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I didn't set a birth date in my profile and until recently the "age" line was just omitted because of this. Now I'm 1014 years old, apparently.

General Discussion / Ever played a hidden object game?
« on: 12 Mar 2018, 19:37 »
They are like adventures, but from Bizarro World.
  • You don't just have to steal pick up things you need, but tons of random stuff too, only there to clutter the screen. Additionally, you have to break a lot of things
  • There is almost nobody around, even in scenarios where there should be lots of people
  • Everyone is obsessed with locks, either openable with keys (of strange shapes) or random objects fitting into slots. Locked behind these are the most random of things (which you need to progress, but it makes no sense in a working world to stuff them there, like a ruler in an ornate box that needs three keys to unlock)
  • Puzzles everywhere, especially on the now-locked door the person you are pursuing just went through no problem
  • Everything is broken and you need to find the parts to repair. Even though machines and doors are supposed to be in daily use, you have to get their parts from places halfway across the game world
  • Due to how these games work, nothing feels like you are on an adventure, but more like a scavenger hunt, or participating in a game show

I want to apologise in advance if some of you are sick of this topic, feel offended (before reading past the subject line), or if it was discussed to death already. Also, I know AGS isn't inherently low-res, there are games like The Cat Lady among others. Here we go.

Why do people buy low-res pixel art adventure games? Is it

B)because the games are just good, no matter your opinion on the graphics?
C)because there are simply not that many (good) adventures, leading to people buying everything they find?
D)something I didn't think of yet?
E)a combination of any of the above?

For me personally, it would be E). I played some of the classics in my childhood, on other people's computers. I like pixel art, but of course the gameplay is solid too, or I wouldn't bother.

Until somewhat recently, I only played adventure games I got by chance, like on a magazine DVD. Yes, these still exist.
A couple of years back I came across the Blackwell bundle on GOG (on a heavy discount, of course) and since then I've played a lot of adventures, high and low resolution alike. I bought the majority of Wadjet Eye's catalogue and a ton of others. Well, I wouldn't be here if I hated the stuff, would I?

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