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I have found a group for game creators lacking i DeviantArt, so I'm trying to get such a group going.
Visual story Telling - Animation Comics Games Illustrations

The scope is wider than just games.
It also includes animations, comics and illustrations.


I have now finished the third game in the Space Rangers serial
The two first

ep. 46 the Devil Within
ep. 52 the Redemption of Grisli Adams
where made with AGS

this one
ep. 8 the Rouge Robot is a 3D game

The game can be download from
My webpage

Each of the games in the serial can be played on its own. If going through all games the order in which they have been done (46, 52, 8) is in my opinion the best.

General Discussion / Batman dead
« on: 10 Jun 2017, 22:50 »

Adam West,the camp TV Caped Crusader of the 60s, has died.

General Discussion / Roger Moore dead
« on: 23 May 2017, 22:53 »

To me he always will be the Saint

AGS Games in Production / [ ON-HOLD ] [ ON-HOLD ] Space Rangers Ep. 8 - the Rouge Robot
« on: 22 May 2017, 20:41 »
We are happy to announce that our huge research team have found the original tapes of

This is the last episode of the serials that was taped in black and white. The tapes are now going through a thorough restoration.

While you are waiting for this to be finished, be sure to, if you have not already done so, take a look at the previously released restored episodes.

Ep. 46 - the Devil Within
Ep. 52 - the Redemption of Grisli Adams

Hints & Tips / SR Ep.52 - the redemption of Grisli Adams
« on: 13 May 2017, 16:09 »
A couple of people have downloaded the game by now - thank you all.

There might be some need for hints and tips, so I start up this thread for that purpose.

To start off the game comes with a manual.

In the tricorder there is a notes function. It often can give you a hint on what to do next.

(the image is actually from episode 46, but the notes-icon [blue notebook with pencil] is the same)

The Forbidden Episode of the Space Rangers Serial

2017-05-24   New bug fixed download files are now uploaded.
The new files have "V2" in the name.

An [hrmm] illegal bootleg copy can be downloaded here.
This offer is not valid on Nebulia Prime or for any member of Star fleet or the Space Rangers corps.

Play on your own risk.
And remember, There are no Lizard Overlords.

There is a new commander leading the Space Rangers. His name is Teh Donald. One of the first things he does on his new job is to fire special agent Yaz KreJonns.

Bounty hunters hot on her trail, Yaz make a run for Nebulia Prime. There she find herself in new troubles, having to try to save her former colleague and mortal enemy, Grisli Adams.

One thing you need to remember on Nebulia Prime is, there are no Lizard Overlords.

General Discussion / Carrie Fisher dead
« on: 27 Dec 2016, 21:59 »

Learned that Carrie Fisher passed away. Made a quick picture in memory of The Princess.
This really have been a bad year in so many ways.




Coming soon to a Galaxy close to you


My father past away this easter.


I feel a storm brewing. Things are about to go down.


The planning committee ironing out some of the finer plot points.


*********************** Update 6 ************************

*********************** Update 5 ************************


First attempted at a one mouse button fight system

************* Update 4 *******************


************* Update 3 *******************


****** Update 2 ********

****** Update *******

Weather forecast star date 274.2678.98 for Neubilia Prime

Light rains
Pollution rate down to 45
It's going to be a good day folks, but don't stay outside for more than one standard hour if it can be avoided.



Original post

Breaking news

Our research team is looking into the deepest dustiest vaults of Neubilia Prime. They are coming up with some fantastic stuff on the supposedly lost episode 52 of Space Rangers S.O.B. It looks like we are going to be able to recreate that episode.

You will not believe the stuff we are coming up with. It might even make you change how you look at reality.

This will expose the ...

// This post is being interrupted by a correction from the Ministry of Truth //

This thread is full of lies. Filthy lies.

Believe us.

There are no Lizard Overlords. No Lizard Overlords at all.

There never was a lost episode 52. Never.

Don't waste your time on this worthless thread. It is worthless.

If you have time on your hands you could ... I don't know ... play that nice  episode 46.

That episode does not tell any lies about Lizard Overlords and there is no secret clue in it about episode 52. None at all.

// End of the message from the Ministry of Truth. //

All hails to the enlightened Lizard Overlords...

that does not exist.

Hints & Tips / Space Rangers Ep. 46 The Devil Within
« on: 08 Oct 2016, 14:36 »
A question was asked (and answered by my collaborator in this Game, Blondbraid) in the completed game thread.
This question might be of a interest for other players as well, so I made a hints thread, starting it off with that question. 

Hmmmm... I had to give up after the game wouldn't let me simply:

Add spoiler tag for Hidden:

Blow up the crystal I placed on the rockfall with my phaser...
Maybe this is a bug? But if there is actually a different solution then the game needs to explain why the simpler solution doesn't work...

Answer by Blondbraid:

Actually, Grok put that in intentionally. 
The trick is to:

Add spoiler tag for Hidden:
Don't stay too close when the crystal blows up or you'll die in the blast. Try standing a bit further away before you shoot the crystal. Also, the phaser is a little slow and some objects require you shooting at it for a while before any change happens.

