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Hey there people!
Just wanted some feedback/critique on my art.
The game will be called: Redgum Joe in: The beginning of the end.

I have a small cast made up also.. (the background is a photo of home & not for the game.)

Just want to make sure the style fits? ie. do the characters suit the background?

Obviously the characters are pixel art... how do you think it looks?
I am planning to make a series of episodes if the art style fits.

Here is our MAGS entry made by the kids and us for October 2017 'Room of fear.'
Short Adventure based upon my children's Anatadaephopia - the irrational fear of ducks/geese/swans.

It is the night before halloween..
As Angus, conquer your fear of the farmyard goose.

Full voice acting!
Acoustic guitar background music.
Homemade sound FX!
Hand illustrated graphics!
Easter Egg (See if you can find it!)
2 Alternate endings!
End credits - Musical parody!

We got a little carried away with it and the game is 93MB!  Didn't realise the speech would eat up so much space!
Download it -

Here is a little demo I created recently.. it only has one level so far, you just have to get the little tadpole to safety.

Anyhow I was planning on a release of the full version by years end.

Demo here:

Check out these screenies..

Watch out for Catfish!

Or Crayfish!

From little things...

Any feedback and/or suggestions are welcome...

Fan-game based on the children's stories 'Grug'...

Deep within the Rain-forests of northern Australia, trouble is brewing... Start as 'Grug' the being made of flesh and wood OR as his best pal 'Snoot' the echidna and navigate your way through a world of humorous puzzles... Take yourself on an adventure of magic and wonder in this full-length adventure game with many playable characters... Walk, hop, swim, slither, crawl and even fly to stop the evil humans destroying your forest home. Using a custom Lucas-arts style interface such as in the early 'Monkey Island' series enjoy a combination of 'borrowed' and custom made graphics and sound. Enjoy the sounds of the forest and take in the awe of Australian landscape paintings as backgrounds, over 10 playable characters, a mini-game (see if you can find it), cameos, cameos, cameos AND cheap slapstick style humor add up for one epic adventure in.... THE GRUG LEGENDS!

My children and I conceived the idea and after 2 years in the making... we finally have a real adventure game that we made together at home!!  Thankyou AGS for everything!

Please don't hesitate to let me know if all the bugs are fixed... the kids found most of them through sheer illogical play!

We couldn't have done it without the 'Bernard Starter Pack'... as believe it or not this game was Bernard's house!

Give it a go! (nod)

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