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General Discussion / Invited to the desert
« on: 20 Jul 2018, 07:36 »
Writing can suck; not due to being a lowly interest, but because one can easily lose sight of what one can do, and end up in some desert where any movement is pretty much futile and will only lead to variations of the same pointless end.
Recently i have been returning to some actual attempt to write a bit better again. Not that i regard anything i have wrote by now as being that good; but there is always a difference between a slow-moving person, a zombie, and an immobile corpse...
According to some writers (eg Pessoa), one mostly just has to express oneself - and know how to do so - in order to produce something decent. Moving away from some prototype/influence is always hard (i think that most writers either don't have much reading of classic literature done, or never move past any model they based their own writing on, consciously or not), but it can also seem a bit dangerous. For example i always viewed originality as a road without a map (though i had very specific reasons to do so, since elementary school, and those weren't about writing). In a way you can feel safer by revisiting information or forms you have stored in your memory as crucially tied to other people (eg other authors in this case), rather than moving in a path you identify as more open-ended...

That said, recently, as i noted, i tried to return to my writing work, and produced three new stories (actually more, but only three survived). One of those is titled "Invited to the desert".
While it likely isn't even the better one of those three (and maybe none of the recent three will ever be in a book; they may get erased in time or i may not choose them to be in the next book), at least it is a bit more alive than some other works of mine in the last year.

The story is about (or seems to be, anyway) a person who was invited to a small prison in a province of an emirate, in some region which consists of desert. The prison warden wants to gain influence with a prominent politician, with whom they share some slightly more humanitarian ideas; namely they both want to stop having execution-by-sword in the prison system.
So the warden means to replace it with hanging.
It would be enough to do so, so as to be on the good side of that politician, but a problem does appear: the majority of those executed with the new, meant to be less gory, method, end up decapitated by the sheer force of the rope tighted during the fall.

So the narrator is called there, to try to help. Naturally he is aware of the weight-to-fall ratio to produce a non-gory spectacle in the hanging. (well, a less gory one :) ). But some other problems arise, because he has little access to actual tools, and has to improvise.

The story ends just as the new execution - now with the important politician present - is about to take place. If it works as planned, the warden will be pleased, and the narrator can finally leave that pitiful place.
It is inferred, in the final words of the story, that he may be another inmate, imagining all this important role so as to not go insane while waiting for his own execution to happen.

Do you like this kind of plot?
Sometimes (like Borges noted) a hidden meaning can be so obscure than it just won't be picked up. And (as Kafka said) some machinations are just so delicate that they fail due to inherent traits. :)


Cool video & song, about the great earthquake at Lisbon, in 1755 :)

General Discussion / Good movies by Dario Argento?
« on: 29 May 2018, 03:28 »
I like the following:

Profondo Rosso

Suspiria and Phenomena have issues with the plot (well, more issues ;) ), but sort of make up for them in other ways.

I like Argento, although he is repetitive and doesn't seem to mind plot that much. Profondo Rosso probably has the most concrete plot of his movies that i have seen.

Whatever, though; Phenomena has Jennifer Connelly, and apparently the girl (also called Jennifer) in SNES horror classic "Clocktower" was modelled after her :D


I like the style, but am wondering if using such gfx can be popular with many people...

The atmosphere was very good in this game :) And given i started using computers with an 8bit machine (the ignoble and generally crap Amstrad CPC6128) i do see some magic in such gfx.

General Discussion / Which story? :)
« on: 23 Mar 2018, 14:41 »
If you like, you can tell me which of the three following plots seems more of interest to you. :) Ultimately one of them will be chosen as the idea for a new short story...

1) Tribal custom; a seemingly simple ceremony, involving a lie, which later on is revealed to be holding back something terrifying. The trick seems to be to make one forget of the danger, so as to carry on.

2) Invalid person that keeps doing the same thing over and over (eg carving lines on some piece of paper or other object), and someone argues it is a code.

3) Large area (eg some vast building, or even a city) which has built-in collapse-points, ie if some objects in a room are moved then the whole collapses.

Any easy way to achieve this in AGS?

I mean the usual thing in such rpgs, where the text will appear with one letter first and then each following added, up until the line is complete, eg "h", "he","hel","hell","hello" etc. :)

The dynamics are, of course, different in a game, than they'd be in (eg) a book, or a movie, but have you ever felt fear while playing a horror game?

