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Engine Development / Issue : Dialogs skip too fast
« on: 06 Jan 2018, 13:33 »

Some players found a weird bug in my game. It's related to the dialogs : they start to skip instantaneously without any user input after some time playing.

Quote from: a player...
I've tried playing your game, but unfortunately after a while the text all scrolls through very quickly whenever I examine or do any other actions on things. I restarted a couple times and experienced the same thing.

Or visible here, in this walkthrough video :

My question is : has anyone seen the same problem (possible AGS engine bug) or coult it be just my game (bug in my scripts...)?

The game has the option to change the dialogs skip speed (4 choices : from click-to-skip to high speed) but changing this seems to not be of any help.
It was seen only by 2 players... so it may be related to their system.

I don't have any information on the players' system version atm (it's Windows, but don't know the version).

The game runs with latest stable AGS version (


Completed Game Announcements / I Want Out!
« on: 14 Dec 2017, 17:51 »

I Want Out! is an escape-the-room game.
It's a short game that should require about one hour of gameplay.

About the game creation...
We imposed ourself the following rules :
- 320x200,
- 9-verb interface, in LucasArt style,
- only one room,
- realistic puzzles (at least, not far fetched ones).

The game exists in 5 languages :
- English
- French
- german
- Russian
- Spanish

It is available for Windows and Linux

This is our first game and we tried to make the best out of it and to learn the most out of it, too...
We tried to modernize the retro style by using 32-bits colors, transparency, maximum smoothness, an inventory interface that doesn't hide the bottom of the screen.
It took us about a year and a half on our spare time...
We started the game using AGS 3.3.5 IIRC and then used AGS 3.4.0 and 3.4.1...

The story
You are called by a kid, asking for help.
He is trapped in a mysterious place.
Can you help him to get out?

The team
Nicolas (me) ... story, coding, some graphics and animations, english translation
Matthieu (my brother) ... story, graphics, animations

We used musics from known composer on this forum : Eric Matyas and Kevin MacLeod and modified sounds from

I'd like to thanks our beta testers, including the following AGSers (for spotting bugs as well as many errors in english translation):

- Durq
(in-depth proofreading)
- arj0n
- ClickClickClick
- HanaIndiana

Their contribution was greatly appreciated.

Thanks to Toxic Tuba for the German translation.
Thanks to Alexander Preymak for the Russian translation.
Thanks to Raul Puro for the Spanish translation.

Thanks also to Crimson Wizard who improved various aspects of the engine which made things easier for us and to the whole community for the quality of the ressources here.

Download :
AGS Game page >here<
Game page on
Game page on
Game page on

Edit :
Updated to version 1.1.4 :
- Addition : Spanish translation
- minor bug fixes

Updated to version 1.1.3 :
- minor bug fixes
- minor changes in some dialogs

Updated to version 1.1.2 :
- Addition : Russian translation

Updated to version 1.1.1 :
- Addition : German translation
- Addition : Linux version (see usage instructions in Zip file)
- Modifications : some dialogs have been improved to better guide the player.
Warning : savegames made with previous versions won't work with this new one.

Updated to version 1.1.0 :
- Some bug fixes (score could be more than 100%
- Gameplay change : one item can now be used with either use or throw action

Recruitment / [HELP FOUND] Beta testers for my project I Want Out!
« on: 17 Jul 2017, 00:25 »

I'm looking for beta testers for our first AGS project called I Want Out! (

The game is almost entirely finished.
It misses only one in-game animation, some polishing and the end game cut-scene (under construction and currently replaced by a simple and frustrating end-screen!).

What I'm looking for :
- a feedback, to know players feelings and impressions about various aspects of the game (gameplay / UI / puzzles / etc.) ;
- bug reports if some are found ;
- and above all, we would like to know if the English translation is correct and understandable.

Game length : half an hour / an hour / more ? (the beta test will also help us to know this...) + 5 minutes to answer an online form for the feedback

Last but not least : the game is currently in french only (I will translate it in english when everything is done).
The game is now fully translated in english.

If you're interested, you can answer in this thread or via PM and I'll send you all the details by PM...

Thank you!

Edit : update for english version.
Edit : Help found. Thanks to the testers for the job done!

AGS Games in Production / I Want Out!
« on: 05 Dec 2016, 15:16 »
Hi everyone,

Let me introduce you I want out!.
This little boy asked you desperately. I'm sure you've got a heart... so you'll help him, won't you?
Help him to find the exit from this weird place he doesn't know anything about...

New to the world of AGS - about six months - it's our first AGS project. "Our" because it is me, programing, with my brother who work on the graphics.
Our main goal is to learn game creation with AGS and make the best thing we can while having fun together.

The game is an "escape the room" one. So only one room. So a short game...
We opted for the following constraints : a 320x200 resolution and a 9-verb interface but with graphical improvements since the 80's (well... we hope...)

Working on a project like this is really fun but time consuming when you have a family and a full time job... So one of the reasons I present this project here is to feel more obliged to complete it. Another reason is to have some feedback on the work already done.

Overall completion : 95%... ?
Puzzles : 100%
Story : 100%
Static graphics : 95%
Animated graphics : 90%
Sound : 100%
Scripting : 99%

ETA : 2017 but no idea when... before 31, december!

It's currently developed in french but I'll do an english version before releasing it.
The english translation is finished!


Update feb, 2, 2017 : updated progress, new images, link to a video preview
Update july, 16, 2017 : updated progress, video link to a newer version of the game presentation
Update october, 25, 2017 : updated progress, new images and video link

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