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Engine Development / Walkbehind not working on Android
« on: 11 Nov 2018, 17:19 »
I've noticed that non of the walkebhinds work on android (at least my build) I was wondering if anyone else has had any issues with this? They work perfectly fine when the exe is just run from the PC.

I may add, when I run the game files through the AGS android emulator it's fine. The walkbehind issue is only when it runs as a stand alone apk game.


Hi I was wondering  - like the post title says - if you can change the color text mid sentence to highlight keywords.

For example:
if (Parser.Said("navigation"))lDetails.Text=("Command Example:[['navigate b1 to r2'[Moves bot1 to Room1");

The text is set to white, is it possible to change "navigate b1 to r2'[Moves bot1 to Room1" to say green?

Kind regards

Beginners' Technical Questions / Inventory item stacks
« on: 22 Sep 2018, 03:07 »

I've been looking around for a while now for a solution (not wanting to really post) but I've struggled to find any information on how to do this.

Is there a way to stack items in an inventory? I know in the general settings you can set it to allow duplicates, but a stacking option would be amazing. I did find this post: Forum Post on Stacking but it doesn's sound very robust - e.i if you take a stacked item do you take the whole stack or just one from it, ect).

I was wondering if there were any modules or plugins that I've missed that achieve this? Something like this would probably help me in a number of projects, and I can't be alone :)

Currently I have an Inventory GUI and a Font for the stack number display - the GUI inventory doesn't need to scroll as shifiting stack numbers up and down with the items would be complicated - I imagine.

Any help would be really fantastic on such a matter

Kind Regards.


I've googled for an answer but haven't had much luck. I'm working on a little project and the bottom of the screen is taken up by a GUI bar that is always visible (that is about 50px tall). Is there a way to manually set the dead-zone of the room scroll in code? So, basically, the player character doesn't have to walk behind the GUI to scroll the screen down in Y?

I've searched the manual too for a simple bit of code (with SetViewPort, etc). Any help would be great because it would be cool to have larger rooms in the Y.

Kind Regards

Beginners' Technical Questions / RunAgsGame issue
« on: 27 Mar 2018, 18:44 »

I have a button on my main menu that I want to load a new AGS game (essentially a duplicate of the base game but will have new art).

I'm just using the simple:
RunAGSGame("AgonyMA.exe", 0, 0); in my script.

I always thoroughly google and look at the AGS bible but I cant figure this out. When I click on the button the game room fades out and seems to load the original game.exe. There seems to be some subtle differences but it seems to be the same as the base game with no change. There is no crash and both exe's are in the compiled folder. It is very odd...

Any help would be appreciated.

I'm just looking for a little help with initializing the plugin.

I am running AGS Editor and downloaded both the AGSteam-disjoint.dll and steam_api dll files. I have both files situated in my editor directory and both files in my debug and compiled directories.

My problem is when I load up the editor and right-click on the Plugin icon there is no import option.

I'm just wondering if someone could shine a little light on what I'm doing wrong. The dll files I'm assuming are the latest from the:
Steam Thread

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you!

AGS Games in Production / Agony - (A working title)
« on: 08 Dec 2017, 10:50 »

It is said, an evil entity lurks within the confines of Castle Yadrin, it casts an evil shadow on all that surrounds it. For the setting sun only brings fear and death.
- A Castlevania story
- In a Resident Evil envionment
- With final Fantasy style combat

You have been chosen by your village to slay the demonic beast that resides within the castle. Travelling with a local priest and your faithful companion you are whisked away to the cursed hunting grounds of Yadrin. Filled with unspeakable monsters and creatures of the night hell bent on serving the master you must solve puzzles, avoid traps and fight your way to the vampire’s hidden tomb.

- Sprawling castle and grounds, in beautiful NES colors and sound.
- A complex crafting system for making potions and combat items.
- Turn-based, action-point combat system.
- Switch to your animal companion to reach secret locations.
- Luck system used for picking some locks.
- Secret artifacts to help you survive this harsh environment.

Estimated Release: January 2018

(Section of animated intro sequence)

(Loot chests and other objects!)

(Find cursed artifacts and exchange them with the priest for better tools!)

(Picking locks spends LUCK)

(Many weapons have different attack options...or you could just throw a holy-water bomb)

The game is making excellent progress with all the systems coded up and good chunk of game finished. I plan on producing a little gameplay video soon that hopefully wont give too much away.

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