My additional comment is;

Add spoiler tag for Hidden:
This is a test of patience. Things don't always happen immediately. Sometimes you need to put a bit of work in, before you get a result. This can be useful knowledge as you move on to other challenges in life.

Additional additional comment:

Add spoiler tag for Hidden:
you need to have the phaser beam train on the the dilithium crystal for a bit of time. See test movie.
If you stop to early nothing happens and you need to start all over.
There is a reason for this.


At long last!!!!!

After decades of preparation.

The long awaited episode 46 of the critically acclaimed serial Space Rangers.

Starring special agent Yaz KreJonns

The Devil Within


In colabboration with Blondbraid.


Play it. You know you want to.

Coming soon to a galaxy near you...

The first picture is a promotion picture that does not appear in the game. Picture 2 and 3 are screen-shots from playing the game. The game is practically finished. Picture 3 has menu alternatives in it, but what is interesting with it is that i holds an evaluation of how successful the players has been, which I think is a neat function.

But here you have 2 other screen-shots which are a lot less interesting in my mind, but was easily available.

I think it is pretty obvious what the game is about.

So it's a stormy and dark night, right? And this dame walks into my office. I know it's mine, 'cause it's got my name on the door, see?
I'm a private detective. That is like a private dancer ... but the dancing is extra...

Your mission.. should you chose to accept it ... is to draw the office of a private investigator.

You could go hard-boiled, Victorian, holistic, futuristic or any other way you want.

Entries will be judge on

To be finished by the 10th of October 2016.

As always, should you fail to complete this mission, the Secretary will disavow any knowledge of your actions.
This post will self-destruct in five seconds. Good luck.

see post further down


Two Brothers     Två Bröder

A card game in English and Swedish

A combination of Draw Poker and Five Card

Link to Download page

An entry to the July 2016 MAGS on the theme Extinction

You can play as Tor or Freja to keep the candles burning or as Hel to blow the candles out. An arcade style game.


It's a pirates life for me...

Make a background fit for a pirate game;

it could be the gun deck of the pirate ship,
the cave where the booty is to be buried,
the tavern where you recrute your crew
or any other scene you would find in a pirates game.

To be finished by July 21th 2016 (Time for entries has ended)

Will be judged on

and mainly on size of bribe to the Governor of Skull Island

Voting until 31th july. Post with list of entries further down.

Jacqueline White - Curse of the Mummies

18th June 2016

A DEMO is now available

About 1 hour play time. Approximately half the game. Not finale version. Some things will be changed in the final game.

Update 8 June

I'm very happy to say that Blondbraid has joined the team.

During June we are going to release a Demo version, which will consist of approximately half the final game, as it is at this time.

It will not contain everything that will be in this part of the game in the finale version. But it will be fully playable. 

This could also be regarded as an open invitation to test play. :)

If you rather wait for the full and finale version of the game, my estimation is that that could be about a year in the future.

Update (of sorts) 7th of may 2016

Quit by chance I came across a biography (the Garbo of the Skies by Ian Mackersey) on Jean Batten, a very famous aviator in the 1930's from New Zealand.

I was amazed at how much she looked like Jacqueline in some images (or if it is the other way around).

Also found a news reel on YouTube with miss Batten speaking after one of her record flights.
Jean Batten news reel

Jean Batten had a cat, Buddy, that she brought along on some flights. That made me considering get a cat for Jacqueline too.

Still planing a demo release before summer

Update 6 April 2016

Hot chocolate with wiped cream and a croissant with strawberry jam - because breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Update 20 February 2016

Update 1 February 2016

Most art for the first part (of 5 parts) of the game close to finished.


Update 25 december 2015


Test flying.

Update 12 december 2015

morganw has joined the team

She is coming back!!!!


There will be flying, puzzles and adventures ... and ... mummies in the 1920's.

In collaboration with Handsfree.

The goal is a release in summer 2016.

Hints & Tips / Matilda and the Curse of King Stephen
« on: 24 Sep 2015, 05:41 »
I finished the game. Is there more than one way to finish? I never encountered the room with the second screenshot.
- Shadow 1000 in the completed game thread

Add spoiler tag for Hidden:

To go to the second room you need to bridge the gap between the stairs and the door in the left side of the room. See if you can find something to fit that gap.

The second room will contain clues to some of the questions that King Stephen asks. To answer the first question without using the suggestions you would need to find that clue. If you got that one right without having seen the clue or used the suggestion I would be very surprised.

My entry to the MAGS september 2015 competion
Competition thread

Matilda is out catching butterflies when she falls into an adventure.
Puzzles and a quiz


from AGS-games page, zip-file in ordinary download link, with installer in mirror link


They say that a hero is only as good as his villain, and the villains are often a darn sight more interesting. So the theme for this sprite jam is

Villains, bosses and henchmen

so bring on your best bad boys

the competition ends on the 30th September.

Added a set of trophies for the winners:

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