A flash-fiction i wrote today. Those who tried The Chrysalis would know i insert some of my brief stories intact if i can (nod)
(well, their english translation at any rate...)
Feedback is welcome.


My most defining characteristic is that I remain immobile.

Why do I remain immobile?

Certainly not due to any beauty of the location I am at. And yet I remain immobile, since the world around me is the world of my ghosts. I do not remain immobile because one ghost made its appearance, and consequently I was shocked by its nightmarish form (something like that would have been perfectly sensible), but due to fearing that if I was to move I’d then cause the mass emergence of ghosts, and it’s been sometime now since I am of the opinion that the sole reason I am surviving is that those ghosts have kept to being hard to notice.

Critics' Lounge / Gif (for a game sequence)
« on: 01 Mar 2018, 14:21 »

It is a gif playing when you use the bus / go somewhere.

I created it with Blender, sometime ago...

Critics' Lounge / Strategy game models
« on: 06 Feb 2018, 13:30 »
This is Sparta! (nod)

Greek and Persian set, wip.

I tried a few - of the main names (horror-playing youtubers), of course := - but sadly I got no response at all! :D

Anyone here familiar with who to send one's game to, for a possible let's play video?

If anyone in the forum does his/her own such videos, it would be even better, of course (laugh)

Anything with an actual plot, not just some gore film (gore is ok, but i'd rather also have a story :) ).

From recent ones, i liked the Babadook, and It Follows. Both had some weaknesses, but overall they were nice.
Lord of Tears was nice, despite being (very obviously) a cheap production. It did have an adventure game progression.

Adventure or similar (eg action-adventure, puzzle etc) :)

I think that 8-bit gfx may help in that respect. There was a recent (afaik; don't recall the title now but saw a youtube video of it) action-adventure with gfx that seemed to allude to the Amstrad/Commodore 64 "Jet set Willy" game, and even used the Moonlight Sonata (as a bootleg -possibly- version of JSW on Amstrad did) :)

Is it allowed by forum rules? :)
Ie a thread where people can post a pic of themselves, as in other game forums.

Gabriel Knight 1 has a nice puzzle (cemetery scribblings). Some math-oriented action/adventure game (don't recall the name now... something indie and recent) had a memorable and playful riddle, regarding a sign opposite a gap; the sign read "jump", and one would tend to do so. But the jump never was enough to make you reach the other side, so you'd fall. If you just kept walking, though, the gap would be negated, and you would reach the other side. :)

Hi, I have a couple of questions about getting full alpha transparency for a moving character*:

1) First... the basics... if it can be done, how do you do this in the editor? :=
2) Is there any limit sprite-wise for alpha transparency to work? is it too taxing on the game etc?
3) Can I alter a 16-bit colour mode game to 32-bit (i assume alpha only works with the later?) without losing anything?

Thanks in advance!

*What I mean is if I can have some other colour (NOT the regular transparency, ie the one which tells the program what isn't part of the shown object) to use as transparent in dependence to the background at any point. Eg a shadow, or the outline of the sprite :)

Asking on account of the AGS game i made, having exceeded the bandwidth i was allowed to have in some file sharing service... (100 dls since 9 November).
It's ok if there is no way, although it would be really great if it can be uploaded here.

( )

Ie the plot will be adapted from another story from the same book of mine. In that case the title will be "The Failing".

Mood will be analogous to the one in the Chrysalis ( and I will try to keep the gfx in a similar style...

Story is about the "only failing" of a painter. And how he got over it.

Or did he. ;)

If the project materializes, it is very likely to have original music from the same composer who worked with me in my previous (and first) game. The new one will also be a horror adventure point n click.

-Do you like the opening location?

From the major company ones, I liked the first Gabriel Knight.
From indie ones I liked a few, including Downfall (the original, not the remake; imo the remake had less balance as a story, though I am not sure if people who played that first would be of such a view ;) ), The cat lady (sequel to Downfall), and the sequel to 5 days a stranger (the one in space; despite being in space I liked the atmosphere :=) ).

Critics' Lounge / Some wip rooms/characters
« on: 11 Nov 2017, 15:15 »

From a game I am possibly not going to have time to finish on time for this month's MAGS - but we shall see ;)

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