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I do.

It's my first experience with VR, and I like it. I've yet to experience the regular Oculus Rift, but I have to say, I'm leaning on the side of self-contained VR, rather than wires and shit. It's a cool feeling to have totally free movement, and not having to worry about the aforementioned wires and shit.

The Go is about as powerful as a high-end phone, and only has three degrees of tracking (as opposed to the Rift's six), but as an entry-level VR system, I feel it works well. Of course, it'll soon be superseded by the Oculus Quest, but if anyone is on the fence about buying one, I'd say do it. It retails in the sub-$300 range, and for the price...well, in my opinion it's worth it.

Good games:

Thumper: A surprisingly close-to-Rift version of this...rhythm...shooter?

EVE Gunjack 2 - End of Shift: A fun turret shooter. Yes...they exist!

Augmented Empire: A decent XCOM-type strategy game.

Dead Body Falls: A short adventure game, set in a hotel. And It's free!

Relic Seeker: Hypogeum: A puzzle-heavy adventure game, not too hard, with good use of 3D.

Break a Leg: Do magic tricks for aliens. Yes, that's what I said!

Why am I posting this? Well, I'm curious as to whether anyone else has bought a Go unit. Well...Well?!

See title!

I just wanted to wish the community as a whole a very happy, healthy, and safe holiday this yuletide season, regardless of religious beliefs, or lack thereof, and best wishes to you and yours. For those of you celebrating with family, remember how lucky you are. For those of you who may find themselves alone, remember that you always have friends in this community and that we're thinking of you.

Now if you'll excuse me, this cheese has become too unwieldy to ignore and I, and it, must away!

Happy Holidays! ;D

Update: And we are done!

(Insert hilarious introduction blurb here!)


For the next seven days, leading up to Halloween night (23:59 GMT...ON THE DOT!!1), I'll be giving away free games. That's right! I said it! FREE! And not just horror games, although there's plenty of spooky titles if that's your thang!

So, behind the spoiler tags is a list of games. If you notice any that take your fancy, simply post your interest in this thread and I will PM you the corresponding Steam key (within 24hrs)! Titles with a strike-through have been claimed and are no longer available. Make sure to make a note of what people have already asked for, on the off chance a title has been given away but has yet to be updated with a strike-through.


Add spoiler tag for Hidden:

Small Print: One (1) key per customer, per day. To ensure everybody has a chance to get what they want, try to ask for games that you're sure you want to play. All keys come from reputable sources (mostly Humble Bundle), so there's no need to worry about dodgy key sellers and stuff. All keys should work, though some may be quite old and I may have already given them away and forgotten about it. If a key doesn't work, I'll happily substitute it.

Adventure Related Talk & Chat / Yomawari: Night Alone
« on: 09 Jul 2017, 02:28 »
I don't normally gush, but I'm really loving this game at the moment. It's available on PC, but I'm playing it on the Vita. It's mostly a survival horror, in the loosest sense, but it's also got a hint of adventure game about it. Plus, and excuse the hyperbole, it has one of the greatest openings I've experienced in recent memory.

It puts most other so-called "horror" games to shame, as it manages to elicit quite a jolt from a story about a little girl searching for his sister. And her dog. Oh, Christ...the dog. I...


If anyone has a Vita, Sony are having a "Big in Japan" sale over on PSN, and you can get Yomawari in a bundle with the developers previous game (htoL#NiQ: The Firefly Diary) for a steal. That is, if you consider €12.99 (or your regional equivalent) as a steal. Which I do!

Now, you may know me, but here's something you may not know. I don't drink too often, but when when I do, I get a little emotional.

2016 sucked. I mean, it really sucked. The AGS community has been the one constant source of level-headedness (is that a word?) and general humanity that I've experienced lately. And I'm very thankful for that. Today is Christmas Day (technically, though I'm posting this past midnight...whatever), and everything in the world is generally so forked up and depressing that feeling anything other than hopelessness is a difficult task. I don't know a lot of you IRL, but it heartens me to see such friendliness among all the terrible things the internet has to offer. You might be asking yourself "What is he on about?", and that's fine. It's the little things that I appreciate, and the fact that you may not even notice makes it all the more special. This is a great community, where hate and distrust have no place, and where everybody is welcomed and made to feel at home, no matter who they are or when they joined. And, as a community, that's something to be proud of. I sometimes peruse other online communities, and I'm horrified (hyperbole!) by the general hate that users project on one and other. When was the last time anyone on the AGS forums behaved in such a manner? I honestly can't recall.

