cutscene and handle the change room by checking if isKeyPressed(eKeyEscape) then the player doesn't change room because the key get listened to the WaitMouseKey and it jump to the next line of code instead of changing room. Any advice on how can I do something like this?

Beginners' Technical Questions / File error
« on: 09 Apr 2018, 09:10 »
Okay, here we go with another silly question.
On my C: driver I have installed Adventure Game Studio 3.2.1 and on my desktop I have a folder with other Ags versions. If I open a new project with Ags 3.2.1 and do something like:
Code: Adventure Game Studio
  1. if (!File.Exists("temp.tmp"))
  2. {
  3.   File *output = File.Open("temp.tmp", eFileWrite);
  4.   output.WriteString("some text");
  5.   output.Close();
  6. }

It generate the file *tmp on my compiled folder. But, if I open a new project with AGS and do the same thing then the file doesn't get created. How do I should fix this?

Beginners' Technical Questions / Missing Plugin
« on: 31 Mar 2018, 19:28 »
Good Evening to all AGSer!

I am not sure if this is the right place for posting this but I would like to ask if any of you have this plugin: Razorblade 3D made by DoorKnobHandle! All links seems to be dead. I have try to PM the owner of the plugin but it seems like his last active go back to 15 Jan 2015! Someone could help me out with this? I would be truly appreciate.

Beginners' Technical Questions / Mouse Click
« on: 24 Jan 2018, 11:12 »
I have a "button bar" which his width increase anytime you click another button. I have a working script which in some computers works fine but for other computers it doesn't work very well. I figure it out that (maybe) it's regarding the game speed and how certain computers handle the game speed and process the mouse clicks. I just wish to understand how can I fix this script so to make this working very well for each computer. I will try to explain you what I would like to do.
1) Click the button increase the "button bar" width +2 unity
2) Set timer to decrease -1 unity the "button bar" width
The main goal is to click repeatedly fast the button as you can to increase the "button bar" width. As I explained previously the script is working fine but for some computers. For other computers you simply cannot increase the "button bar" width because (I believe) the timer expired very much fast. So I really don't have a clue on how can I solve this problem. I would need any of your advice if you don't mind. :(
Here is the script:

Code: Adventure Game Studio
  1. int ButtonClicked, Buttonlength;
  3. function repeatedly_execute()
  4. {
  5.   if (IsTimerExpired(5)) // decrease width "button bar"
  6.   {
  7.     if (ButtonClicked != 0) {ButtonClicked --;}
  8.     if (ButtonClicked <= 0) {ButtonClicked = 0;}
  9.     SetTimer(5, 3);
  10.   }
  11.   Buttonlength = FloatToInt ((IntToFloat (ButtonClicked)/159.) * IntToFloat(Game.SpriteWidth[BtnBar.Graphic]));
  12.   BtnBar.Width = Buttonlength;
  13. }
  15. function ButtonPush_OnClick(GUIControl *control, MouseButton button) // increase width
  16. {
  17.   if (button == eMouseLeft)
  18.   {
  19.     if (BtnBar.Width < 585)
  20.     {
  21.       ButtonClicked += 2;
  22.       SetTimer(5, 3);
  23.     }
  24.     else // button bar has reached the full width
  25.     {
  27.     }
  28.   }
  29. }

Please any kind of help is truly appreciated.

Beginners' Technical Questions / Graphic Driver
« on: 31 Dec 2017, 08:50 »
Good morning to all AGSer!

Recently I discovered a minor issue that I am sure it is regarding my computer but at the moment I don't know why this is happening and I would like to know if I can fix it somehow. So, if I start a new project into Ags (no matter which graphic driver I choose from the default panel) the game seems to go slowly into the editor. But if I run the game from the exe file (with software renderer) then the game run as it should do. Also I found out that if I do (ctrl+F5) run the game without debugger then the game go fine like when I run it from the exe file. So I am wonder why into the editor the game look slowly? There is a way for me to fix this?

Beginners' Technical Questions / Inventory Item At Index
« on: 30 Nov 2017, 22:28 »
Good evening to all AGSer folks!

