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Todays problem is a scripting one as i am a noob :) .

Let's say i have a 2 rooms, and in room1 there is an object1 i can look onto, and interact with. When i look on it it hero says "its an object!" and if i want to interact he says "i dont need it right now", and does not pick it up. Its ok.

Problems arise when i interact with object2 in room2 as i want this interaction to trigger different interaction with object1 in room1 - i want hero to say "i need this to advance" when looking on it, and be able to pick it up when interecting with it.

How do i do that sirs?

Beginners' Technical Questions / Background Problem
« on: 27 Dec 2017, 22:32 »
Hey there. I know it may be stupid question, but i struggle with finding an answer on my own since im a noob AGS user.

Well, ok.

In my 1st game that im developing right now ive encountered a problem durning change of background in one of rooms:
"The background could not be imported. The error was: Unknown pixel format"

Problem is - the background is done with exacly same way as BG's in other rooms (made in GraphicGale,black and white only, 320x200 res and output file type is .png) so how come this one's not working?

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