This post was originally going to be longer, but through judicious use of the Backspace key (and Firefox's spelling correction), I'll think I'll just end it here. So thank you, AGS users, for providing such a welcoming space, and much love to you and yours for the coming new year.

I'll probably regret posting this tomorrow (though the sentiments contained within are heartfelt and true), but...whatever. Sometimes it's best to express how you feel, and not worry how you are perceived. Happy holidays to you all.


UPDATE: 22nd December, 00:00hrs...ish:

And it's done! ;D

UPDATE 21st December, 00:00hrs...ish:

We have now entered the final 24hrs of Key-mas. To mark this momentous occasion(!), here is a short list of bonus games:


Add spoiler tag for Hidden:
Nothing to see here!

As an extra special "bonus", one game (chosen at random) from that list comes with a caveat attached; keys for FIVE of the most infamous games ever to grace Steam are included, which must either be redeemed by the claimer, or passed on to a valued friend. Sort of like a chain letter...except with shite games. And with no letter. So not really like a chain letter at all. Whatever. CLAIM IF YOU DARE!


(Original post)

Ho! Ho!...Ho?

Merry non-denominational holiday, everybody! To celebrate this festive period of whatever, I've completely raided my steam key library and compiled a giant list of games for your enjoyment. To claim a game, simply post your interest in it, and I'll PM you the corresponding Steam key.

Below, behind the spoiler tags, you will find the titles of all the available games. I have split them into three categories: ADVENTURE!, HIDDEN OBJECT!, and THE REST! In THE REST!, the games have been split into alphabetical sub-sections for your convenience.

Titles with an asterisk means I have multiple copies, so don't worry if somebody gets in before you as a key may still be available. Titles with a strikethrough have been claimed and are no longer available.


Add spoiler tag for Hidden:
It's all over!

Hidden Object!

Add spoiler tag for Hidden:
No, really, it is.

The Rest!

Add spoiler tag for Hidden:
I mean, I don't know how else to say it.


Small Print: One (1) key request per post, and one (1) post per day, to ensure everybody has a chance to get the game they want. And while you are free to ask for whatever game you wish, try to pick a game you actually want to play, and not take a key for the sake of taking it. All keys come from reputable sources (Humble Bundle, Bundle Stars, IndieGala, etc), so there's no need to worry about dodgy key sellers and stuff. All keys should work, though some are quite old and I may have already given them away and forgotten about it. If a key doesn't work, I'll happily substitute it. The thread will remain open until MIDNIGHT (GMT) on the 22nd of December.

UPDATE 2: 8/11/2016's dunzo!

UPDATE: 6/11/2016

At 23:59 GMT (that's 11:59 in the PM) on the seventh day of November, this offer of free games will be rescinded. That's right, all good things..etc, etc. The remaining keys will go back into storage, perhaps to emerge again next year. Or maybe they'll appear in a new list of games come December...Who can say?¬¬

Anyhoo, all keys are still available for the next twenty four (odd) hours, so...

Original post:

Boo! Halloween, eh? Yeah...good times.


Anyhoo, to celebrate all that is spooky, ooky, and...all that, I've decided to have a horror-themed Steam key giveaway! Cue signage!

Yeah! Let's hear it for logos!

So, behind the spoiler tags lies a list of spooky (whoooo!) games, much like those above. If you notice any that take your fancy, simply post your interest in this thread and I will PM you the corresponding steam key. Titles with an asterisk have multiple copies available, so don't worry if somebody gets in before you as a key may still be available. Titles with a strikethrough have been claimed and are no longer available.


Add spoiler tag for Hidden:


With retail prices of between .99 and 19.99, 2D and 3D, pixels and...not pixels, there's bound to be something for everyone. Happy Halloween!