I really hope that you're not tired for my noob questions.
The thing that I am going to ask you today it seems much simple to do, but at the moment I really can't find a good solution to it. So, I need to add an inventory item to a specific index, more specifically, where it was a certain item before to removing it. Well, into the manual I could find something like this: readonly InventoryItem* InvWindow.ItemAtIndex[]; but how I could use this for my purpose? How do you check where it is exactly a certain item into the inventory window?

Good evening to all AGSer around the world.

I have a noob question to ask you.
My question is, if a game have a translation file and there is aviable the speech sound when talking, how Ags know which language is running to play properly a speech file according with the selected language when a character is talking?

Beginners' Technical Questions / Slider OnChange[SOLVED]
« on: 11 Nov 2017, 15:17 »
Good Evening to all AGSer.

So I have an inventory window (78x156) that can display 12 items before that a vertical slider is showed. My intention would be to scroll the inventory items by a single row with the vertical slider when changing. But I am having some issues about how to according the slider value (max and min) with how many items the inventory window can display. So to achieve the slider movement to be adjusted with how many items the inventory window can display?

Hello to all Agser!

One of my friend started a project in 16bit color and imported the graphics as 16bit color. Now, I switch to 32 bit colors and re imported the graphics in 32bit color (and room background depth color too). But now no matter what, it seems like ags react as it is set to 16 bit color? What should I do now?

Good evening to all AGSer!

I'd like to ask to some of you how to make a custom screen transition properly.
More specifically, a screen transition how it's showed in this video.
The example is shown when the video reaches 4 minutes and 37 seconds (more or less).

At the top of my head, I image this is like the background was split halfway to separate the center of the image. So to have a left and right sides of the background separated. Then move them to the corresponding edge of the screen, so the left side moves to the left edge and vice versa for the right side. So it is like an "opened window" transition of the screen. But I am not pretty sure how to do this properly? (roll)
Could anyone give me some good advice on how to do this so far?

Good Evening to all Agser.

Recently I had an issue but I am not sure how to solve it at the moment.
I am using a plugin "agsjoy" by Wyz with Ags 3.2.1.
Lately I have done a savestate with a joystick plugged into the pc.
But after closing the game and removing the joystick from the pc, when I am about to load the game I get this message.
I think I know what it's going on but I am not sure how can I avoid it into the script?

An exception 0xC0000005 occured in ACWIN.EXE at EIP = 0x62151082 ; program pointer is +2051, ACI version 3.21.1115, gtags (123,2)

Beginners' Technical Questions / Ags3D
« on: 22 Jun 2017, 09:35 »
Hello guys,

For a testing purpose I would like to make a room in three-dimension that could be freely navigated.
So, in an old folder of an archive I found this Module "Ags3d" by Steve McCrea.
In the document description (Which I do not have) it said to use the plugin "Ags3d.dll" in combination with the module.
But after importing both (module and plugin) I can't compile the game because I get some errors.
Within the module there are some functions declaration that appear to be not inside the plugin so far.

// undefined token
Ags3d_SetCharacterY(c.ID, y);
Ags3d_SetObjectY(o.ID, y);
Ags3d_SetPrimPhysics(i, enable);

Ags3d_SetLightPosition(x, y, z); // not enough parametrs in call to function


When I commented out these functions then I could compile the game again.
So it seems like I have an oldest version of the plugin maybe?
Did any of you have a problem like this with the module and plugin?

Also regarding this thread:
There isn't any "AddLight(Ags3d_LightType type);" function in the module. It seems like it is replaced with "SetLightPosition" instead.
I can't get the zip file includes the module, plugin, and documentation because all the links seems to be dead.
Without documentation I can't understand how things should work so far.

Any of you know how to fix the problem or do any of you have an updated version of the plugin maybe?
I am not pretty sure what's going on and what I need to make it work properly.

Lately, I have done some reearch and I found also this thread by DKH:
It would seem a good alternative to use but all the links seems to be dead as usual.

Any kind of help might be important, so I thank you in advance.

