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So I know there is a list of paint programs that are out already, the last list was posted in 2007 which was about 10 years back, I just wanted to find out what the latest most convenient paint programs are that dont cause my graphics to look so pixelated?

Arigato Gozaimus

Beginners' Technical Questions / Where to "SetWalkSpeed"?
« on: 19 Oct 2017, 10:02 »

So I would like to speed up my characters movement and not the whole game's speed. I intend to make use of SetWalkSpeed from the initial start of the game. I have tried to place it in my global script I'm not sure quite where. I have tried placing it in repeatedly-execute where it throws an exception when I try an dmove my character.

If I say:
Code: Adventure Game Studio
  1. cEgo.StopMoving();
  2. cEgo.SetWalkSpeed(20,20);

My character then does not move which makes sense.
Could someone please indicate where I should set my walkspeed for the overall game.

Arigato :)

Hi All

I'm dragging an object to a specific hotspot area, then once I place it on the hotspot, the "hotspot interact" function needs to get the position of the object and confirm that if it is above the hotspot and then display another object visible. Can some one please point me in the right direction.

My global variable that I'm trying to retrieve is: bool interacted = false;

Dialog script command used: EGO:I should find a good spot to place my lunch
                              interacted = true; <--- This command

Room script: function room_AfterFadeIn(){
              if(interacted == true){
                  oLunchSpot.Visible = true;
                  oLunchSpot.Animate(2, 3, eOnce, eBlock);
              if(iLunch.GetProperty("lunched") == true){
                 gFade.Visible = false;
                 oLunch.Visible = false;

So basically Ego needs to have a discussion with someone and once the dialog has ended then an animation should take place and a new scene will take place.

So I have been storing inventory items and recently I created an item which the users starts with however after that some strange thing has happened where another item that is stored, gets stored in the same area as the starting item, any reason as to why?

I modified my cursor so that it has only 2 views, 1 general and 1 which changes when I hover over a hotspot. The problem that I'm having is that when I need to take an emblem(inventory item) out of my inventory and place it somewhere it doesn't actually with hold the emblem(inventory item).

Beginners' Technical Questions / Customize Menu Bar
« on: 09 Oct 2017, 10:24 »
Hi this is my very first post and clearly it's a beginner posting since it's in the beginners section lolz. In any case I couldn't find much insight on editing and customising the menu bar above my game. I've implemented the mouse action which changes on it a specific hotspot and I am only using a single cursor sprite for the user navigation.

I would really like to remove the unnecessary modes in the menu and have it display just the "save","settings" and "briefcase" icon. I'd also like to change those images to more colourful sprites. Could someone please guide me on where, what and how I should be editing code.

Thank You

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