Small Print: One (1) key per customer (don't be a greedy gus!) All keys come from reputable sources (Humble Bundle, Bundle Stars, IndieGala, etc), so there's no need to worry about dodgy key sellers and stuff. All keys should work, though some are quite old and I may have already given them away and forgotten about it. If a key doesn't work, I'll happily substitute it.

Let me just preface this by saying that I've only played the demo, and, based on that experience, I don't intend to buy the full game any time soon. Let me also say that I'm typing this while on my back, and in a minor amount of pain, so some of that may come across in my tone. :X

After reading John Walker's scathing review on Rock, Paper, Shotgun, along with various other opinions, it would seem (at least initially) that the game isn't reviewing too well. Based on the demo, I can see why this might be the case.

But a comment on the game's Steam board triggered a long-dormant feeling in me. The comment went something like this: "Traditional adventures don't tend to rate above %75 on the sites that Metacritic uses. Wait for a review on Adventure Gamers, where it will be judged against it's peers."

I say "went something like this", because the thread entitled "Watch out before you buy it..." has this minute been cleansed of comments (not that I'm implying shenanigans on the part of Phoenix Studios), so I'm unable to quote it verbatim. Edit: It was just moved to a sub-forum. You can see it here, though that particular comment has now been edited by it's user. >:(

The feeling I mentioned pertains to an argument that I used to debate quite frequently; that hardcore adventure fans wilfully ignore mainstream opinions about the quality of adventure games, and will defend a title based on the smallest redeeming factor they can find, while they continue to play the underdog card (the mainstream doesn't like adventures, The Walking dead and Broken Age aren't really adventures, etc), because it suits them.

More in a bit. Excuse me.

Well, there goes all my money. :(

Got your eyes on anything in particular? Looking to feed more to your already heaving game-belly?


Welcome to the Completed Game Announcements board!

This board is for the posting of COMPLETED games made with AGS. If you just have screenshots, or a work-in-progress demo to show off, this is NOT the place to post them. The correct place for announcing games currently in production is, surprisingly enough, the Games in Production board.

In order to post a new thread here:

1. Your game must be finished, and available to download. For a list of suggested file-hosting services, see the File-Hosting Suggestions thread at the top of this board.

2. The thread title must contain the name of your game. Starting a thread just titled "My new game" is not acceptable.

3. Include a brief description, or synopsis, of what the game is about. If it's not an adventure game, make this fact clear. Try to include at least ONE screenshot.

4. If your game is in a language other than English, please note this in the thread title (ie. Game Title - Spanish Language).

5. If your game contains adult content (nudity, explicit sexual situations, etc), please include a warning in the title of your thread. If you wish to post images that contain nudity or sexual situations, please use the Spoiler tag (eg. [*hide]YOUR IMAGE URL[/hide] without the "*"). Images that are posted incorrectly will be removed.

6. DO NOT ask for hints for a game. There is a dedicated board for that purpose. Completed Game Announcement threads are for comments and criticism ONLY.

After posting your game, why not take the time to also add it to the AGS game database? The database allows users to rate and comment on your game, and also allows you to keep track how many times it was downloaded.

These rules may be updated at a future date.

Completed Game Announcements / FILE-HOSTING SUGGESTIONS!
« on: 28 Apr 2012, 00:53 »
Disclaimer: This thread should NOT be considered an endorsement of ANY of the services listed.


Game Specific:

This is a template thread to provide just one example of the correct way to open a recruitment thread.


Bovine Intrusion - An adventure into the world of farm-animal espionage!

A comedy adventure with a "Saturday morning cartoon" feel, Bovine Intrusion tells the story of a pig named Reginald who must infiltrate a field of cows to track down a missing hat.

Positions Available:
I need someone to help me with animations. The game runs at 320x240, so I'm looking for someone who works better with low-res sprites. There are approximately eight NPC characters that need spot and idle animations, along with two characters that require a full range of walking animations. Only people who have experience with these kinds of graphics need apply.

I'm looking to have the game finished sometime around June/July of this year.

Interested parties can reply to this thread or contact me via PM.


This is just one of the ways you can format your recruitment thread, though you should try to include all the information I have highlighted.

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