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Hey people!

I just completed and uploaded tech demo for a Rap Battle game idea.
(this demo is also my entry to My First Game Jam)
I used RON sprites and there is no music in demo.
And I had to write battles but I couldn't, so they are just replacement words, they are not fun.

Here the link for demo:

Edit: As xBRANEx said, i wrote my ourpose in demo as dialog but forgot to write it here. Ok, here we go:

I wanted to make a game wgere you make your way with battling opponents, there is no story for now, but that is what i wanted to do. Something like Rapstar game series madi in ags, but not available in English.

The demo shows how battling mechanic works, there is two rounds, in first round your opponent punchs you with his words and then in your turn, you have 15 seconds(5 seconds for each punch) to select repunchable words from opponents punchs. There is 2 repunchable words per punch.

On second round, first turn is your so for thia tech demo, you need to select best punchs from dialog options, just like monkey island's combat.

For now, just select bwaks as repunchable words because I couldnt find anyone to write battle and i cant write battle in English.

Actually I am not satisfied with second round, i wanted to make player be able to select opponents body parts, but as I use assets i took from RON games, i wanted to skip that. I also think about making second round automatic, while you try to learn about your opponent before battle starts and punchs auto about thinks you learned. But, they are future plans.

Completed Game Announcements / Disgust [MAGS July 2017]
« on: 30 Jul 2017, 21:52 »
You don't play as a gentleman who needs to pee!
The game is non-Adventure game, actually it is not like a game. It is like Visual Novel without visual part!
We wasn't be able to complete our game's art, so I decided to make it a linear story.
You need to read a lot in this game!

Made by horusr, Chicky and Morgan LeFlay for MAGS July '17 "I Come Here Often"

horusr: Story, Scripting and Title Screen Art
Chicky: Awesome voice for intro!
Morgan LeFlay: Background Art, Puzzles(in this case, story details)

Don't forget to load your progres!
AGS Games Link Link

Recruitment / [HELP FOUND] Writer for some Rap Battle game's tech demo
« on: 23 Jul 2017, 11:02 »
I am working on some tech demo, it has rap battle based combat system,
where you choose words from enemy's punch to create repunchs,
so I need to write battles but I can't write it in English.

Code is not fully functional yet, still needs to code answers but since I don't have any writen punchs yet
(other then "I will bwak you" kind of sentences for testing), I will wait someone write battle first.

I kind of completed coding of tech demo for now but still need writer!
Also I use RON characters and a background for demo, any art help and some coding advice are welcome.
And while game is about rap battle, rap beat-ish musics are welcome too!
Found someone for music

I am planing to finish demo in a week and here is the progress so far on Github

Song's name is Eller Konu┼čur(Lets The Hands Speak). Project Hands Speak (here is a video from bbc) was out there for a while and yesterday they shared their first music video:

edit: found English version of song.

Beginners' Technical Questions / Timer Bar
« on: 18 Jul 2017, 09:34 »
Hi there,

I want to add a timer bar in my game that shows how many time player has left. But I don't want it to show time in strings. I want it to be something like this(bottom right side of it):

And I created a button and draw rectangle on it with this code:

Code: Adventure Game Studio
  1. int timerstime = 0;
  2. function battle_timer()
  3. {
  4.   DynamicSprite* sprite = DynamicSprite.Create(60, 10);
  5.   DrawingSurface* surface = sprite.GetDrawingSurface();
  6.   surface.DrawingColor = 1;
  7.   surface.DrawRectangle(timerstime/10, 0, 60, 10);
  8.   surface.DrawingColor = 2;
  9.   surface.DrawRectangle(0, 0, timerstime/10, 10);
  10.   Timer.NormalGraphic = sprite.Graphic;
  11.   surface.Release();
  12.   Wait(1);
  13. }
  16. function repeatedly_execute()
  17. {
  18.   if (timerstime > 0)
  19.   {
  20.     battle_timer();
  21.     timerstime--;
  22.   }
  23.   else
  24.   {
  25.     gBattle.Visible = false;
  26.   }
  27. }

And it kinda works. The problem is if I don't add Wait() command it does not show bar at all.

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