Hello guys,

So, I am getting a little stuck on making something pretty simple (it's regarding Dynamic Sprite and Drawing Surface, as usual)
For a testing purpose, I have a Gui with some sliders that handle parameters such as r, g, b, s, l.
Anytime that a slider change I am setting the "SetAmbientTint" with those parameters.
Since now it's working all great, then I have a Dynamic Sprite that create from background and a Drawing Surface that allows me to manipulate it.
So I could make a fully Ambient tint that work also for the room background.
The problem is that anytime I change the slider value the Dynamic Sprite overlaps with the oldest one.
So how can I do that whenever the slider changes erases the old sprite to create a new one?
As I mentioned early it sound like something very simple.

Beginners' Technical Questions / Black Manual[SOLVED]
« on: 23 Apr 2017, 11:08 »
Hello guys,

I don't know what I have done recently but now when I try to open the manual inside the Ags editor it's showing in this way. :(

Have any of you ever had such a problem?
If so how did you get it back as it was before?

Editor Development / Buttons animate
« on: 18 Jan 2017, 14:26 »
Hello, good evening to all AGSer.

I am not sure if this is the right place where I should post this pseudo question.
I don't understand why (Characters and Objects) have the "Animating" command since they could use the command "Animate"
And buttons doesn't have any "Animating" command... since they could use the command "Animate" like Characters and Objects ? So my main question is why buttons doesn't have this property ?
How to check exactly if a button is animating ?
Also, why buttons doesn't have the "Frame" property ?
This is very frustrating anytime.

I'm sorry in advance if these questions have already been asked.

Advanced Technical Forum / Walking distance
« on: 30 Jul 2016, 15:35 »
Good Evening to all AGSer.

I am trying to build a statistic which refers to how much distance the player walks in the game.
I'd like to show you how roughly might seem the script but I hope someone can suggest me what is the best way to achieve something like this (roll)
Code: Adventure Game Studio
  2. String measure, dis;
  4. int /*float*/ steps, // use for tracking the steps performed
  5.               steps_counter; // use for tracking the next goal
  8. function AddValue (int value) {steps_counter += value;} // ...
  11. function TrackingSteps()
  12. {
  13.    if (steps >= steps_counter) // steps value has just reach his goal
  14.    {
  15.       AddValue( ); // might be a costant one...
  18.       // check measure to display
  19.       if (steps < 1250) {measure = "Meters";}
  20.       else
  21.       {
  22.         if (steps < 2000) {measure = "Km";}
  23.         else {measure = "Miles";}
  24.       }
  25.    }  
  27.   dis = String.Format("Walking Distance : %d %s", steps, measure);
  28. }

Thank you in advance for the time held to read :)
Somehow, I am not sure why this is posted in the Advanced Tech :)

Beginners' Technical Questions / Custom Inventory
« on: 24 Jun 2016, 00:31 »
Good Evening to all AGSer :)

I'm trying to write something approximately simple but I'm having some difficulty.
I hope someone can help me out in the free time.

I love how AGS handle the selected inventory graphic for the mouse cursor anytime you click on a item.
I have an InventoryWindow with some little boxes where is placed the items that you collect.

This is what I'd like to do :

A) Anytime you click the item, the cursor graphic change to the current item graphic that you select.
B) After you select that item the box will look empty
C) If you click on the empty box the item return to the box and the mouse cursor change to the default one

Do you know what is the best way to do that ?

Thank you very much in advance :)

Beginners' Technical Questions / Phantasmagoria Interface
« on: 22 Jun 2016, 01:06 »
Good evening to all AGSer.

I'd like to ask you if there is a way to run a video in a 'windowed' mode ?
or better to say, there is a way to have an interface like Phantasmagoria 1 in Ags ?
I'd like to run a video but keep the interface at the bottom of the screen constantly.. (roll)
Some of you know how to do that ?
I notice that when you play a video it take all the screen (anyway) to play it  (roll)

Beginners' Technical Questions / Char color
« on: 24 Nov 2015, 12:34 »
Good evening to all AGSer !!!

Since there is not a section below the beginning area, I will post it here.
I would like to ask you if there is a way to choose a single char from a label text and being able to change its single color.

Example :
Code: Adventure Game Studio
  1. String text = "This is a String text";

I would love to get all the 't' or all the 'i' to be in a different color in that text.
Any of you know the right approach to use to get this to work ?

Grazie mille in advance.

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